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Starmer’s war on the left escalates still further as officers of at least SIX more CLPs suspended

Human right to freedom of speech well and truly trashed by Labour

Grotesque: Keir Starmer’s ‘leadership’

At least six more constituency Labour parties (CLPs) have seen their elected officers suspended for respecting members’ right to freedom of speech as Keir Starmer’s assault on party democracy intensifies.

The chair and secretary (along with other officers in some cases) of each of the CLPs have been suspended in the last couple of days, after members voted either for the Labour whip to be restored to former leader Jeremy Corbyn or for a motion of no confidence in Starmer or his sidekick David Evans. The CLPs will not be named, to protect the abused individuals, but the regions in question are:

  • West Yorkhire x2
  • Wales
  • London
  • East Midlands
  • North-West
  • South-West

The suspensions come in spite of Starmer’s promise to enact the full EHRC report, even though that report explicitly refers to the legally-protected right to comment on the issues. The chair of South Thanet CLP was also suspended this week for allowing a vote on a motion proposed, seconded and supported by Jewish members and has gone public with his situation.

Stalinism – or Starmlinism, charcterised by its weakness, pettiness and cowardice – continues rampant in the Labour machine. The IainDuncanSmiths captured it perfectly (language warning!):

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  1. Control of the party was handed to Starmer & Co. He was allowed to deceive his way to the leadership. Starmer is doing as the Right Wing has always done.
    Starmer and the Right have always served the 1%🔴 The Right Wing have never appeased the “Left” 🔴 The “Left” has ALWAYS done “everything THEY asked” as John McDonell whined🔴

    1. Andrew Feinstein’s action is doing the necessary. Thanks🔴

      1. Starmer was allowed to deceive the membership. Starmer, Blair, Twatson, Hodge, Ashworth, Jessica Phillips got ABUNDANT and SUSTAINED ‘kindness and gentleness’. Chris Williamson, Mark Wordsworth, Jackie Smith, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and THOUSANDS of members got none. They got NO support. NO comradely defence. NO ‘kindness and gentleness’. They were let down and betrayed.

        FACT – Starmer did not hit anyone over the head in order to deceive the membership. He was allowed to deceive and no lessons have been learnt🔴

    2. Signpost, in his haste to appease Brexiters who blamed Leavers and confirmatory vote supporters for Labour’s poor show in 2019, Corbyn resigned far too quickly. It was obvious then and even more obvious now, with Chris Williamson gone, there was no suitable left candidate to replace him. It could be said that a certain section of the Left has brought about this right wing takeover of the Party.

      1. Jack T, 1️⃣ Read my posts, screamed down by WFM. I said Jeremy should not stand down. When Covid-19 struck i urged he should stay because of the circumstances. We had no alternative leaders.
        2️⃣ If u refuse to study the election result map or refuse to admit what it shows as the Right Wing pretend, then that is your choice.
        3️⃣ If u think i would appease Brexiteers , or anyone, again it is your choice.

        Others though should read the history of our EU deeper and deeper entanglement. At each knot and tightening pull, it was a TORY PM who brought the ropes. FACTS
        It was Thatcher who was a major architect of the ‘Common Market’ 📕

        Certainly against entanglement, was Clement Atlee. He maintained his position. If u care u may read his last publicly available quotes. He also predicted that EU membership would decimate our industrial heartlands. He was more on point with his prediction than perhaps even he thought. Industry decimated. Heartland votes decimated📕

        Another notable against TORY EU actions was Tony Benn. And of course Jeremy Corbyn. You MAY do well to study Jeremy’s, Benn’s, Atlee’s voting record and views on the EU and “Ever closer union”. Again it’s your choice. BUT if you prefer to believe that tax evasion, Tory trough ing, Hedge Fund asset stripping, Philip Green, SERCO, CARILLON, G4S, the revolving door of our politicians to merchant banks and other bandits OVER MANY DECADES while v much IN the status quo EU has been prevented by the EU, then that’s your choice. Though i’ve missed your commentary on any of the above BASICS.

        Another thing, putting aside the internal TORY quarrel re EU membership, ALL Tory PM’s including Bliar have ALWAYS used the EU as a whipping boy re their own failures. Yet for political reasons Cameron granted the ref to quell that Tory quarrel. Out of touch, he expected the argument will be ended once and for all. NOTE a vast proportion of the TORY MPs were desperate Remainers like you. THERESA MAY cried i think. Johnson looked shell shocked. I posted here that he is as Europhile as they come. As ALL his family. If that is not a clue for u then again it’s your choice.

