Right-dominated Labour NEC votes to auto-expel members of four left groups

Right-wing groups untouched, naturally

As anticipated, the Labour party National Executive Committee (NEC), dominated by the party’s hard right under Keir Starmer, has voted to ‘proscribe’ the four groups revealed by Skwawkbox three days ago.

Membership of Socialist Appeal, Labour in Exile Network, Labour against the Witchhunt and Resist is now considered by the Stalinist and cowardly Labour party to be grounds for expulsion. Other groups are expected to follow.

The right-wing counterparts of such left groups, that did so much to prevent Labour winning power under a socialist leader, have of course not been treated in a similar manner.

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  1. Not totally unexpected. The Right go blundering on.

    I’d love to know what their plan is. Do they have a plan, or when they’ve purged the Left, will they just sit there bewildered, asking each other what they do next?

    I’m so pleased I no longer pay a Membership fè, or a monthly donation. It would be like throwing good money after bad.

    Time for a new party. The Democtatic Socialist Party. Straight to the point – no ambivalence.

    Come on SCG. Come on JC. You must know you would have the support of hundreds of thousands.

    1. Well said. As usual, the right are consumed by tactics over strategy, with vast potential for any tears to be theirs as they continue to burn the house down.
      All this effort to maintain their lies, false narratives and legally misleading pseudo- definitions.
      They should publish the Forde Report and get it all over with.

      1. Have all of you all read the statement/garbage from that bloody awful woman Margaret Hodge this evening?

        “Margaret Hodge

        Finally. Labour’s ruling committee has voted to kick out four extreme factions. The proscribed groups listed undermine our work on antisemitism.

        If you don’t share the values of the Labour Party, you should not be in it.”

        There is not point for decent people to be part of this dreadful party now, we desperately need a new party.’

      2. Tell the withholders that we will give them bitcoin and an honour, Dame or Lord, just leak it.

    2. All Corbyn needs to do is suggest a new Party and be the Life President. Within two weeks maximum, there would be a larger membership than the Labour Party has, and I am sure some unions would switch their funding. The rightwingers in the Labour Party would know it was curtains for them.

      Start afresh. And have a party that looks to the future, with no baggage, and no Blairites.

      1. Dream on Joe (and the other dreamers). The Establishment and their black propaganda machine have just spent four years attacking and demonising Jeremy and the left, and that ain’t gonna change just because the left-wing MPs leave the LP and start a new party – ie change if they were to do so. The fascists will never-ever relinquish their power, and any new such party would just be completely ignored and blanked (by the MSM), OR, if it started to make headway, smeared every-which-way the smearers can think of.

        And I have no doubt that Jeremy and the SCG know that THAT would be the case. How could they NOT given all that’s happened as of since Jeremy was elected leader in September 2015.

        How many votes was it that Chris (Williamson) got in the 2019 GE?!

      2. If the Brexit party can win 29 seats after just forming then its possible

      3. Stop being so bloody sensible. Why would anyone with an image of decency in their DNA ever consider leaving this blood drenched bunch of yes men and women to join this bunch of class warriors. What would they do? Go down fighting? Yes the SCG would have your backs. Class loyalty or driving lessons for Tarquin and Tabatha. We need a party with out any baggage from the past. No connection to the children’s friend or uncle Mandy and aunt Miranda. Ìts over. What can you build from old, corrupted party aided and abetted by our honest, caring, bespoke union tops and hilarious oxbridge friends and their beard and jokes. Try this, oGrady is our TUC female leader, Leonard is going to make Scotland ref on and on. Bollocks, keep sending your dues to the party that is on the right of the tories.

    3. Just came across this article on the Haaretz website with the headline Jewish Labour Members Applaud Move to Kick pro-Corbyn, Far-left Factions Out of Party, in which it says the following:

      A party source told Haaretz that “the worst of the abuse that Jewish members received at local constituency Labour Party meetings came from members of these [four] groups.”

      There is NO level to which these people will not sink! But Evil just lurves being evil!!

