‘Coffin’ hate-post toward Abbott – by right-wing LABOUR member?

Andy Bigham is a well-known poster to members of political discussion groups on Facebook. He posts anti-Labour comments and articles so frequently that members of non-Labour groups often assume he is a Tory.

Bigham – or an account in his name – has caused outrage and horror in equal measure among users of one group by a posting that appears to suggest putting Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott – the target of fully half the political hate-postings on social media – in a coffin and sealing the lid:

da ab box

The shock is compounded by the fact that – if the account is genuine – Mr Bigham appears to be a Labour member, as demonstrated by a photograph of his Labour conference pass posted to prove it:

bigham conf.png

Bigham has an intense dislike of Jeremy Corbyn dating back to the time of the first leadership election, as a comment he posted to the Dudley South Facebook page shows:


The account’s more current posts suggest little has changed in the attitude of the person behind it.

ab unite.png

A stream of posts against Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell follow as you scroll down the profile.

The West Midlands has been a bastion of right-wing Labour and has seen some of the most anti-democratic behaviour of an ‘old guard’ attempting to hold onto its power and influence.

Labour’s Dudley North MP, Ian Austin, condemned the comments as ‘obviously unacceptable’.


The media and right-wing politicians inside and outside the Labour Party are running a propaganda campaign to paint abuse as a phenomenon of the left, but curiously little evidence of actual comments is produced.

The horrific comment aimed at Diane Abbott illustrates that this issue is far more a feature of the right – sadly including some Labour members.

The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to reach Mr Bigham for comment. The Abbott post will be reported to the party and to police for investigation.

This article originally stated that Bigham had been selected as a candidate for Quarry Bank ward in Dudley, based on information from locals. However, this is not the case.

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  1. If Diane reads Squwakbox, and I hope she does, let’s make sure she hears it from all the party members who find this sort of comment insupportable. How she manages to stay so dignified and coherent in the face of this abuse is a tribute to her. Thank you Diane and I’m so sorry you are suffering this. I hope you can ignore it and know the majority of your fellows feel nothing but disgust for these vile postings.

  2. Should’ve done the off in September 2015 when he was ‘considering’.

    Instead he’s decided to stick around like a bad smell. Probly because no other party’d want the oaf.

    Some proper weirdos at all levels of W.Midlands Labour…Then again, it’s the same for us on the Wirral; we’re being served by weirdos . Most of whom – Margaret Greenwood aside – I sincerely hope are deselected VERY soon.

  3. Frequent poster on Labour sites, nasty always about Corbyn and anyone who supports him. Shocked he is standing as a councillor, is vehemently anti Islamic too.

  4. He and his equally rabid sidekick Deborah Lowe run two of their own groups that court anti labour bile.

  5. Under labour rules shouldn’t he be kicked out?
    All out politics had Richard Angell on putting the boot in again with his warped outlook to Labours gains.
    people like this are a stain too the Labour Party, good riddance I say.

  6. I hope he gets kicked out, can’t anyone look into hate crime thingy? In my book he is inciting violence.
    How did he get himself elected?????

  7. Why are we putting up with people like Andy Bigham in the Labour Party?

    He is a lowlife guttersnipe whose mission in life is clearly to damage the reputation and electability of the party.

    No other party would out up with this type of sabotage.

    It is time for this turncoat to be kicked out of the party. He has already broken enough rules to be expelled, why hasn’t McNicol already dealt with this person? He is quick enough to kick people out the party for posting comments about the Foo Fighters, why isn’t he expelling people like Bigham who undermine the party?

  8. Andy Bingham is admin of Labour Moderates – the distilled essence of sulking Bitterites mainly drawn from THE Labour Party Forum – counts amongst groups he likes Labour Friends of Israel and Dudley South Conservatives

    The tag line for Labour Moderates is “for people who are despairing over the direction of our party and want to engage in meaningful debate about the future and the direction in which we should take. Please refrain from personal insults at fellow members as this will not be tolerated.”


  10. It’s time that Bigend was put in a coffin and the lid firmly closed.

    And he can take his disgusting class-collaborationist politics with him!

    What a Blairite jerk!

  11. According to Dudley South Labour party Bigham has not been selected as a candidate for Quarry Bank, so you might want to check this and amend article accordingly.

  12. Andy Bigham is deplorable, disgusting and racist, probably misogynistic too. He should never be allowed anywhere near the Labour Party.

  13. I continue to say that there’s many Tories in the Labour Party, starting with the PLP and working down through the Party echelons and there have been for many years! There’s little difference between them and those who actually are in the Tory Party! As has been shown when the Blairite scum took over and presented themselves as a Labour Government rather than what they were and are, Tory Lite’! Get rid of them or nothing much will change! In fact, they will be among the first to betray all who support Comrade Corbyn and his few genuine allies!

  14. I hope Bigham is expelled from the labour party. And hopefully charged with racial hatred. He is a disgrace to Labour and humanity.

  15. Need to get Deborah Lowe investigated too ..some of the stuff she wrote about members of the armed forces is sickening Her and Bigham are not fit to be members of the Labour Party

  16. I find andy bighams comments disgusting he has been doing this on social media for a long time british politics, heart of british politics cross party politics. He teams up with tories David Giles and fake accounts Michael Walker and Chris Macfarlane well known tory trolls.

  17. Iain McNicol has thrown people out of the Labour party for an awful lot less than this so why is this narcissistic fool still a member of the Labour party and be allowed to stand for Cllr?

  18. Definitely not a fan of Bigham, but this is exaggerating and misrepresenting what he said here more than a bit. No threat implied in anything he said, nor any mention of coffins. Sounds more like he was saying “get her out of the shadow cabinet and don’t let her do any more interviews, because she’s terrible at them”

    1. Duncan if you had seen the original post with a picture of a coffin and Andy’s quote, then you would know exactly what he meant.

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