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Liverpool FC Kop will carry message today as city gets set to become first #RightToFood city in UK

Liverpool FC’s Kop will carry the #RightToFood message – and Manchester United player Marcus Rashford’s #EndChildFoodPoverty – as the two sides meet on Sunday.

The city is expected to become the first city in the country whose council recognises access to food as a human right, when the city’s councillors vote on a motion on Wednesday, as Ian Byrne – co-founder of Fans Supporting Foodbanks (FSF), which began the campaign – explained on Friday:

The Kop will be decorated for the game with a banner created by the Spion Kop 1906 together with FSF and the Spirit of Shankly group – and which will carry both FSF’s campaign message and Marcus Rashford’s:

Byrne is also taking the campaign to Parliament with an Early Day Motion calling for the right to food to become legislation, which he says will put the onus on government to ensure that scandals such as the recent paltry food ‘hampers’ for poor children can legally never be repeated, because the right to adequate nutrition will be enshrined in law.

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  1. Trust Liverpool to show the country and the Labour party how to tackle real poverty enforced by the conservative and unionist party and aided by the Nu Labour party.

    1. We Scousers gave Brexit and the Tories the boot, it’s a pity the ‘red walls’ who are now suffering didn’t do the same!

  2. It’s great to see the campaign against food poverty being kicked into the spotlight by the power of football. Well done to all those who made this happen for today’s match.

  3. Well of course the government will argue that they supplied the food that was the prposed established right, in the form of those sparse parcels, and then – oh, there’s the food banks, – I can hear it now “what are you complaining about, that right is fulfilled, thers are the food banks”.
    I often wonder if my donation to a food bank is exacerbating the problem, with food banks designed to humiliate and punish those in need. Question – if we boycot donating to the foodbanks, will people go hungry? Apparently the government pays a certain amount to them, would the government be forced to step up it’s provision, I wonder. Either way, we need to demand an end to this humiliating, degrading endeavour. In addition to this, the state decides who gets my donation, issuing vouchers to those it demms deserving and limiting foodbank supplies to two or at most three every six months. We never saw such things as food banks when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, you could claim emergency social security payments.

    1. We never saw such things as food banks when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, you could claim emergency social security payments.

      The scabby bastards scrapped the crisis loan system for NO reason. The DWP was getting it’s money back from those loans in full, but instead decided to punish people further by making them go to so-called ‘payday loan’ usurers instead.

      Therefore I believe the answer to your question about ‘Would the government step up provision if people didn’t donate’,/i> is –

      ‘Would. They. Shite’

      Even the horrendous rees-smog has said something along the lines of how we should celebrate foodbanks as a deference to people’s (not his or his class’s) generosity – code for: ‘Scrap the welfare state, and if (poorer) people want to donate then fine; otherwise let the poor starve and perish.’

    2. Carlene Edmonds
      What sort of government do we have that donate towards food banks when their main priority should be get rid of them.
      Tories love the poor being preoccupied by trying to survive. The way they see it is, it’s far better they are being demoralised than demonstrating against this vile party and their ideological driven policies.

  4. Fareshare are to food waste what Greta Lindbergh is to climate disaster
    Fareshare are a great example of the 3rd sector which steps in when government and the market fail
    The 3rd sector is a great starting point to build upwards, to repair and replace the safety net
    Its a trampoline that catches you when you fall then wangs you back into the mainstream
    The only thing we ask then is you dont forget where you came from and at first opportunity you put back in whatever you can, whenever you can

  5. Liverpool shaming the Labour Party, familiar territory.

    No point in shaming the Tories, as Handcock so ‘admirably demonstrated.

  6. This government has cut benefits made those who could claim jump through hoops just to claim then it’s those who can’t claim funny world nay they changed the system for the worst now we get food halls charities churches feeding the population of people we gone back in time yet Liverpool have shown more to show those dreadfull labour leader that he should hang his head in shame whot a Blairite party it’s become

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