      1. It is important to note that these comments were from the Zionist JLM and not from ordinary Jewish members.

      2. No doubt the four groups were critical of ‘Israel’, which is not anti Semitic and is supposed to be acceptable by the party, although RLB and Lisa Nandy foolishly said Criticizing Israel was anti Semitic. Wish they would make their minds up.

      3. This as nonsense will never stop so what do the membership do to stand up. The enemy s everywhere. Saturday is when we will see them bare their teeth. There is a large disorganised opposition, all leavers, unthinking morons who don’t understand the nuances of the class war. Yup that’s us. Nearly 50 years fighting the bastards. Stop reading their filth. Fuck Piss Moron and the whoremonger, shredded wheat. It’s gonna get bloody, we’re not special. The working class is under physical, political and spiritual war everywhere in the world. We have not been excused.

    4. They want the death of the left. Lot of camouflaged trots popping up. They have always been elitist graduates. The worker’s vanguard. Check the backgrounds of US neo cons and dems. Fascinating.

  2. So now comes the task of identifying who might be a member of the proscribed groups, or anyone who might be a member, or anyone who can be said to be a member, ‘because we don’t like them or they are a bit lippy’. A huge fund drain.

    1. They’ve employed part time bounty hunters to root out those pesky ‘Lefties’. Whilst AntiSemites like Coyle get the good boy welcome card.
      Meanwhile they’ve sacked a good quantity of Staffers with very little notice. Unions, withdraw your Labour Party funding.

      1. Some of the unions may very well do that. But they can’t just do it on the spur of the moment, and such things have to be put to a meeting of committee members and voted on.

      2. There is no doubt that these proposed expulsions are an attempt to gag criticism of the apartheid racist regime in Israel. Socialism obliges us to be anti racist therefore it is Starmer’s intention to ban socialists and Socialism from his Labour Party.

  3. What a bunch of morons well done kick out more members when you’re desperate for cash. Yup fire staff and hire expensive contractors to snoop on members spiffing ideas huzzah!!

    Well, let’s get the popcorn out and watch the death spiral of the cult of new Labour destroying the Labour party.

    No sympathy when it’s gone maybe we can finally set up a socialist Labour only party and get back to sorting out this country. The quicker these fools destroy themselves the better!

  4. Now we know where that BBC ‘Blackpool voters’ set up meeting with Starmer was preparing the ground for, with the dodgy handpicked audience demanding action against the trouble makers and ‘toxic Corbyn’.

    1. The Boy Buggering Club’s days are running out. I expect no coverage of Saturday’s marches on the news anywhere. And Nova Media , or whatever, stop telling us what socialism is. You posh, cut glass BBC wannabees.

  5. Once again, as with other issues from both the monopoly right and left within the Party, there is a very public display of total disdain for any standards of due process principles. No right to a defence. Allegation equals automatic guilt – including guilt by association. No need for any kind of evidence to substantiate either an allegation or statement made on the basis of this is so because someone says so.

    Good luck trying to win any form of election based on this approach. When various vociferous sections of the Party are publicly endorsing no due process for its own members within its own organisation or anyone who happens to disagree with the manufactured reality in their own heads no one is going to trust or vote for such people with any kind of power over their rights.

    Simply because their due process rights are more than likely to be next.

  6. I don’t think it ever seemed to make any difference left or right wing with the pill poping NEC.Farcical bunch of parasites fighting for a lost cause already down the toilet.The whole stinking swamp is rotting away,start again and this time choose some real ordinary working-class people and not just the usual middle class overeducated parasites.I only got out of bed to listen to Bolton wanderers V Preston North end at Leyland and that clown knight is pissing over good comrades again.Apologies for swearing but?

