Video: teacher describes stress he and his teacher wife feel about dangerous classroom conditions. He spent Xmas preparing for online classes

Watch the full video here.

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  1. Fucking hell. .

    Moron AND the bint on GMB just now saying stammer ‘providing an AGGRESSIVE OPPOSITION’

    No, they really said it. I always said moron was only being ‘aggressive’ to the rags as a self promoting stunt.

  2. ‘The role of the opposition has to be to get things done’.says the gurning bint, in further deference to stammer.

    I f-ing despair.

  3. Dr. Mary Bousted, joint Gen Sec of the NEU, is ripping lumps out of the Tories on BBC News and on Twitter – and she’s doing it purely on the deficiencies of their policies, nothing to do with politics or principle.
    I saw no sign that she’s a friend of ours, which is all to the good.
    When their natural allies and non-politicals start excoriating them it’s getting serious.
    BBC News is broadcasting voxpops of parents and teachers – not one has so far defended the Tories – what’s shocking is that the BBC hasn’t cut them off.
    British Chambers of Commerce saying today gov’t support for businesses is “not enough.”
    Massively stressed and stretched nurses interviewed on BBC News, none yet blaming the government (on camera at least) for the staff shortages that must be massively exacerbating their problems – but they surely will go public on the BBC eventually.
    I think the Tories might be wise to keep their heads down for a bit until there’s some ACTUAL good news rather than just fingers crossed for the vaccine.

  4. BBC is silent on truck traffic at the ports today.
    I expect that must be because it’s all going so brilliantly – ‘nothing to see, nothing to report’, right?

    1. ‘nothing to see, nothing to report’, right?

      That was the MSM’s mantra regarding Assange, and that worked…I mean, just who wants to know about that when someone on strictly dancing breaks a fucking fingernail ffs…

  5. Is everyone looking forward to watching Keir’s televised statement this evening?

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will make a televised statement responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement of a new lockdown for England at 7pm on BBC1.

  6. No

    I’ll be busy buying shares in kleenex; it’s a dead cert you’re gonna make that little investment pay massive dividends.

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