        ALL the status quo merchants pushed remain and confirmatory vote etc. Blair, Mandelson, Ummunma, Soubrey, Berger, Starmer, Thornberry, Rayner, Nandy, Coyle, Ashworth, Owen Smith, Phillips 1 & 2, Campbell… ALL of them. If those are not MORE hints to you then nothing is. “Stephen Fry” may please you. He believes the people were lied to like you. Somehow you and he and all the names above saw through the lies but the people in the heartlands couldn’t. For umpteen decades neither did Jeremy, Benn, Atlee nor anyone else who take a different view to you. We are all racist and stupid.

        Oh! within hours of the vote to leave Jeremy promptly said TRIGGER Article 50 or 55 or whichever it was!!! He was right again. The failure to do as he said, gave our capital back to the EU. Jeremy never repeated that good clear advice. Maybe McDonnell etc told him not to appease those who voted as he always voted. Read his voting record📕 What was a Tory noose, became his. He took the noose and scaffold and blindfold from SIR Starmer.

        Enjoy studying Stephen Fry. Keep busy with what Fry offers re basic political history . . . best Best BEST luck

      2. Signpost, it wasn’t the ”Common Market’ it was the EU, a completely different animal, please don’t live in the past. I’ve still not heard one good reason why we should have left.

      3. Jack T – ” please don’t live in the past.” EXACTLY. The Ref took place years ago. No one has to give u any “reason why we should have left” or shouldn’t “have left”.
        My priority is to rebut the SH’s Right’s lies that Johnson got our victory because Jeremy was a-S or that our manifesto was too “Left”🔴

        RIGHT NOW the 1% eg SERCO are exploiting the planet and its people EVERYWHERE. The many have been exploited THROUGHOUT EU membership to date. Blair and other Tories have bombed MILLIONS throughout. As part of the status quo many, including the Palestinians, have been murdered and millions made destitute. Arms dealers have flourished. Google, Starbucks etc ALL use the EU eg Southern Ireland as part of their parasitic web to v little tax. Animals eg MINK are farmed and suffer a painful death by gassing in the EU TODAY. U made your decision. Others made theirs. Votes are of equal value. As u say “please don’t live in the past.”

  2. The Starmzy video would be funny if it wasn’t so pitifully true. The man is a walking disaster for Labour.

    1. lundiel u r spot on. I sense minimum action then wait and see. Creep and scamper like little mice.
      ps the Welfare Association’s Annual Review 2019-20 came yesterday.
      The map shows Palestinian “Territories occupied by Israel in June 1967”.
      “2.4 MILLION people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection in 2020” according to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

      From at least 1967 to date, a much talked about tragedy grows more tragic every year. And yet when we had the best opportunity to initiate change there, HERE at HOME and elsewhere, something else was prioritised above that. The FACTS speak for themselves. I see little evidence that they will not be repeated🔴

      1. ps re Humanitarian and Development Projects for Palestine.
        70% of 2.1 million in Gaza alone are children and women in destitution. 50% are under 18 years. This dreadful situation is not new. Yet something else was prioritised over all those decades. Something blocked the minds of well-meaning people. Something hid the idea of ‘let’s try something different’⚪️⚪️⚪️

    2. This is an excellent suggestion lundiel – CLP after CLP failing to get motions of confidence in Starmer and Evans carried is as good as passing motions of no confidence

  3. It could only happen in the Labour Party.
    A man who has never been active in politics, has never voiced a political opinion in his life, who was elected as an MP only 5 years ago is now leader of the British Labour Party. It is remarkable when you think about it. He is the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and yet nobody knows what he stands for.
    Thats funny but the really funny thing is, his predecessor: he was elected by default. He didnt have the support to stand, but the other candidates felt sorry for him and so they bent the rules to allow him to stand and he went on to win. Priceless.
    You could not make it up. One day someone will write a book about it and take it to a publisher. I can hear it now, ”No, that didnt happen, it cant be true”.

    1. Richard,
      Quite a lot was known about Keith Stalin, such as the fact whilst in his early 20’s he espoused some very radical Leftist opinion, alas, having studied at Oxford and then being called to the Bar this weak kneed soul was coopted into the UK Establishment to do the bidding of US imperialism. Ed Miliband bent all Party Rules to get the blighter into Parliament in 2015, since when he’s been a walking disaster-zone for the UK working class. In a nutshell, he’s a CLASS TRAITOR & ESTABLISHMENT STOOGE.

      1. christopher rogers18/12/2020 AT 2:54 PM,
        I am afraid I am a bit more cynical than you. Whatever Keir Starmer espoused in the 80s needs, I would caution, to be taken with a large pinch, it is not necessarily what he believed in.
        A good CV starts early. When one is in ones 20s who knows where one might be in 40 years time?
        I shouldnt be too cynical, lets be honest all politicians are the same. But I think its fair to say the most unprincipled shysters are the privately educated characters that jump on the Labour Party as their preferred mode of transport. North London has produced quite a number over the years.
        At least Jacob Reese Mogg and Boris Johnson are honest about their upbringing.
        Its going to be interesting, it always is, Keir Starmer will eventually have to come up with some policies of his own. Its not enough to keep repeating ‘Boris you are rubbish’.
        However, I have postulated a scenario for some time now that may play out in 2021. If Brexit is a proper train crash, as in head on, then Johnson will be gone and I can see the Tories turning to Starmer for help. The Tories are not scared of the Labour Party but they are wary of him. The contrast between Boris and Starmer is stark..
        PS. “CLASS TRAITOR & ESTABLISHMENT STOOGE.”. Starmer will love that.

