Labour had £13.5 MILLION in reserves at end of Corbyn leadership – now party almost broke

Astonishing amount “spaffed up the wall” by Labour right in just over 18 months after 2019 GE

As Skwawkbox reported yesterday, Labour is making ninety staff redundant – and blaming its poor financial health driven by the departure of 100,000 or more party members under the new regime, saying its reserves were down to a single month’s payroll.

But the scale of the waste and loss under the ‘leadership’ of Keir Starmer and his sidekick David Evans is on record in Labour’s own documents – and is absolutely staggering.

Page 65 of the party’s own annual report shows that at the end of 2019 – after a massive December general election campaign and widespread local elections earlier in the year – the party had almost total assets of almost £32 million, including more than £27 million in its bank accounts.

And of that £27m, £13.5 million were reserves:

Not only that, but during a year with a general election and widespread local elections, Corbyn’s party had managed to increase both its cash in the bank and its reserves.

Starmer and Evans, through legal cowardice, lack of vision and leadership and an all-out war on members, have managed to blow almost the lot in not even a year and half.

So much for ‘competence’ or party management, let alone good leadership or a government-in-waiting.

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  1. If you want to make a small fortune start with a large one and employ some lawyers.

      1. PC, well put+++. And here are some
        OPEN QUESTIONS to SIR K.R. Starmer ex DPP: Interfering with a judge to influence the outcome of a case is a crime. Do you agree; YES or NO❓

        Five Tory MPs attempted to pervert the course of justice re: Tory MP Charlie Elphicke the persistent sex offender. They must be prosecuted; do you agree SIR R K Starmer❓

        SIR Roger Gale
        Theresa Villiers
        Natalie Elphicke; wife of Charlie the convicted sex offender while Charlie committed his perverted crimes.
        Adam Holloway
        COLONEL Bob Stewart

        should ALL be prosecuted for their serious crimes as any other member of the public.

        Their attempt to pervert the course of justice is made worse as they are in public office. Their criminality is compounded by maleficence. Is it one rule for “the many” but none for the few Tories like you SIR K Starmer❓❓❓

        It is your duty, if you have any sense of duty to call for their IMMEDIATE suspension from parliament, prosecution, and if found guilty, recalled and debarred from ever serving in any public office. By their compounded wrongdoing, they have proven that the entire establishment has failed to eradicate institutionalised sexism, institutionalised corruption, institutionalised sexual perversions, institutionalised maleficence and an institutionalised sense of untouchability that the laws don’t apply to the likes of you little SIRs keiths SIR rodneys SIR starmers🪱🟦⚠️🪱🟦⚠️🪱🟦⚠️

        Every day more people are seeing through you and why you fail to hold your Tory chums to account, no matter what they do.

  2. The observant will notice that there is now a massive attempt (conspiracy?) In the media to promote Starmer as the acceptable face of Toryism. Johnson is starting to receive increasing criticism which would previously have been quashed.

    1. the media generally promotes neoliberal values and a socialist party really screws up neoliberal democracy (see definition below)

      “That is neoliberal democracy in a nutshell: trivial debate over minor issues by parties that basically pursue the same pro-business policies regardless of formal differences and campaign debate. Democracy is permissible as long as the control of business is off-limits to popular deliberation or change; i.e. so long as it isn’t democracy.” 
      ― Noam Chomsky, Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order

      when faced with three choices evil(conservative), lesser evil(Liberal) and quite good actually(Democratic Socialist) its a no brainer who people will vote for which coupled with a desire for indepedence helps explain the rise of the SNP

      The establishment’s Overton window generally goes from Liberal to Conservative anything to the left of this is a no no and they’ll happily tack right to defeat a threat from the left (Lawrence Fox,UKIP et al)

    2. As a business man let them knock themselves out, means we get our party back for buttons, truth be told we only want the name


  4. Establishment on course to bankrupt the Labour party is part of destroying the opposition

    1. It’s a certainty that many Labour MPs, particularly those on the right will have their own ‘slush funds’ which will be handed over to Starmer when the request comes in. Likewise with CLPs.

    2. Is it POSSIBLE to bankrupt a Political Party? If so, what happens? If not, why not?

      1. Interesting question. I believe that in the event of accrued debt becoming unmanageable, party officials would have personal liability and the only way out would be a bailout by the members or finding some donors with deep pockets. Of course, donors with deep pockets come with strings attached.

