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Lammy attends ‘elite’ Bilderberg conference – funded by former intelligence chief’s company

‘Secretive forum attended by NATO,

Shadow Foreign Sec David Lammy, who was lambasted earlier this year for his betrayal of and false claims about striking workers, attended this year’s Bilderberg conference funded by a company run by the former head of intelligence service MI6.

As journalist John McEvoy noted, the cost of Lammy’s trip – around £6,200 in total – to the “secretive forum attended by heads of NATO, the CIA, BP, Shell etc” was funded by Newbridge Advisory, a firm run by John Sawers, who as well as running MI6 is a former director of oil firm BP:

McEvoy goes on to reveal that the donation was the first to any politician by the company – but that Lammy has a track record of substantial donations and fees from ‘Big Corporate’:

As Skwawkbox reported last month, Lammy also shamefully – after public shows of grief over the needless deaths of the Grenfell Tower victims and outrage over the corruption that surrounded it – accepted hospitality from the owners of the firm that produced and sold the murderous cladding responsible for the rampant blaze that killed them. Lammy was not alone in this scandal, munching alongside Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

Lammy’s trip was co-funded by the Bilderberg Association itself – to take part in a meeting that, while secretive and opaque, is widely thought to organise its meetings to cement the ‘free market consensus’ around the world, an aim at odds with the glaring need for the renationalisation of the UK’s strategic sectors such as energy, water, health, transport and communications.

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    1. Forget karma, I’m looking out for her bigger nastier sister.

      Nemesis. She’s been awakened already. Just a matter of time now.

  1. As Jesse Ventura recommends: politicians should be forced to wear sewn-on badges on their suits (like F1 drivers) that show exactly who owns them.

    You won’t see any of them wearing UK workers or UK taxpayers badges.

  2. Lammy and that Neo-labour Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State are PURE TORY, how anyone could even consider for the filth is beyond me.
    As far as I am concerned this is my plan of Action and how I will Campaign and Vote:
    Enemy 1: Sabotaging Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
    Enemy 2: Globalist Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES!
    Enemy 3: Any other Flavour of Globalist Neoliberal TORY.
    This is a battle of Globalist Neoliberalism VS The PEOPLE.
    VOTE IN: ANYONE who is NOT Globalist Neoliberal and who Stands and Speaks FOR The PEOPLE and NOT FOR Themselves OR Their Elitist Establishment Masters.

  3. As some may say Lammy is a grifter who’s only interested in his own political career.
    Is his closeness to Bilderberg etc the reason why he refuses to support the strikes. Or is it he supports the strikes but refuses to be seen on a picket line?

    1. BackofBeyond, Lammy doesn’t support the strikes because he is with the bosses and no with the workers. Lammy doesn’t care if families cannot heat their homes comes the winter or kids go to bed with empty bellies.
      Lammy and chums would be able to keep their homes warm and feed themselves and their families.

  4. And Russia is supposed to be the villian whilst Nato bilderberg and WEF unelected powerbrokers mess with the politicians on the payroll like the labour party…..Looking good for starmer who is the anointed the chosen one for drowning street bought and paid for.
    Lammys just another greasy lawyer spoon fed till he bursts.Made a carreeer on the back of black people in Tottenham and a man of little talent.and a totally immoral free loader.Clearly money well spent on buying the labour party to carry on the plan for total subjugation of the working class across the western world.

    1. Don’t leave WHO out of that equation, with theirs and Gates’ Jab of Death, so spectacularly voted against by the African Union.
      We may as well just understand that all of the UN is owned by USA, Israel and NATO.

  5. Bilderberg is less opaque than I had imagined – and those attending are all listed on the site. Though its remit is undeniably the preservation of Western hegemony, it is unthinkable that other power blocks do not have similar jollies concerned with promoting their own interests. What is less clear is the extent to which decisions and policy are formed here that constrain or limit the lives of the countries from which delegates attend. That the UK parliamentary cohort consisted of Gove, Tugendhat and Lammy may be more flattering to them than there actual status in the UK warrants.

    1. Thanks Tim for the link, interesting to see who are the participants.

    2. I’d expect them to want to tell us every single elected politician that crosses their threshold. It’s a sort of f*ck-you’ statement, if you will. Also, the cost of lobbying tends to reduce the more shameless politicians bust a gut to attend their soirées.