      1. Bolton wanderers won although I have one foot in Preston North end my Dad being a ex footballer who played alongside bill shankly as a apprentice.Different world then but must always be remembered how North End helped Bolton in their darkest days only Two years ago and helped the “trotters” survive.One Nil to Bolton packed stand at Leyland and a number of my relatives in both sides watching.What a uplifting game to contrast with the carnage that is the knight led Labour party..Yes Sabine Bolton are rising from the ashes and I hope the Labour party can re invent itself if only them shy socialist mps would show some guts and determination and walk away with a new Labour party with a thriving membership to follow them..

      2. Sorry, Joseph, a resurrected Labour Party is now impossible. Returning from the dead only occurs in religion or science fiction. Join the Workers Party if you want some action – and some hope for the future.

      3. Norman – How distant is this future that you are fantasising about.

      4. Nowhere near as distent, StevieH, as the future of any Party which is, on issue after issue, proclaiming loudly to the electorate at every opportunity that it cannot be trusted with power over their due process and democratic rights at any level.

      5. Joseph
        Labour is our team
        Up here we need to get rid of Mike Ashley, we don’t need to switch our allegiance to Blyth Spartans
        Great club though they are

  7. New New Labour just keep getting worse, not an easy task, but they usually manage it.

    1. There will be a catalyst for a new working-class movement that will rise from the ashes of a Zombie Labour party.The socialist mps only a handful need to move quickly even if it is only for self preservation to help us form a new Labour movement of the people.The once proud Labour name is worthless in electoral brands and a large disaffected membership will follow if we have a voice in parliament and unfortunately that is the only game in town and we need them mps to organize before they are kicked out and stitched up by this fascist endeavour the Labour party.Forget conference even in better days its always been a stitch up stage managed farce and a good blowout for the parasites that represent themselves in the Westminster trough.Move quickly now Trickett and co.

      1. Steve H La La and the tellytubbies have all been vaccinated against the virus and I havnt having caught the virus early on and fought it off…!Now you are a busted flush with little left of the Labour party even you must now wonder what a clod you are in voting for this shitshow of a Labour party.Get back to Bot sentinel Steve Hall centrist Dad.

      2. Joseph – Oh dear it is only 09:30 and you’re already rambling.

      3. “it is only 09:30”, says Centrist Dad at 03:32!

        Which time zone are you in again?

      4. timfrom – My comment was addressed to Joseph who lives in Cambodia, hence the time difference

  8. Given the recent elections to Unison’s NEC, has it changed its delegate to Labour’s NEC? If so, how did this person vote on this issue?

  9. Where, and when, will the Minutes of this NEC Meeting be published? Anyone know?

  10. Perhaps it’s all there on Mandelson’s (?) flip chart in Blair’s multi-million pound office with all those staff?
    Interesting how the war criminal (?) has started making (politically lightweight) statements again.
    Perhaps Blair/Mandelson’s ‘Political Poodle’ Starmer has to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Labour is absolutely no threat to their power and all he wants in return is crumbs for diverse working people and cushy well rewarded careers for themselves.
    Step 1 – Get rid of Corbyn. Step 2 – Get rid of the Left. Step 3 – Get rid of Left Policy.
    Those of us who saw what was coming perhaps need to form a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party and those on the Left still in Labour (including Left MPs) I have the feeling whether you like it or not you may be joining us soon.
    Interesting my theory on the hard right wing social democratic poster on here (SH) who attempts to police this site is that perhaps he is just the clerk on behalf of a right wing Blairite team in said building including a few researchers? But they lack the in depth Left Wing reading and analysis.
    So in my view Right Wing Labour seems to be heading down the same Bairite road that Scottish Labour did to political oblivion!
    We all seem to be waiting for someone to set the ball rolling so here’s a suggested beginning of a constitution which needs adding to:
    1. Name: Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party or Democratic Socialist Party.
    2. All its MPs accept the average workers wage.
    We will only win by being HONEST with diverse working people and please feel free to add.
    Solidarity to Socialists!

    1. Bazza – but you can’t provide any evidence that I have ever supported Blairites because there is none. You are welcome to try and prove me wrong.