      2. SH it was diff to reply to your drivel re my spotlight on £40+ k salary increase to Cummings £99k salary just b4 he ‘walked out of #10’. U boasted – your Keith raised it. Proof your lot trawl through every line, word and comma of . You quoted him quoting my words almost exactly. I listened to the audio and detected v much my words and emphasis.

        NOW, u attempt to distract from dick mckinn’s sleeper agent role with ridicule. NB Jack T’s ref “i see no ships” went TOTALLY above your head. Also when i said “you are Legion”, u took it as a compliment. That prompted me to check, for my many typos or IT interventions struck. Maybe the SH thinks Legion was legend. But no typo. Not a compliment. Who’s the ignoramus then???

        NB Legion was honest enough to say what they were, begged for mercy, ie a new ‘home’. Legion was sent into a herd of pigs. The pigs then rushed over a cliff and plunged to their deaths. The people asked the one who sent Legion into the pigs, to leave their town… because they were afraid ( i think ).

        There’s nothing new under the sun. Legion had long caused much distress in the town amongst many. But CHANGE … dramatic change, was too much for the people. It seems since we are creatures of habit, even long running familiar distress seems safer than change 🟡

      3. windchimes – I gave his and your posts the respect I thought they deserved.
        I’m sure that someone out there found your post enlightening

      4. windchimes – Is endlessly bleating the same phrase your fail-safe refuge of last resort?

    2. It’s not at all remarkable. Layla Moran (who?) was nearly leader of the libtards after only a couple of years. We live in a managed democracy’ where business practice is applied to politics, it’s all about shaping perception. It won’t be long before we only have celebrities as leaders, Johnson and Trump are examples. Corbyn however, was the real deal, a mistake never to be repeated.

    3. It’s almost as if it’s all been engineered by backroom experts who thoroughly understand how to manipulate anybody, anything & everything that’s left.

      1. @SteveH: You could be right. It is beginning to sound like a consprracy. Well spotted.

    4. Richard mackinnon, , our poster with a Young Tory 5th former’s highly selective ‘understanding’ of history, yet again totally misrepresenting the reasons for the election as Leader of both Starmer and Corbyn. First – the strange case of the Corbyn win in 2015. Jeremy Corbyn had been a highly principled Left Winger in the always totally Right-dominated PLP and omnipresent in the innumerable Left campaigns in the UK, and elsewhere, for over 40 years. When Jeremy wangled his way onto the ballot for Leader in 2015, (with the patronising help of some PLP Right wingers – who fully expected Jeremy to get a laughably low vote) with the Socialist Campaign Group also not expecting Jeremy to get anything but a derisory vote,- as usual — right across Europe a huge (temporary) Left Surge was underway – on the back of the austerity following the global 2008 financial Crash. In most of Europe this Left Surge produce entirely new parties , outside the mainstream, eg, Podemos, Die Linke, Syriza. In the UK our FPTP electoral system led to this Left Wave emerging in the , by 2015, totally corrupted, with only 180,000 members, filled with parachuted-in careerist MPs, Labour Party – and the totally flukey election of Jeremy Corbyn – and a directly related trippling of the membership. Given the traditional craven cowardice of the PLP Left , and the absolute determination of the corrupt Labour Right to not allow Labour to divert from its established Blairite path to being a UK version of the US Democrat, the Labour Right and MSM allies systematically undermined, sabotaged, smeared and destroyed the ‘Corbyn Leadership’ – with NO resistance from the PLP Left – and eventually the active ASSISTANCE of the Labour, Momentumite, Left membership in 2019 – in adopting the suicidal 2nd Ref and Remain policy !

