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Jewish members say Starmer’s pursuit of them ‘makes a mockery’ of claim to be making Labour safe for Jews

‘Increasing discrimination and harassment’ of left-wing Jews and ‘abuse of our Jewish identity’ condemned

Jewish Labour party members have made a public statement expressing their outrage at being pursued by the party on charges related to antisemitism – and accusing Keir Starmer of making a mockery of the party’s supposed commitment to creating a ‘safe space’ for Jews.

There are at least 35 recent or on-going investigations by the party targeting Jewish members on grounds related to antisemitism. At least 11 Jewish members have been suspended or expelled on such charges. Though many have been prevented from speaking publicly due to legal or professional constraints, the signatories to the statement below have agreed to go on the record due to the gravity of the situation and what looks like increasing discrimination and harassment of Jewish people on the left of the party.

‘Trumped up and politicised’

The group’s statement says:

We are appalled by the large and growing number of Jewish members of the Labour Party – including ourselves – who have recently been subject to disciplinary proceedings related to alleged antisemitism. This fact alone – over and above the trumped up and politicised nature of the charges – makes a mockery of Keir Starmer’s commitment to ensuring Labour is a safe space for Jews.

It is now abundantly clear that this commitment does not cover discrimination against Jewish socialists. On the contrary, Starmer’s abuse of our Jewish identity and his willingness to exploit antisemitism as a political football is shameful and harmful not only to freedom of expression, but also to the fight against real antisemitism and racism of all forms, both in and outside of the Labour Party.

Graham Bash
Jo Bird
Mike Cushman
Michael Ellman
Michael Howard
Moshe Machover
Diana Neslen
Jonathan Rosenhead
Glyn Secker
Stephen Solley
George Wilmers
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

The Labour Right’s tactic of hiding behind Jewish people to attack the left is cowardly and vile – and the abuse of left-wing Jews exposes it.

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  1. The hypocracy of the Starmeroid and his posse is shocking as is his dishonesty. It is a declaration of war against each and every socialist. We need to stand together. If we don’t, then the words of Pastor Niemöller will come to haunt us.

    1. Starmer & Co do not care about Jews or anyone else. Their sole mission is protecting and serving the richest one percent WORLDWIDE🔴

      1. HUNDREDS of Jewish people of faith and none published signed letters rebutting the lies. Some of the letters were even published in the Guardian. I’ve said before, not once have i heard a PUBLIC acknowledgement of the published support.

        NOT ONCE have i heard a dot of gratitude to all who put their heads WAY above the parapet to rebut the lies. Other than myself, i’ve never heard ANYONE from Jeremy’s team demolish the lies in any SUSTAINED COMMITTED WAY.

        Berger was dumped when she stood in Finchley / Hendon. That is obvious proof that the electorate were not persuaded by her claims or considered her allegations superior to PHYSICAL abuse by the state on black and brown people.

        Alas, we now reap the fruits of wanton white flag manic waving, sacrifice of those who defend us and every appeasement and craven desperation to be loved by bastards eg recommending Tom Watson for a peerage – FACT 🚨🚨🚨

      2. Dianne Abbot said Jeremy did everything to “love them” but “THEY did not love him back.” After 56 years in the party, who made Jeremy use ALL his political capital, ALL of his reputation and ALL of the last four and a half years as leader to love ONLY the few MEANINGFULLY by protecting bastards eg Tom Watson at conference, Ashworth after his ridiculing Jeremy with his Tory chum was aired all over MSM? Then Jeremy PROMPTLY turned up and spoke out to defend Ashworth as he did Watson.

        Hodge too was left to roam free. When the Alex Salmond got a vote to ‘prosecute’ in parliament the war criminal Blair, Jeremy and the entire shadow front-bench absented themselves. When i asked why, a union bigwig ish replied “if he was not there, he had something MORE IMPORTANT to do.”

        QUESTION – What could be more important for antiwar campaigners than to have an arch war criminal Tony Blair prosecuted❓❓❓

  2. So… if memory serves, antisemitism is always in the eye of the beholder…
    and questioning or challenging accusations of antisemitism is itself antisemitic…
    so… to make sure Labour is a safe space for Jews Starmer has to report himself, accept his guilt, accept the sentence of the NEC (guided by independent advice from the BoD, obviously), quit the party, quit politics and retire ignominiously from public life to spend more time with his family.
    I hear Jeremy has an allotment for sale.