  11. They are NOT Stalinist, you stupid bastards – they are bloody Fascists! And herein lies the tragedy of the British and American ‘left’. They are so totally convinced and absorbed by the propaganda of the rabid rightwing media the scales over their eyes can never be removed – so reason knows no space here for they are now both deaf and blind. This is the means by which our civilisation is going to be brought down – either by a bang or a whimper. And when that occurs, the flora and fauna will heave a great sigh of relief (provided the vermin do not first destroy all life on Earth.

    1. Muddy z 3Norman Hill.Good comment why attack a hero of the Russian revolution when the Labour party are clearly in the hands of a religious fanatic and a fascist.A stalin like leader would never have allowed such vermin to infiltrate the Labour movement and certainly would not have tolerated this broad church brigade that have dragged the Labour party down.into the gutter..

  12. To the Tooting Popular Front who will follow you, which unions, how many members and supporters

    1. Doug, still trying to defend the indefensible. The Right won in the LP because the “gormless Left” refused to see what was going on in front of their noses. “Onward to defeat comrades” is their stirring battle cry. Sigh!

      1. JT, it is an impossibility for people to refuse to see what’s being done to them. What you are in effect saying, for example, is that someone who was being bashed over the head with a club refused to see that it was happening to them! Your assertion is totally illogical and complete and utter bunkum! Of COURSE they knew what the forces of darkness were doing to them, but just like the guy being clubbed over the head, there was ABSOLUTELY nothing they could do about it.

        I just happened to catch a documentary last night about a guy – despite repeatedly phoning the police to tell them he felt that he was in danger – ended up being kicked to death, and then his body set on fire. And my point in mentioning it is THIS: There was nothing what-so-ever that Jeremy – when leader (or since) – could have done to defend himself (and his supporters) against all the black propaganda lies and falsehoods, and the demonisation and character assassination, because his enemies held/hold all the cards and own and/or control the MSM and, as such, the narrative. Was the guy being kicked to death ‘gormless’ for being kicked to death, OR, as OBVIOUSLY was the case – was he powerless to defend himself. Were the Palestinians in Gaza ‘gormless’ because they couldn’t prevent Israel bombing them and killing and maiming hundreds of them! Or were they powerless to do anything about it.

        And the reality is that the Right – the Blairites – never really LOST the LP to begin with, given that they make up at least three-quarters of the PLP. And the Devious and Duplicitous and Corrupt and Ruthless will ALWAYS win out, as they control all the levers of power, and there was no way on this planet they were ever going to let Jeremy and the left take it from them. And ‘they’ have just made THAT crystal clear during the course of the last five years or so.

      2. JT
        Took 100 years to get here, will take less than 100 weeks to turn it around
        The Unions could do it in 100 minutes
        The members a 100 days
        Tell you what go ahead and I’ll see you at the bar in July 2023
        Good Luck

  13. The fascist did it in Germany too, outlaeing socialist and communist groups, religious groups, etc. Syammer and co are already doing the, work extreme right wing bod want them to do. What is happening in LP will happen or rather continue to carry on in wider society unless we find a way to stop this. We cannot do that within Labour me thinks as the partyis presently part the problem and sadly not part of the solution. Never thought i woukl say that.
    Labour have become the enablers of apartheid, oppression, violations of human rights by doing nothing about it. Constant fence-sitting does not help, and the continuing smear campaigns against JC, the suspensions of our socialist, jewish comrades and campaigners just shows how close the party has moved towards an abbyss.
    And the we learn that 90 employees of tge party are being made redundant, but about 50 (sorry if i got the numbers wrong) ‘agency staff’ or political nosy parkers have bedn hired to snoop on membets. The party is well and truly up the swanney.

    1. I said from JCs amazing initial victory that the establishment or cabal would never ever allow a socialist to come to power. Yours was a good post.

  14. Founder and leading thinker of Socialist Appeal the South African Jew Ted Grant would have been surprised at the allegations of antisemitism. They base their theory on the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Grant.

