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Video: McCluskey on Corbyn Project launch on ‘mainstream’ media bias and importance of new media

Corbyn’s project launch included shout-out for Socialist Telly, Skwawkbox, Canary and other left news sites

Len McCluskey image credit: R Wendland, Creative Commons; Corbyn image: PJP Youtube

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey appeared this afternoon alongside other leading left figures including Noam Chomsky, Zarah Sultana, Ronnie Kasrils and Yanis Varoufakis to launch Jeremy Corbyn’s new Project for Peace and Justice. The launch event has already been watched by 80,000 people just on Twitter and is on track to reach a quarter of a million people or perhaps far more. Keir Starmer’s latest Labour video reached just 94,000 people last week.

Corbyn said that one of the first aims of his ‘PJP’ is to ‘take on Rupert Murdoch and his plans to re-enter the British television market’ and the ‘oligarchy’ that threatens democracy and free media in the UK.

And when McCluskey was asked about the problems of corrupt ‘mainstream’ media, he found time to highlight the importance of new media sites, which he described as ‘the only good thing’ and ‘the one shining light’ on the UK’s bleak media landscape:

SKWAWKBOX and Socialist Telly received a mention among the new media outlets ‘speaking truth to power’ and democratising information.

If you’d like to and can do so without hardship, pick your favourite and give it your support. If that happens to be SKWAWKBOX, see below for how to do so.

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    1. He might that film about the Hitler Diaries offensive and ban it for our own good.

  1. BBC
    No matter what the media question the answer starts with the BBC
    Don’t worry about toilet papers they can be neutered through regulation and its only a matter of time before they go out of business

  2. Are you sure using the word “telly” is the best way to be taken seriously?

  3. As I and others have posted in the past , the best thing Unite and the other Unions can do for us is to stop bankrolling Starmer. He is an enemy of Socialism and the Unions but while the Unions continue to pour money into Labour , no matter how badly and undemocratically he and his cronies behave , there is no chance of any change for the better.
    I know Unite has cut funding but they need to cut it some more .Len and the other leaders need to show Starmer that actions- such as removing the whip from Jeremy and insulting and alienating all Jews except those “approved” by the BOD – have serious financial consequences. This might make him behave decently – it might not because decent behaviour may be beyond him as far as Jeremy and BOD “unapproved” Jews are concerned but we will never know unless the Unions try.

    1. If the unions WERE to intervene meaningfully and the BoD AS-smeared them too – as they’d be obliged to since it’s their one and only weapon – one could hope even the stupidest tellywatcher would smell a rat.

      I wish I were that optimistic.

  4. Shame that Corbyn threw Wadswoth and Williamson under a bus.
    Someone should explain what solidarity is to him.
    Captain appeasement.
    He bent over, and the BOD obliged.
    He only cares about his Labour Party membership.
    I left Twitter because you can’t criticise him.
    You get piled on.

    1. Well you WOULD say that, wouldn’t you Frank, what with being a Tory shill!

      And I suppose Jeremy threw himself under a bus TOO!

      And as you well know, Jeremy (when he was leader) had no say in the disciplinary process.

      1. Not read my other few posts then.
        I see you have zero arguments.

      2. Well reading RT it looks like a guardian journalist (alleged)has caused him a heart attack worrying over whether he was going to be safe hiding in the attic from a Jeremy Corbyn Government…Rafeal Behr thinks the deterioration in his health was down to the worrying and terror of the possibility of Corbyn.I think it says more about the lunatics this paper employs than anything else.

      3. White Flag Man, “And I suppose Jeremy threw himself under a bus TOO!!

        That’s precisely what he did by capitulating to the Israel Lobby.

      4. ‘I see you have zero arguments’ says Frank when OBVIOUSLY – as Frank knows of course – my ‘argument’ was that when Jeremy defended his record on dealing with A/S in the party the day the EHRC published its so-called report, he was suspended for doing so. Suspended for telling the truth about the reality of the situation, which of course Starmer and Co are well aware of – ie suspended for saying that the problem of A/S in the party has been ‘dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media’. And needless to say, the JLM and the CAA et al piled in to falsely condemn him for doing so, along with Starmer.

        My point is of course that you will just be vilified and condemned if you try to refute the A/S allegations/smears or defend yourself or a colleague, which is PRECISELY what happened when Jeremy defended Chris Williamson (against charges of A/S). The following is from the Daily Mail (and was no doubt dissembled by most of the rest of the MSM) just one week before the GE:

        Jeremy Corbyn was at the centre of another anti-Semitism row today after he was accused of nine acts of anti-Semitism in a shocking leaked report……

        The damning dossier has been compiled by the Jewish Labour Movement, and submitted to the Equality and Human Rights Commission who are currently investigating the party.