  3. Yeah, right on. The man who would be ‘King of the Jews.’ CRUCIFY HIM!. Hmm. OK, that may be a tad over the top. Here’s a slightly more moderate way of dealing with this scourge (sticking with the theme here . . .) but just as effective if, that is, democracy in the Labour Party has not been completely and forever abandoned:

  4. Its NOT anti-Semitism they are being pursued on ,,,, but like the rest of us it’s ANTIZIONISM . If you even so much as bat an eyelid at the Zionists then you’re out !!
    When are we going to get to grips with the truth about this shitshow. It’s ruck all to do with AS and all to do with AntiZionism .This runt of a so called Labour Leader is a self confessed Zionist and that means if you’re not one of them then you’re screwed . Socialism and Zionism are NOT mutually compatible imo and they never will be

  5. Great another nice letter that the cult of new Labour will ignore, proberbly shred…

    When will all these socialists finally realise this Labour party they are so desperate to remain in has changed its ideology? It won’t ever be the Labour party any more all you have left is the Tory-lite cult.

    Until they see the truth and set up and campaign for a socialist party they are wasting there time, energy and money supporting a party that hates them!

    Now, who is the fool in that scenario?

    1. I agree DG. I left within a short time of Blair becoming PM, and never felt the urge to return until JC became leader. Though my family became members at that time, I held back because of the large number of Blairites in the PLP. One MP local to where I lived at the time took a safe local seat, but she had been down at Labour HQ for years, and was clearly a Blairite in tooth and claw, and was involved in the co-ordinated walkout against Corbyn’s leadership – as we all remember so was Starmer, and his rather nasty comments about JC.

      I simply didn’t feel that I could rejoin with the likes of Watson, Benn, Hodge, Eagle, Smith, Phillips and Starmer in the Party, nor with officers such as McNicol running things.

      Now all the members of my family who joined to support Corbyn have left (though as I demonstrated the other day, they are still regarded as members despite having resigned in writing, and stopped their DDs!).

      IMHO there really is no point in staying in a party that would use members money to fight against similar members. The Labour Party is gone. Kaput. A dead parrot.

      Better to put your political skills and money elsewhere.

      But that’s only my opinion.

  6. I noticed Michael Howard’s name on the list of signatories.
    Is it that Michael Howard or a different one?

  7. Jeremy underestimated the Zionist lobby and its utter viciousness, turning the other cheek to them means a stab in the back.
    Jeremy Corbyn has been granted permission to appeal against a ruling made by a High Court judge that statements he made could be held to be defamatory of the pro-Israel activist Richard Millett.
    The ex-Labour leader replied: “Well, it was not intended to be antisemitic in any way and I have no intention and have absolute opposition in every way to anti-Semitism
    After the judgment was handed down, Mr Millett’s lawyer, Mark Lewis, said: “The judge rejected the argument that Jeremy Corbyn was not referring to Richard Millett when he defended his ‘irony statement’ on the Andrew Marr programme. The case can now proceed to trial.”

  8. I was once given a lesson on “how to be a Catholic” by a Catholic convert.Over Zealous convert are nothing unusual,and quite common.The knight is a masorti conservative jew and proud of it.Unfortunately fo many jews he sees them has traitors because they have a tradition of socialism that he knows nothing about.My wifes grandmother and her friends in Brighton always supported the Labour party,like many Irish catholics did and still do.We are facing a problem for not only the Labour party,but the country if a over Zealous religious nutter gets into Downing street.What have the idiots who voted for him released onto the country and the Labour party.Alister Cambellend whats happened to the We dont do religion?

  9. Ps my wifes grandmother mrs Solomon was of course a jew ,but a none practicing jew who associated and socialsed mainly with her Jewish community in Brighton…but most of them knowing each other from the cockney east end of London.And Brighton became the home for many jews who left the East end at the finish of the second world war..Those people were very fond of Brighton,but of course many jews still support the Labour party but for how long with a nutcase Zionists like the knight?

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