  15. Calm down. As one who pushed leaflets through letter boxes in 1945 when a member of theLabour league of Youth i now think the Left needs to learn the lesson that when they split into factions the Right win. This year’s Annual Conference can alter the balance in the NEC and if it does not happen then a new true socialist party will happen without doubt and I will join it .

    1. The fix is in for this year’s conference Bill. Perhaps then the “soft Left” will finally wake up to reality.

    2. That new true socialist party already exists, Bill. It’s called the Workers Party of Great Britain and it stands 100% behind the best interests of the working people of this country.

      1. Sadly it’s run by George Galloway. A person who sided with the Tories and Lairds in Scotland recently. A person who supported Farage? A person who is a Brexiteer Establishment Nationalist and a cat impersonator.

    3. What factions are they Bill. I wasn’t aware of any ‘factions’ on the left, and I’ve never-ever heard anyone mention it before. EVER, anywhere.

      So when did this splitting into factions that you allege happened happen Bill?

      1. Get to bed Howard,its a shame you can’t be proscribed….Dont answer him Bill hes already been savaging a chair leg and now hes spotted more “enemys” .I think hed do well in the NEC certainly looking deranged enough is white flag man Allan Howard.

      2. Oh, it’s Joe, WCs buddy and great defender. So are you aware of the left splitting into factions Joe? No? Thought not, because it’s complete and utter B/S, and THAT of course is why – like the hard-working little piece of shill-shite you are – you jumped in quickly to ‘urge’ Bill not to respond. Because he CAN’T respond and and answer me because it’s complete and utter bollox!

        And good old Bill isn’t an ‘enemy’, he’s an invention of you shills, who have suddenly come up with this B/S about the left splitting into factions, and are obviously planning to repeat it over and over again so as to try and brainwash the readership into believing it’s true.

        You really are such a fascist twat Joe! But thanks for the additional material!!

  16. The paper Jewish News gives the votes as

    LAW 22-10
    LIEN 22-10
    Resist 23-9
    Socialist Appeal 20-12.

    Not all the “left” voted against.

  17. All candidates in Liverpool will undego mandatory AS training by the JLM.
    i.e the Israel lobby will have a veto.

  18. Adam Booth of SA believes that expulsion letters for up to 3,000 members are being prepared by HQ. If that is true it goes far beyond the support of the proscribed organizations. A lot of people are in for a surprise.

      1. Totally missing the point, again.

        Whilst the sum total of those associated with these organised initiatives against politically motivated witch hunts with no proper due process is a mere few thousand the question arises as to how a section of the British branch of an overseas Government knows in advance the bulk of those associated with them without having breached the GDPR rights of those about to receive the sack from their membership?

        That’s in addition to the very obvious breach of the 2010 Equality Act which is taking place. Again with no proper due process in which people facing an allegation are refused the right to defend themselves. ‘We, on the basis of the manufactured reality in our heads have declared you guilty by way of an allegation for which we will accept no principle of innocent until proven guilty, and will break any law we like to impose our narrative.’

        So tell us Stevieboy, whose going to vote into power a right wing faction of a Party which is demonstrating daily that anyone who disagrees with it that they will misuse that power to remove the most basic rights of due process to get the way of those who are paying them?

      2. Dave – Well firstly other reports that I have read have all stated that these proscriptions will only impact about 1,000 party members,
        Unless you have some actual evidence of a breach of the Act then your assertions about GDPR are rubbish and where does the Equality Act come into this.
        The Labour party is simply saying that membership of these proscribed organisations is incompatible with being a member of the Labour party. Those caught up in this will have to make a choice about where there allegiances really lie.

      3. Steve H – I believe in your right to a platform. I believe that Freedom of Speech is the most important factor in the preservation of a representative democracy. I believe that Sir Starmer does not. I am a member of Labour against the Witch Hunt & may soon be expelled from the Labour Party. You are defending the indefensible, how do you sleep? It appears that you do not.