      The politicians, on the other hand risk a lot, being immediately identifiable as buyable and between looking for a trough to feed from. That revolving door problem starts with organisations like The Bilderberg Group.

  6. Lammy is in the style Blair: shameful and shameless in his adherence to the neoliberal agenda embodied in the Washington Consensus.

    Note the refusal of Starmer’s new New Labour to support the re-establisment of the liberty to strike as enacted by the Trade Disputes Act 1906 (passed by incoming Liberal government) and then ((with the repeal of the Industrial Relations Act 1971) by the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1974 (as amended in 1976), passed by the Labour government of Harold Wilson.

    1. Lammy might have the right politics but he has the wrong tailor, if you know what I mean.

  7. Have you ever heard anyone who’s been given a MSM platform to describe the Russian invasion of Ukraine as being caused by NATO? You dare not say such a thing & expect to remain in the Labour Party & GB News (that champion of Freedom of Speech) also refuse to allow it. So much for Freedom of Speech!

    1. I confess to previously not knowing that much about modern day Ukraine, but when the conflict started I read quite a lot and it became clear it was very much not a ‘black and white’ situation. I’ve been shot down in flames, sorry that is an inappropriate analogy but just what springs to mind, in comments elsewhere and by friends and acquaintances for suggesting that the situation is by no means clear cut and that a bit of self education is required.

      1. @Julia

        Moon of Alabama is a great place to start

      2. It is a Civil War which broke out in 2014 when the Maidan coup brought an anti Russian government, deeply influenced by emigre Ukrainians (who had collaborated with the Nazis and were responsible for some of the worst massacres of Jews and Poles in the War) with an agenda which included disenfranchising Russian speakers, who are not only a sizeable minority of the population but who constitute most of the people in the eastern industrial regions.
        The new Ukrainian ‘government’ with assistance from NATO set out to impose itself, militarily, on the east, while banning the use of Russian and employing neo-Nazi militias to terrorise the population into obedience. The local people resisted and organised themselves into two “Peoples Republics” which fought back and beat the Ukrainian government forces.
        Russia attempted to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Together with France and Germany they sponsored talks in Minsk between both sides the Donbas and Kiev. Agreement for a peaceful settlement was reached. Basically the eastern ‘Republics” agreed to be re-united with Ukraine as federated provinces with the same powers over culture and language, education and local policing as Canadian provinces have. That was in 2015. Since 2014 over 15000, mostly civilian, easterners have been killed in Kiev’s war against what it calls ‘inferior’ (Russian) people.
        After having agreed the Ukrainian government refused to implement the Minsk peace deal. The President at the time , Poroshenko, has recently publicly confessed that they were playing for time, pretending to agree to peace while, with massive NATO assistance, building up forces to reconquer the east, impose anti-Russian laws and move on to Crimea where the people are more than 90% opposed to returning to Ukraine.
        In February of this year, Ukraine started heavy shelling of the cities in the Donbas, as preparation to an assault by a 200,000 man army, much of it trained in the UK, at the end of the month.
        It was at that point that Russia after fruitless months trying to get NATO to agree to a peaceful solution to the crisis, and under intense pressure from public opinion and the Duma (Parliament) recognised the two republics and pledged itself to defend them.
        That is the origin of the ‘war.’ I know of no conflict in modern history in which one side, that backed by Russia, is more justified in taking military action and the other, a puppet Ukraine controlled by the US and used to weaken and break up the Russian state, more criminally responsible for the conflict.

      3. Clear, concise and covers it all, bevin.
        I have just had Moon of Alabama recommended by Alexander Mercouris, and will visit.
        Mercouris is very well researched on day to day developments in the conflict. He has some very odd mannerisms but the content of his reports is worth a listen.

      4. Some other points of note following on from bevin’s concise summary of the salient facts – which:

        a) Are not to be found withing The Official Narrative of the Western Feudal elites and their prostitute Corporate Media;

        b) Have never been refuted with any credible evidence whatsoever by this sites S&PLRT (Sad & Pathetic Little Resident Troll). Despite all his impotent wailing and gnashing of teeth in the face of reality.


        1. Unlike the Western direct and indirect (via proxies) ‘shock and awe’ model of total destruction of civilian infrastructure – along with, of course, the mass slaughter of civilians which we saw in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria and every other known and evidenced example from Nicaragua, Chile and El Salvador to Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia – the SMO in Ukraine has seen a totally different approach.