  5. Yes, Starmer, the trusted creator of the security forces, he’s their ‘one in reserve’just in case the public turn against the Torys. Starmer is their man and he will be far more authoritarian than Boris.

  6. Has anyone noticed but the begging letters and raffles and other ideas on how to entice us to part with our money are more prevalent. What a cheek.

  7. A question: is there any way in which we could stop them wasting all the assets?

    1. Sabine …Lawyers are good at wasting other people’s money and assets,I Ts all a game to them.No one with any experience of Lawyers would give them the 🔑to the office safe,which is what the clown members of the party did when falling for the speil of a professional liar the knight from Surrey.The sort of figures they are producing couldn’t keep a burger 🍔 van on the road.

      1. Haha… Stammerist labour and a BURGER VAN?

        Oh Joseph, you ARE a CARD!!🤣

        Burger van indeed..No chance you’d get a ‘Sloppy Joe’ off Keith’s van mate.“I’d like the quarter pounder tofu and venison pattie,… And hold the Caspian beluga & artisan crafted roquefort relish, if you’d be so kind”

  8. i yearn for the reporting of Labour in Liquidation, maybe that will spur on the ‘so called’ real socialists to get their arses in gear, instead of concentrating on just paying their mortgages

    1. Who are you referring to Jenny? SCG mps? If so, then what would constitute getting ‘their arses in gear’ in your view?

      1. Shut it down Howard and stop the stalking you gutless white flag man Allan Howard crazy off the meds again…!Somone needs to have him locked up in a secure unit away from anything to do with comments!

      2. Why do you keep interjecting Jokeefe?! Posters are perfectly capable of responding themselves.If anyone else asked the same legitimate questions, would you be responding to them the same way. No, of course you wouldn’t!

        I could of course speculate as to what she meant, and it would of course have been helpful if she had elaborated in the first place. Is she saying – implying – that they should make a leadership challenge, because if she IS, then presumably she doesn’t know that the SCG don’t have the numbers to do so, and are eight short of the numbers they would need to do so.

        And if she was implying that they should leave the LP and start a new party, then why not just say so. But needless to say, they are not stupid, and they know that were they to do so, there’s no way the Establishment and their propaganda machine and MI5 and the Israel lobby/Mossad and the CIA et al would ever let them have a fair run, and they would just be blanked out by the MSM or, if necessary, discredited and demonised.

        If anyone thinks differently, then you must have somehow missed all that’s happened over the past five years or more.

      3. PS And THAT would be dependent on them winning their respective seats in a GE anyway, and given what happened to Chris Williamson, that doesn’t seem very likely.

  9. This is straight out of the Trump playback.

    Acquire a fortune, through no effort of your own, then squander it.

    …and they have ambitions to run the country.

  10. Tory MPs suspended for trying to influence judge in Elphicke case
    Several Conservative MPs will be temporarily suspended from the Commons and told to apologise after being found to have tried to influence a judge presiding over the trial of a former colleague for sexual assault.

    The one-day ban from parliament was handed down by the standards committee to backbenchers Sir Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers and Natalie Elphicke – the then partner of Charlie Elphicke, who was given two years in prison after being found guilty of three counts of sexual assault.

    Two other Tory MPs – Adam Holloway and Bob Stewart – were ordered to make a statement apologising for their behaviour in the chamber, with all five found to have threatened to undermine public trust in the independence of the judicial system.

    The politicians sent a letter to senior judges in November 2020 before a hearing on the release of pre-sentencing character references for Charlie Elphicke.

    They used parliamentary-headed and taxpayer-funded Commons stationery to write to Dame Kathryn Thirwall, the senior presiding judge for England and Wales, and Dame Victoria Sharp, the president of the Queen’s Bench Division, also copying in Justice Whipple, who had heard the trial of Elphicke and was due to decide on the application to release the character references………

  11. Isn’t it time to start asking very serious questions about who, or perhaps what, Starmer is? He was DPP and I cannot believe that he ran the department as incompetently as he has the Labour Party. He is an establishment figure with a knighthood and, given that the Labour Party under Corbyn came dangerously close to winning the unwinnable, has some shadowy government agency sent a fifth columnist to make sure that it can never happen again? Please feel free to tell me that I am wrong and he is simply an imbecile, but with every passing day I do wonder…

    1. Shaun Wilde, you assume Starmer’s aims are yours. Hence you feel his failure is “incompetence” and he is an “imbecile”.