      4. Elementary logic Stevieboy.

        How does the Party hierarchy/bureaucracy know in advance of the decision to have prepared letters to go out to Party members deemed to be associated with these organised initiatives?

        What evidence does it have to substantiate the assertion and allegation? What is the testable quality of that evidence?

        If that factional hierarchy has information that particular members, regardless of whether its 1,000 or 3,0000, how has it obtained it?

        Expression of support for an alternative narrative to that of the ruling faction on Social Media? You really want to run with that when there is no due process right of defence before an automatic guilty verdict based on, at the very best, circumstantial evidence which has not even been allowed to be tested via proper due process under both the law and the Party rules in advance of an allegation equating to guilt?

        Or is it that the Party has the membership list of those signing up to those initiatives? After all, any Party to such an action would need to be 100% accurate to ensure it did not falsely accuse someone of something. Leaving itself open to legal challenge.

        Where and how would obtain that information other than by illegally breaching the GDPR rights of those members by accessing those membership or affiliation lists which are GDPR protected, Moriarty boy?

        How, pray, do you not breach EA – particularly in the light of this recent tribunal judgement?;

        Belief of the nature being proscribed is a protected characteristic against discrimination. A protected characteristic which the Party is illegally outlawing by in effect arguing that it challenges the narrative of those making and imposing their own mob law out with recognised due process standards and principles.

        So, its not about allegiance its about imposing a particular ideological narrative on behalf of a foreign Government in which any deviation from the purity spiral is classed as unacceptable and subject to arbitrary sanction, cancelling and de-platforming with no due process or right to a defence.

        You want to publicly paint yourself as standing in that particular dead end ghetto Stevieboy that’s your problem. No voting member of the public who values their due process rights will ever trust power to those who play fast and loose with those rights in this way.

        Because when they do it so consistently, from both sides of the aisle, you can guarantee that they will do it to others who don’t kow tow to the doctrine if given the opportunity. Just like most people who see someone kicking a dog will not only silently conclude they will treat others the same way but also avoid them like the plague.

      5. Dave – you appear to be the one making accusations you can’t substantiate.
        I’m guessing that the party has just looked on social media and the proscribed organisations respective websites and they found all the evidence they needed.

      6. This gets better.

        So you are going with the first of the two options presented are you son. Presumably you have evidence to substantiate this that would stand scrutiny and testing?

        What? Trial by guesswork. You couldn’t make this bullshit up. That’s the defence story is it? If it is those responsible for this decision along with those who support it should be individually taken to the cleaners through the courts- because they’ve skint the Party.

        What unsubstantiated allegations are you referring to Stevieboy?

        Are you saying there’s a third logical option in the algorithm beyond Trial by guesswork or surreptitiously acquiring the information outside of GDPR?

        Are you saying the recent legal judgement in the Forstater case which I posted for you is legally unsound? If so present your evidence.

        Oh. Silly me. I forgot. you don’t support the use of objective evidence if it conflicts with the subjective reality and its narrative in your own head.

        Seeing as I like you today, because I might not like you tomorrow here’s some free advice: Get yourself down to the local chemists for a tube of gorm. you are clearly lacking in it and are well out of your depth.

      7. Dave Hansell – Playing at being a condescending tw*t to boost your feeling of self worth doesn’t alter the fact that you are accusing people of breaking the law without any credible evidence to support your accusations
        As I said above you have absolutely no credible evidence to support your accusations that GDPR has been has been breached by the Labour Party. You are the one making the silly accusations not me.
        I said “I’m guessing that the party has just looked on social media and the proscribed organisations respective websites and they found all the evidence they needed.
        If I’m proved to be wrong then who cares, it was only a guess. I’m not the one accusing others of breaking the law, all I’ve done is offer up what I consider to be a reasonable explanation of where the party found its evidence.
        As for the your claims about the Equality Act being applicable. Are you having a laugh, do you realistically expect me to plough through 60 pages of legal ease.
        If you want to provide proof then why don’t you just succinctly explain why you you think the Equality Act applies and reference your explanation to specific paragraphs in this judgement that you haveobviously read and understood from end to end.