        An approach in which much of the civilian infrastructure – energy, water, communications etc – has largely remained intact. What civilian infrastructure damage has occurred has been the result of Ukraine forces deliberately using that civilian infrastructure as a human shield.

        2. Standard military doctrine has a attacking force requiring a 3:1 advantage ratio over a defending force. The present SMO has seen the opposite occur in which the defending Ukrainian forces at the commencement of the operation enjoyed a three to one numerical advantage over the attacking force.

        Moreover, that defending force had been trained and equipped to NATO standards over the previous eight years whilst the attacking forces were made up largely of Miltia from the Donbass Republics alongside Chechen forces rather than the RF using anything in the way of significant regular forces.

        Despite this the best proxy force that NATO could muster has been largely ineffective on any military metric.

        It is also of relevance that the significant number of the better quality forces of the Ukraine military were stationed not on the border of Belarus or Russia to defend or deter any attacking force in the months and weeks prior to February 24th but were in fact massed on the Donbass contact line (in breach of the Minsk agreements) preparing to follow up the increased shelling and continuing slaughter/murder of the Donbass Russian civilians, as recorded by the OSCE, with a full scale military invasion.

        Of course, given the racist Russiaphobia rampant within Western elite circles such facts are not welcome as they demonstrate the hypocrisy and double standards which all exceptionalists operate to.

        The observation of Ralph Waldo Emerson – “The louder he spoke of his honour, the faster we counter our spoons’ – clearly requires an update in regard to the clueless amoral and cretinous decision makers of the West.

        Something along the lines of “The louder they spoke of their values, the faster we counted the dead” perhaps?

  8. I’ve mentioned this several times already in previous posts.

    Not only Lammy, but Give as well. Both sides stitched nicely.

    Be aware it’s Chatham House rules so what’s said in that room isn’t repeated.

    Naked corruption.

    Clearly a cheap whore too


  10. Perhaps the job of Right Wing Labour is to police the working class and trade unions and to try to keep us in our place whilst offering only crumbs.

  11. Youtube ‘Lammy on Mastermind,’ if you want a giggle.

    John Humphrys : What was the married name of Marie and Pierre who won the Nobel prize for physics in 1903 for their research into radiation?

    Lammy : Antoinette


    John Humphrys : Which fortress was built in the 1370s to defend one of the gates of Paris and was later used as a state prison by Cardinal Richelieu

    Lammy : Versaille


    This guy wants to be UK Foreign Secretary.

    1. Mind you, he’s the divvy that called the Vatican conclave racist for producing black smoke when they hadn’t agreed on a new pope.

      1. Labour better not change its position on fracking.

        It wouldn’t change the energy situation we face, as it would take years and be sold in the European energy market anyway. The biggest fracker, Cuadrilla, has since 2020, been 96%-owned by the Australian mining group, A J Lucas. 65% of A J Lucas is owned by Kerogen Capital, a Hong Kong-based private equity fund manager. In 2020, a Kerogen Capital director joined the board of 10 Cuadrilla subsidiaries.

        In the UK, in many areas shale gas deposits overlap with major drinking water aquifers according to the govts own Environment agency and British geological survey. The South East and London get 27% of their drinking water this way, from groundwater. The risk of toxic contamination of drinking water is real, thus, it’s total insanity even be thinking about this. When I hear a politician say they support fracking, they’ve as good as announced they like to practice Satanism to my mind. It’s that crazy.

  12. These secretive meetings with the corporate world and fund managers matter. The next big battle in the UK could be over the wholly irresponsible, environmentally ruinous fracking, that Truss plans on pushing. Suggest folks read these:


    Quote : Cuadrilla has often referred to itself as a small British start-up. Since 2020, it has been 96%-owned by the Australian mining group, A J Lucas (source). 65% of A J Lucas is owned by Kerogen Capital, a Hong Kong-based private equity fund manager. In 2020, a Kerogen Capital director joined the board of 10 Cuadrilla subsidiaries.

  13. Christ! He almost matches truss in the density stakes

    What is the capital of China?

    LAMMY: I thought they were communists – not capitalists??

  14. Heads up re Maidan – the next episode of the BBC’s R4 series The Reunion is in this. Not going to prejudge the way they deal with this but the last two episodes – on the Kasparov vs Deep Blue chess game and Chris Blackwell and Island Records have been reason enough to pay the license fee.