        The 53-page document claims that ‘Mr Corbyn himself has repeatedly associated with, sympathised with and engaged in anti-Semitism’.

        It sets out in nine examples of Mr Corbyn’s past behaviour which the JLM claimed had acted as ‘signals to party members’ that ‘anti-Semitic views are acceptable’.

        This includes, defending Chris Williamson against allegations of anti-Semitism weeks before he was suspended for those allegations.

        As Malcolm X said:

        “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

      5. Oh, right, and according to Jack, Malcolm X must have been a ‘White Flag Man’, along with Noam Chomsky and Jonathan Cook and MediaLens, not to mention more than a few posters on this site who have drawn attention to how influential and totally corrupt the media are time and time again, but Jack NEVER called any of THEM a White Flag Man, and yet he does so practically every time I defend Jeremy against those on here who falsely accuse him of throwing people under the bus AND accuse him of appeasing his enemies etc, when they know damn well – as in the example in my post above – that when you DO try to call out the lies (as with the Panorama hatchet job) or defend someone who has been falsely accused of A/S, you yourself will just get hammered by the MSM et al for doing so.

    2. different Frank…Well Jeremy Corbyn has now moved to get peace and justice for himself in the Courts.Afterwards he and Mclusky can make moves to finally get peace and justice for those like Chris Williamson and Wadsworth and thousands more ex Labour party members that are stained with the label of Anti semite.The serious fraud of using the label to remove loyal supporters of Socialism can never be forgotten.

      1. Well for a START it was NOT ‘thousands’, and THAT is a falsehood that YOU have invented and concocted! And for the obvious reason! Yes, some were fraudulently accused of A/S by the MSM and the usual suspects, like Ken and Jackie and Chris, but there were undoubtedly some members who DID cross the line, although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of them were right-wingers posing as Jeremy Corbyn supporters, and posted something A/S so as to ‘assist’ in the campaign to discredit Jeremy and the left membership and add ‘weight’ to the smears.

        I mean they could hardly have been oblivious to the on-going ‘anti-semitism’ smear campaign and how damaging to Jeremy it was, so why would ANYONE who REALLY supports Jeremy have then posted something A/S on social media when it was just going to play into the hands of his enemies! It doesn’t add up or make sense does it!?

        And in case anyone who follows Skwawkbox is unaware of it, it was a matter of several hundred members etc being suspended or expelled (during Jeremy’s tenure as leader), and Joe knows it of course!

      2. Allan, you’re right and you’re wrong – yes, those directly accused were probably ‘only’ in the hundreds, but we were all of us tainted by association with “institutionally antisemitic” Labour – I forget the number but ‘the public’ were deliberately persuaded that it was many tens of times greater than it was.
        I wasn’t personally accused as far as I’m aware but as a socialist I’m suspect in the eyes of the retards who believe the MSM.
        It offends me to my roots that those fuckers have damaged socialism and British Jewry with their fake accusations and fearmongering – and the whole of society by shooing in a totally undeserving, incompetent and corrupt Tory government.
        I’ll never forgive or forget the MSM’s crimes and if I’m ever presented with an opportunity I will punish the fuckers.

    3. If you are not, as Allan Howard says, a Tory shrill then you are lamentably and probably wilfully ignorant about the workings of the Labour party, its disciplinary processes and the role of the leader.

      1. Smartboy…..The disciplinary rules do not work and havnt for a considerably long time,even the most basic human rights have been ignored and flouted.The leadership at the moment feels that rules are only applicable to the members when prosecuting.The process has and will continue to be shambolic.Now even a former leader has sampled the “rules and process.Left wing ,right wing doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference and that is why the NEC kangaroo court is wilfully ignorant of justice and humanity when dealing with party members.ITs a reflection on the Labour party in general and the abysmal performance of the whole stinking swamp of the Labour establishment party.Now staying in and fighting the good fight might seem “smart”but again its a reflection on the members who could support another enemy of the people,because that is what the Labour party has become.Many of have left the party,because somtimes its more lodgical and smart” to look for a true home for socialism than stumbling on furthering the right wing neo liberal alliance.

  5. The problem with left wing media is that it’s all bread and no circuses.

    Which is why, some years ago, I proposed to Skwawk that a left wing TV channel was needed and that it ought to be comedy based.
    The way I see it the political content ought to be kept to about the same duration as the ad breaks on commercial TV.
    That’s if anyone thinks a mass audience might be a good thing?
    Talking head after talking head after talking head can be a bit much even for dedicated lefties.

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