Latest four ‘Socialist Telly’ social media-only programmes reach more than 150,000 and climbing

The the lack of authentic working-class voices in the media led to the formation of Socialist Telly in late November to fill the void, broadcasting in live stream to Twitter and Facebook. The appetite for those voices has quickly been reflected in climbing audience numbers for the channel.

The latest four Socialist Telly programmes have seen joint viewing figures of more than 150,000 people – and still climbing, as more watch on catch-up.

The channel, which is available free, is broadcast to the Socialist Telly Twitter feed and Facebook page and to the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page. Its output includes current affairs, analysis by leading experts and political representatives on the latest key topics, political education and insights and working-class news – and further new, regular programmes will be added early in the new year and will be announced very soon.

SKWAWKBOX and Socialist Telly would like to thank everyone who has watched and supported so far and to wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2021. Please keep watching and spreading the word.

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  1. Congratulations and more power to your elbow. Onwards and upwards hopefully.

    Not to spoil things, there is another British working class voice on telly, regularly – that of cde George Galloway, arguably the greatest english-language orator alive today.

    I don’t agree with quite a lot of what George says, despite the fact that he paid my wages for some years in the 1980s, including during the 1984/5 miners’ strike, but there’s one thing he would never do – and that is to use the name of one of the greatest leaders of the international working class of the last two centuries as an insult to describe the lickspittles, placemen, Stepford Wives, flinching cowards and sneering traitors who run today’s British Labour Party.

    We’ll drink a cup of kindness here – Happy New Year Steve!

  2. Well done Socialist telly,but don’t get too popular in case they decide to cancel your licence.You should know better than to continually broadcast the shambolic failure of this alleged government and the tribute act.Happy New year from 2021 Cambodia

  3. Can I suggest massively more content would be good – maybe with some that’s just for entertainment and not overtly political?
    Enough that there’s always something on between certain times?
    Lots of people like humour, lots like animals – maybe some on Twitter with a following might let the channel show their content?
    I bet ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) would contribute, maybe Paul Bronks (@SlenderSherbet) too.
    I don’t know his politics but he seems like one of the good guys and his captions are brilliant.
    I bet some of you here know lots of talented content producers I’ve never even heard of.
    I don’t even know what’s possible or not possible on youtube and I might be way off on what content would work – someone who’s never even watched Gogglebox can’t be expected to know what normal non-weird people like.
    Love to see a show with Gavin Williamson over-dubbed as the sleazy uncle parents never leave alone with their kids.
    He’s halfway there already with that creepy voice of his.

  4. “Authentic working class voices”…………now there’s an interesting concept! Born in St.Pauls, Bristol, I passed some stupid exam when I was 10 years old & was one of 2 lads ‘chosen’ to go to grammar school. 6 ‘O’ Levels later & I was NOT invited into 6th Form (I upset the Christian Brothers). I worked as a labourer on M5 Motorway & @ Llanwern Steelworks B4 deciding to get some ‘A’ Levels; go to Art College, working on the theory that a life-time of hard manual labour would soon lead to an early grave. I became a lecturer & single dad, but am I ‘an authentic working class voice?’ Does having qualifications disqualify you? I still eat Sunday Dinner with family & support my childhood football team, but I no longer live in a working class area. My culture is still predominantly working class but the rest of my family call me posh, despite not having read a book for a couple of years!

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