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Breaking video: SAGE scientist says more than 1 in 4 people tested in London is C19-positive. ‘Out of control’ would be 1 in TWENTY

“When a tsunami is coming towards you, ‘wait and see’ is not a wise policy… Tier 4 measures not going to be adequate” says leading government scientific adviser

Prof Stephen Reicher, a member of the government’s ‘SAGE’ scientific advisory group, has made a shocking revelation on Sky News this evening. Revealing a statistic that neither the government nor the media have previously disclosed, Reicher said that one in four Londoners tested for the coronavirus test positive for the virus.

And he added that, by World Health Organisation standards, any more than one in twenty is considered ‘out of control’:

Reicher damned Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer’s determination to keep schools open – which has lapsed only today after months of warnings from unions and scientists – when he said that:

When a tsunami is coming towards you, ‘wait and see’ is not a wise policy.

And he warned that the government has let things go so far out of control that merely extending Tier 4 restrictions across the whole of England, as Johnson is expected to do tonight, is not going to stop the growth of the current wave of infections.

Yet again, Boris Johnson’s inaction and arrogance are costing tens of thousands of needless deaths, while other countries look at the UK as the example of how not to respond.

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  1. Much worse to come as posted earlier. This still unfolding and intensifying tragedy is due to Starmer, Bliar and Mandelson undermining a Jeremy Corbyn Labour party. Bliar openly endorsed Johnson. This tragedy is of their making. The must never be forgiven🔴🔴🔴

    1. THEY must never be forgiven.
      Starmer acts and looks as Starmer is = a little shit in two thousand + pounds bespoke suits.

      Stitched & Sewn all the better to stitch & sew up Julian and Jeremy and anyone else likely to expose the system🔴🔴🔴

      1. The NHS is NOT coping. Very bad last year. Situation now is UNSUSTAINABLE for patients, staff and our country in general. We are all connected DESPITE Tory / Starmer mindset ⚠️⚠️⚠️
        All of this was predictable and was predicted🚨🚨🚨

    2. Johnson’s & Starmer’s apparatus all devour every line on . Shame they are both always WAY behind the curve🔴🔴🔴

  2. Don’t need to be a professor to understand that speed, decisiveness and thoroughness of action are essential in defending against plague – that’s been common knowledge for half a millennium.

    Fully aware of that history, Blojob can only be deliberately culling us and “achieving herd immunity” can only be a diversion.
    Going through the motions of protecting us while buying future patronage from the wealthy with pantomime contracts today DEMANDS revolution.

    In any intelligent society those fuckers’ rotting carcasses would have been floating down the Thames for weeks.

    1. It’s rather like May 1940 when a series of disasters overwhelmed Chamberlain to the point where he was shouted at by the Commons en masse, including Tories and he resigned. Couldn’t happen now of course for several reasons; they run a much tighter ship these days and the Virus has been a Godsend. Johnson’s trouble is he really doesn’t want to do it and is already talking about easing the rules In February. Chamberlain didn’t want war with Germany but an Agreement that kept Russia out of the picture. He foolishly gave an Ultimatum over Poland which sealed his fate because it required Hitler to grovel and the UK didn’t have anything to fight with for a country so far away. It was a fantasy like Johnson’s that all will be OK if we stick to the rules. The Coalition Government of 1940-45 is arguably the best we’ve ever had thanks to the heavy weight Labour Ministers and the sacking of Chamberlain’s and fascists like Hoare and Wilson. Few politicians have the brains of a Bevin. Imagine this Govt organising food rationing in a fair way!! The only heavy weight Labour Leader who is trusted and admired has unfortunately been expelled.

  3. Many people who only live in London where more than 1 in 4 people are infected returned to their families over the Christmas and New Year holidays, many travelling 100s of miles on public transport. It it any wonder therefore that the scientist predicts a tsunami of illness. I see Johnson has just announced a national lockdown – this should have happened before Christmas and we might have been spared the worst of the epidemic which is to come.

    1. It’ll have to go some, seeing that 2020 ended with average mortality for the time of year. Overall, mortality is like that of a moderate ‘flu year

      SAGE has been wrong at every turn – a weird selection of random second raters (Remember the last few Scary Fairy stories – like 4000 dead per day? Pure fiction)

      The two latest Scary Fairies are the Ninja Mutant virus and the total lack of understanding of the wild inaccuracy of PCR testing.

      Still – if you like wet knickers – carry on believing these made-up fantasies and bow down to fake remedies like masks and lockdowns that have absolutely no benefits and lots of harms.

      Starmer will be proud of the Tooting left falling into line and saluting.

      1. We all thought you’d died.
        Only reason nobody said anything wuz – we didn’t want to jinx Karma.

      2. Bad penney will be most annoyed, but good to have you back RH!

      3. I was wondering when you’d poke your head up over the parapet.

  4. RH has been resurected from the dead?..its looking like miracles can happen even on Skwawkbox…..Now could somone wave a wand and make SH disappear….or his he in the fire already?.. Welcome back RH weve missed your sermons !

  5. Not only do all roads lead to London, but so too do all trains & all flights. Amazing scenes on MSM just B4 Christmas of the crowds leaving Euston station on the day that the gov’t announced the discovery of a ‘new super transmittable ‘ virus. “Get the London look & die”.
    BBC now refer to the ‘new’ virus as the British virus, but it predominantly mutates in the south east of England. Why?

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