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This blog’s recent upgrade improved functionality, response times and layout but unfortunately – and this was something we weren’t warned about by our host – it also removed the ‘reblog’/’PressThis’ option and there is no alternative button or widget.

This is being looked at, but for the time being the numerous people who kindly reblog our material regularly can only do so via this manual workaround:

Copy the first couple of paragraphs of the article you want to reblog, Start a new post on your own WordPress site as normal, then paste the text and/or images into it.

Do the same with the post title and add any tags or categories you want to insert.

Finally, copy the URL of the original post and add it as a link-back with a line to the effect of ‘to read the rest of the post, click here’ or whatever suits you.

Hope this helps and thanks for bearing with the change until WordPress fixes it.

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  45. This lot couldn’t eject Corbyn when he became leader so now , they’re ejecting themselves !
    Good riddance !

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