  15. Bevin, your take on events seems partial, from the inference that casualties were suffered on the eastern side, to the notion that that the elections in the contested regions were free and fair. Just as NATO were accumulating military resource so too was Russia. I don’t hold a candle for the West but neither do I buy the myth of the much traduced East.

    1. Tim white ….its time to pick a side not waffle about were your loyalties are.This is not a “social experiment” facing just Britain and its a direct result of so called think tanks and power blocks that has proliferated since the second world war
      ….Many years ago I found myself in a uncomfortable position of having to choose sides,and I have never regreted the direction travelled despite the rewards on offer on the other side of the wall….

      1. Joseph, your circumstances may have required you to ‘pick a side’ and it may well be that you had no alternative than to do so. In this instance, ‘waffling’ about where my loyalties lie as you put it constitutes unease about aligning with either of two evils. It would be less bothersome to determine to hoover up the fictions from one side and dismiss that from the other as misinformation, to regard the world as a simplistic battle between the forces of good and evil, but I can’t and I won’t.

      2. Tim white….you appear to be well meaning and its a benifit in normal circumstances.We are not living in normal times and the enemy of the people are ruthless and destructive as you will find this winter..I developed my politics in divided Ulster when the reality of just how unprepared for peaceful demonstrations we were in our nievity.We quickly learned how vicious the state are when threatened with “Change” ..Unless the forces of evil change dramatically before the Winter then you too will be faced with reality of a homicidal state hellbent on teaching a hard lesson in how to spread fear and loathing amongst the masses of the working class…..People will die because of the Tory government and the labour party are probably just has bad.

      3. Joseph okeefe,

        Those you describe has a long, long history of such behavoiur – and not just in Ireland.

        Right now they are sacrificing much of the populace of the Ukraine as human shields in a deliberately engineered proxy war in which they are getting their arses handed to them not only militarily but economically, culturally, politically and socially.

        The much touted Kherson offensive in which under equipped troops were sent across open steppe to be slaughtered represents only the most recent example of this nihilist mindset.

        Such a mindset, as you imply, will have no trouble sacrificing tens of millions of its own citizens to freezing or starving to death this coming winter to achieve their totalitarian fantasies.

        And to be fair at least some of them are up front about this:

        As Declan Hayes observes in a current piece at the Strategic Culture site:

        “This modern day Hitler in a dress is, in other words, prepared to let elderly Germans, who are already foraging for wood to replace Russian gas, freeze to death this winter if that is what it takes to keep Zelensky’s rump Kiev regime and his thriving property portfolio going. Baerbock, whose CIA inspired Green Party commands no more than 15% of the German vote, does not care what they or any other Germans think. If Uncle Sam wants his German colony to continue to fund Zelensky and like minded gangsters, so be it.”

        Still, only 61 days left until Bonfire Night.

    2. All these matters are complex. But these things are notorious:
      1/The war against the Russian speakers began in Kiev.
      2/ The Kiev backed militias which have terrorised the Donbas have no equivalent on the Russian side
      3/ The Kiev government banned the use of Russian, which is the language of the region and most of Ukraine.
      4/The Kiev government has empowered Nazis who regard slavs as an inferior trace to be turned into slaves, driven into exile or killed. The Odessa Trade Union House massacre is a good example of the work of these Nazis. The refusal of the Ukraine police or prosecutors to make any attempt to punish the perpetrators, who boast of their crime, clearly indicates state complicity in this appalling act of terror.
      You seem to misunderstand NATO’s role in this, which has been to arm and assist Ukraine in its war against those who, looking forward to the scheduled elections in 2014, refused to accept the constitutionality of the government installed-for all the world to hear-by the US Under Secretary of State.

      1. And so the rags have decided that truss, the dimmest of all the candidates – dimmer even than dummkppf-schmitt – is to become prime minister.

        PMQs against that wont just be an open goal for the bequiffed slimy former DPP… Every single one will be a fucking yawning chasm.

        …But he’ll still prove himself unable to hit the proverbial bull’s arse with a banjo.

        Also, he was on the news just now saying truss has to sort the breakdown of law & order** as a priority…

        **What breakdown of law & order? You think it’s bad now? It’s fuck all what it’s gonna be, soft shite.

        We know what’s coming; especially if the rags don’t do enough to help the poorest, fight the unions, and if there’s a cold snap

        . Keef wants to appear as the hard man, god bless him.