      8. Bullshit Steveh

        Following the logic is not a spurious unevidenced accusation. Answer the question rather desperately trying to reframe.

        How does the Party bureaucracy know who to send letters to?

        If it’s based on social media posts the sectarians you are knowingly and deliberately providing cover for don’t agree with because it deviates from their narrative and it’s monopoly definitions as has previously been the case in previous purges it is the sectarians who are engaging in baseless accusations. Punishing members on he basis of an allegation for which they are not allowing proper due process.

        It is down to them to prove the allegation of membership or association with those organised initiatives before handing out punishment.

        The logic is inarguable that the only way this can be achieved is if they have access to the membership databases of those organisations. Anything else is unsubstantiated guesswork lacking sufficient evidence to satisfy due process principles and standards of proof.

        And the only ?ogival way the could have that information would involve a de facto and de jute breach of the GDPR rights of those affected.

        So which is it Steve. Publicly pick one of the two logical options. Is it punishment based on unsubstantiated guesswork allowing no proper right of defence or due process or a provable allegation based on solid evidence which logical!y can only have been obtained via a breach of GDPR?

        Even if it’s the former the public accusation of sending those letters breaches the GDPR rights of those receiving them by virtue of either accurately or inacurratly revealing them as members of those organisations without their permission. Try actually reading the GDPR legislation rather then foaming at the mouth and shooting yourself in the foot by projecting your own position onto others such as myself.

        Again, with the EA legislation the Forstater judgement is clear. Discrimination against continued membership on the basis of a differing belief – in this case the definitions and narratives around the misuse of antisemitism accusations for political purposes (have you actually listened to Klug’s 2013 lecture yet or are you still just winging it, as usual?) – via association with those organised initiatives breaches that protected characteristic of the 2010 EA Act.

        Moreover, it’s applicable to political parties. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask a QC
        on that point. (Spoiler: I already have a QC ‘s opinion on that point).

        So, again, seeing as I like you today (because I might not like you tomorrow) it really is time you upped your game and did a bit of proper research rather than trying to bullshit your way through life.

      9. Dave – When are you going to publish your QC’s opinion?

        Apart from – It is down to them to prove the allegation of membership or association with those organised initiatives before handing out punishment. (which I don’t dispute in any way) I think the rest of your post is a load of bollocks.

    1. Do not engage with the right wing troll SteveH Arwyn. Just ignore the wretch.

  19. Not a SA supporter. Haven’t been an LP member since 1989. SAs defence was they have always supported Labour candidates no matter how right wing, no matter how vile. Fat lot of good that did them. Being expelled en bloc won’t budge them from that position one inch.

  20. “What power have you got?
    Where did you get it from?
    In whose interests do you exercise it?
    To whom are you accountable?
    And how can we get rid of you?”

    If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.

    Tony Benn

    1. SM – There is provision within the rules to challenge the leadership. The self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ being unable to meet the threshold set by JC’s team for a leadership challenge indicates a lack of support not a democratic deficit

      1. There are, indeed, rules regarding mounting a challenge to the party leader (not “leadership”). They will be enforced and there will be no challenge, at least not for a good while. So the question is “How is the LP to rid itself of the crowd of incompetent buffoons who are currently in all the senior positions (both political and administrative) in the party?”
        I see differing views expressed on these pages. My own view is that I have no idea how the LP can achieve this end.
        It would be informative to hear the view of SteveH on the way forward (even if it is that, like me, he hasn’t a clue).

      2. goldback
        My grandad taught me ‘if you want to know what’s going on, follow the money’
        The Unions and Members hold the power
        Red Tories are brilliant at losing fortunes and millions of votes, it would take very little to get rid of them

  21. Jeremy Corbyn had the whip removed, despite the NEC decision to lift his suspension. Exudes democratic robust process(sic) perhaps more like Autocracy!!

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