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Video published accuses Labour of ‘witchhunt’ of four suspended Liverpool Wavertree members

Video features speech by Julie Lyon-Taylor

Four former officers of Liverpool Wavertree Labour party (CLP) remain suspended more than seven months after the party suspended them for the ‘crime’ of criticising their MP. The officers – Nina Houghton, secretary Kevin Bean, women’s officer Helen Dickson and BAME officer Hazuan Hashim – criticised Paula Barker’s comment that it was ‘deeply regrettable’ that former MP Luciana Berger had quit the party. Berger joined the infamous and now-defunct ‘Tinge’ party and subsequently stood unsuccessfully for the LibDems, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively predicted last year.

Now Audrey White, who was paid hefty damages by the Jewish Chronicle for a ‘litany of lies‘ the paper published about her in four separate articles, has posted a video of a speech by local pensioner Julie Lyon-Taylor and published by award-winning film-maker Phil Maxwell, the chair and secretary of Merseyside Pensioners’ Association, accusing the Labour party of a ‘witch-hunt’ against the four:

Ms White was already prominent in the Labour movement, having won a landmark battle against sexual harassment that was immortalised in Glenda Jackson and John Thaw’s 1987 film ‘Business as Usual‘, which won the Grand Prix at the 1988 International Women’s Film Festival.

Ms White said:

This witch-hunt has gone far enough. I was libelled, but the party has suspended me as well

Supporters of the group contend that their treatment by the party foreshadowed the current Stalinist purge of left-wing members by party leader Keir Starmer and his acting general secretary David Evans.

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  1. When Audrey White won her Libel Case, against The Jewish Chronicle, the story received 28 secs coverage, on the local news – BBC North West Tonight.

    No other MSM broadcast or newspaper published the story.

    This is the IPSO finding – against – The Jewish Chronicle and – in favour – of Audrey White :

    The, now, ex-MP concerned, still, makes irregular appearances as a ‘talking head’ on various MSM broadcast news programmes, as though her part in, the bankrupting of The Jewish Chronicle, never happened.


  2. I am sorry for these people. But can’t see why they are fighting so hard to remain in this cult of new Labour 2.0 that has walked away from socialism, claims it’s a left-wing party despite all evidence it’s only Tory-lite ideology now.

    So I ask why are you trying to remain when these morons hate the membership, have no interest in listing to the members, feel it’s okay to attacks, lie and BS about the members constantly. I know they think sadly that this party will change back it will not Labour of my parents day is dead.

    Until we have a socialist party to vote for I won’t be wasting my time, money and vote for a pale shadow of Labour, just because it’s using its name.

    1. Given that you’ve said this about thirty to forty times in the past two or three months DG, I think EVERYONE got your message – your opinion – long before now. The fact that you keep repeating it on an almost daily basis leads one to believe you have an agenda. And needless to say, Repetition is a black propaganda technique.

      Are you a black propagandist DG, because you certainly ‘act’ like one!

  3. Save your sympathy ‘Disabledgrandad’. A thousand people joined the LP in Wavertree, myself included, to be where a political movement was happening. I didn’t see much happening outside the LP.
    Many of us foresaw what was going to happen. We were around in the 80s where Liverpool was attacked for it’s fightback against the Tories, attacked by the LP, so no illusions. This time it’s National.
    I spose we could have sat on the sidelines shouting, like Harry Enfield, ‘nah, y’don’t wanna do it like that’, but we got in there and had a go. We won almost all the debates in the CLP.
    So of course, the toadies seeing the chance to get on the gravy train, closed down democracy, new self appointed chair and sec, closed down all means of CLP communication between members, and ripped up the rule book.
    The new MP, keen to curry favour, quickly stuck the boot into some of her best supporters because they questioned, through internal LP communication, her comments reinforcing the myth of the former MP being subjected to anti-Semitism by LP members. Two still suspended, two expelled.
    Funny tha’. I’ve not seen the new MP once in the 35 yrs anti-fascist work in Lpool, or on any TU demo until she wanted to be the MP. Bit like most of the new clrs actually. I’d sooner have a pint with a Tory than many of the abominations wearing LP badges. ( ‘We don’t want no stinkin’ badges’.) 🙂
    They do this as they know they could never win a proper debate, done from a weak position. If they could win with a good argument then they’d do so. Instead they use brute force, and destroying the LP in the process.
    Bullying of some members became a sport for the rt wing, most of the rt wing are creatures that pretended to be on the Left until they’d secured their positions, Phil Maxwell was targeted in particular.
    So now it’s easy. I doubt the LP in Wavertree will open up any soon, even after lockdown, as they despise democracy, and can’t abide being in a minority, showing extreme rt wing tendencies. Generally, people who have no belief in democracy are reviled aren’t they? If the Lib-Dems were in control the same creatures would be in that org.
    It’s easy because socialists in Wavertree have started producing and distributing thousands of good quality leaflets through letterboxes. The LP haven’t distributed a single leaflet in over 12 months. Best get the socialist alternative out there cmds, before the fascists fill the void pretending that they’re the saviours of working people.
    Better to pre-empt than chase; provide people with socialist arguments in order to build an understanding of how it works. The LP is unlikely to ever get elected again. Job done Sir Stormer, QC, the same fella who let Saville off I believe. And of course locally, the LP mired by corruption. Liverpool, European Capital of Corruption it seems.

    1. Which two were expelled? On what basis? What was the procedure? Is the local party suspended?

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