        He really doesn’t get that his shithousery will have exacerbated the problems faced by those who will have had far too much come the depths of winter.

        So when it comes, expect any toerag crackdowns on strikes and civil liberties to be welcomed by the rodent.

      2. America as never ending War mongers is built into their GDP calculation
        No mention of Victoria Nuland and her part in the War under Obama, Neo Cons R’uS have been part of every Administrations since 1980
        The EU was sold as the Honest Broker, beholden to neither side, shame they caved in at the first sound of gunfire
        Confirms the legitimacy of Labour Brexit to defend Jobs and Standards and implement the manifesto

      3. One or two of the torch carrying, Roma beating Democrats are regretting those wordy, picturesque, detailed tattoos. Never mind lads, you looked invincible and that’s what counts.

      4. The Ukraine flag is flying over a chicken farm in the Kherson region.
        Oh .. sorry its just been blown up. Still, it is the thought that counts hey MSM.

  16. …… Following on from Bazza’s comment above …..
    The “job” of right-wing Labour has always been to deliver the working class for capitalism.
    That’s why the Trilateral Commission sees Starmer’s trajectory to be the next Prime Minister so important.
    Our “job” is to educate and organise to raise the sights of the working class and to win the fight for socialism.
    That’s where the inspirational leadership of some of our current trade union leaders is so vital.
    As for Lammy’s appearance at Bildeberg and his delusional, puffed-up self-importance …. I hope he took that clown’s hat that Starmer was wearing so they could all have a good laugh at him.
    I’m certainly laughing !

  17. Joseph, your experiences may have led you to conclude that there is a consistent and equivalent side that you embrace that encompasses Ukraine, the UK and all other aspects of politics, domestic and global. If I equivocate on Ukraine it is in part because accounts from both sides are remote and difficult to verify (as I noted in relation to the disappeared post claiming Johnson scuppered the peace deal). I can with more certainty, because I live amongst it, attest to the callous abandonment of not only the working class but the middle class in the UK, sucked into fuel poverty, and am no less convinced of the coming calamity than you appear to be. If there is a side to take here then it is not one that corresponds with the political class’ offering of two variants of the same indifference, helpfully assigned red and blue to provide the illusion of choice.
    The binary that would reward us with a bout of socialism to leaven the period of attritional capitalism doesn’t to my mind move us away from structural inequalities and inefficiencies that are the hallmark of FPTP oscillation. Politics should, to paraphrase, be conducted by many voices, not a few and as such, there also lies my aversion to sides, that ossify into power blocks with considerable inertia and ever more invested in shoring up their edifices rather than being able or prepared to represent those who, ever more hopelessly, grant them their power.

    1. Sounds good, Tim, and it probably would be good had not the ruling class always taken a side (their own). We have three choices.
      1. Throw in our lot with them and try to pocket as much as we can.
      2. Take the side of our own class.
      3. Reject “the binary” and inadvertently take their side.

      As for “a bout of socialism”, look what happened after 2015 when there seemed to be a chance of some modest steps towards socialism. No. I’m sorry to say that it has always been, and continues to be, a fight.

  18. Tim white its way past my bedtime and I appreciate the explanation of your aversion to groups.But somthing comes to mind when dealing with the establishment enemy is the old saying that “we will hang together or hang apart..but you will most certainly hang” …thats the message I get from the establishment and all I hate about it..But whats without doubt is that as the majority we work together collectively and we are unstoppable….I have already two brothers put down like dogs by this government and I am quickly running out of brothers only 3left and two sisters and I do not want to see anymore killed just because they are now elderly and vulnerable after a full life working.for a good the end of their lives….is that too much to ask…good night and god bless comrades!

  19. Two Cheeks
    Hope your man is not relying on the same tame Polling companies who got the Tory leadership result wrong by 27 points

  20. Lammy swanned of on an undisclosed trip to Israel during July where visited Yad Vashem and met with Israeli Labour leader Merav Michaeli. He has a penchant for undemocratic right wing organisations it appears.

    1. Well done ✔Steve H…you are entering the enlightenment Zone”but don’t let it go to your head theres still a lot of work to be done before you are cured.Pleasant dreams .!

    2. True Steveh, I belive that he is a member of the Labour Party. Good to have you on bard, shipmate.

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