      Starmer was neither incompetent as DPP nor is he incompetent now occupying the office he was allowed to take by deceiving the membership.

      Incompetence implies failing at something you and i consider desirable. He has achieved and is now achieving in the main, exactly as he set out to do for the establishment. In the first instance as DPP, he did not publicise his intentions. After the litany of injustices executed by him eg Morgan found with an axe in his head, Julian Assange, Hillsborough, New Cross, Stephen Lawrence and more… oh yes Carl Beech with Tom Watson, Ecclestone with Blair the first PM to be interviewed under caution while in office yet got off scot free…,

      Starmer’s deliberate record continues; eg his failure to get Airmiles Andrew Mountbatten (Windsor) arrested and prosecuted for his Epstein activities … some of these disturbing cases, commenced b4 him being installed as dpp but they remained “hot” throughout his tenure. His record makes his actions and moral vacuum abundantly clear. On top of all that, which is in the public domain, despite his pledges to follow the 2017 2019 manifestos, Starmer is directly complicit in sabotaging the elected choice of over half million members, throughout Jeremy’s four years from the get go, plus two coups.

      His collaborators declared openly what they would do; eg purge the “Left”. It was not a secret. Coyle, Streeting, Ashworth, Straw, Mandelson, Hodge, Blunkett, Robinson… all of them were certainly on the media at least weekly saying that they would expel the “Left”. Starmer’s supporters and coup collaborators said what they would do.

      They are doing it🔴🔴🔴

      1. I could not agree with you more. I admire your forensic dissection of Starlin’s legacy and will keep that text.

  12. Wheres the money gone?A explanation at the very least because none of it adds up?…That was members money siphoned off or gone West.Starmer and his misfits have some very serious explanations of wheres the money ? Millions disappear and a half arsed grubby bit of acounting bullshit doesn’t “cut it” for members hard earned money.

  13. It hasnt escaped anyone’s attention that a certain gobshite hasnt piped up here…So fook it – Im gonna ask anyway, knowing the outcome already.

    Where’s the dough from all these new members keith had supposedly brought, wee fella?

    You more-or-less told us there was people almost fighting each other, money in hand, they were/are that eager to sign up for keith.

    If they run out of moolah, whats keith to do? I think you should show your devotion to his cause by personally making up the shortfall.

    Otherwise your centrist, careerist, co-conspiratorial gobshites are jiggered. 😉

    1. If he had an ounce of decency, he’d write a grovelling apology and retire to Labour First. (Speaking of which, LF is trying to raise £72000, they aren’t having much luck ) Instead of which, he’s ignored these couple of threads and returned to the latest article as if nothing’s happened and he hadn’t insulted everyone and their intelligence.

      1. But but but he DIDN’T say that the party numbers had increased since April 4, 2020.

        And you must PROVE he did….And so on 🙄

  14. If anyone had any doubt that Starmer’s job is to keep Labour out of power. Why? I’m not sure. I’ll just ask though, who is Starmer’s wife?

    1. Lurkio SH davidh Steve H Steve Hall centrist Dad and probably more aliases seems to be in the Caribbean bolt hole were he has a “the biggest room in my house is the room for improvement” and he’s managed to bullshit the locals instead of telling them hes just a small time helper in the Labour exchange .whos now been “Let go” .

      1. The Scarlet Pimpernel has gone into hiding. Trouble is nobody is seeking him here or there. Maybe he’s got some of the ‘Lost Reserves’ in his duffel bag.

  15. I am told by a LP source that David Evans reports that membership in November 2020 was around 495K as opposed to 550K in 2017. That’s roughly a 10% fall.
    A local LP source tells me that membership figures of the CLP show a 15% fall since November 2020.

  16. A fund has been set up for all Scottish supporters after 2 months they have received £11.47 and 46 roubles, seriously I was sent an Email several months ago for funding, sending it would be like running a bath without putting the plug in

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