      And then we have that pompous block of wooden insincerity, Sir Keir Starmer , long, long, past his brief youthful ‘Trot’ phase (more than likely a cynical career move to get into a Left-leaning Barrister’s Chambers – not easy for a working class boy ) . Starmer , as DPP , had proven his absolute loyalty to the Deep UK state, and globalised capitalism generally – (and parachuted into a safe Labour Seat in 2015, as per the usual Mandelson policy ) was the sole member of the entire UK Parliament invited in 2018 to join the capitalist political and business elite’s globalist Trilateral Commission in 2018 – alongside such mass murders as Henry (bomber of N. Vietnam and Chile Coup organiser) Kissinger – and taking the place of that other capitalist system creature, who had been unsuccessfully set up after the fall of Gordon Brown to be Labour Leader – (but was beaten by his pathetic brother, Ed) , David Miliband. The adoption of Starmer by the Trilateral Commission, was the guarantee that the entire MSM, and indeed the Labour Right, would fall in behind Starmer as new Leader, once four years of sabotage had destroyed the Corbyn Leadership – and Labour’s 2019 Election prospects. The really pathetic feature of Starmer’s victory is the utter gullibility of so many ex-Corbynites in believing Starmer’s ’10 bogus Pledges’, and buying into his deliberately divisive policy of EU-worship previously.

      All this sad recent history proves, for the umpteenth time, is that the status-quo supporting , Right dominated, corrupt, Labour Party, can NEVER EVER function as a radical Left Party of even mildly socialist transformation – yet the PLP ‘Left’ and hundreds of thousands of Left Leaning mainly Left Liberal – not socialist, individuals always fail to learn the lessons of the entire history of the Party – and keep on wasting their time inside Labour – mainly helping elect more careerist, corrupt, neoliberalism-supporting Labour MPs and councilors. Tragic indeed – but not at all inexplicable to anyone with any historical knowledge at all, macKinnon.

    5. Richard, he’s a member of the Trilateral Commission. If that doesn’t tell anybody what he stands for and what he’s about then I don’t know what does. He never hid that fact during the time he stood for the Leadership, and I with many other Labour members warned what would happen if he was elected. What’s happening now is no surprise to me and I warned about it before the leadership election. What surprised me was the degree of his victory, and indeed the fact that Luke Akehurst got elected to the NEC when no CLP would touch him. Maybe it was a fix, but whatever it was the Labour Party has been taken over 100% by the Apartheid State of Israel and is now dead to the thousands of British Democratic socialists.

      1. baz200118/12/2020 AT 4:19 PM,
        This is cut and pasted from Trilateral Commission website;
        “Trilateral Commission, organization of private citizens founded in 1973 principally by American banker David Rockefeller to confront challenges posed by the growing interdependence of the United States and its principal allies (Canada, Japan, and the countries of western Europe) and to encourage greater cooperation between them”.
        It is a positive statement. Bland even. Where is it objectionable?

      2. Are you being purposely stupid? And do you always base your reasoning on press releases and marketing? Here is a balanced assessment:
        Does this ring any bells? Like using proxy’s for instance? “As Kissinger has explained, other powers have only “regional interests” while the United States must be “concerned more with the overall framework of order than with the management of every regional enterprise.” If a popular movement in the Arabian peninsula is to be crushed, better to dispatch US-supplied Iranian forces, as in Dhofar. If passage for American nuclear submarines must be guaranteed in Southeast Asian waters, then the task of crushing the independence movement in the former Portuguese colony of East Timor should be entrusted to the Indonesian army rather than an American expeditionary force. The massacre of over 60,000 people in a single year will arouse no irrational passions at home and American resources will not be drained, as in Vietnam. If a Katangese secessionist movement is to be suppressed in Zaire (a movement that may have Angolan support in response to the American-backed intervention in Angola from Zaire, as the former CIA station chief in Angola has recently revealed in his letter of resignation), then the task should be assigned to Moroccan satellites forces and to the French, with the US discreetly in the background. If there is a danger of socialism in southern Europe, the German proconsulate can exercise its “regional interests.” But the Board of Directors will sit in Washington.”
        Or this: “The report argues that what is needed in the industrial democracies “is a greater degree of moderation in democracy” to overcome the “excess of democracy” of the past decade. “The effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy and noninvolvement on the part of some individuals and groups.”
        “A decline in the governability of democracy at home means a decline in the influence of democracy abroad.”
        They are a bunch of very powerful extremists, the real deep state.

    6. My Labour Party that I refuse to leave………sometimes I wonder about my sanity. All 3 Leadership Candidates openly accept demands made by a religious body & a definition of anti-Semitism endorsed by Donald Trump & Mike Pompeo. Any criticism of Israel is by definition anti-Semitic, therefore rampant in the Labour Party & any prominent Socialists expelled. All suspensions made in secret & as no individual’s identity can be known aka confidentiality; who can never know the specifics of any accusations. I could go on, but I’m feeling depressed ………I walked away B4 when Bliar became leader & I’m starting to lose the feeling of “Peace on Earth; Goodwill to All Men”. There are too many exceptions to this too close to home.

      I wish you all Love & Peace @ Christmas, but most of all I wish you Justice. because without it, there will not & should not be Peace on Earth..

      1. We should all be grateful’ that Jennie Formby created such universally admired and respected disciplinary process. Where would we be now without this career defining legacy.

      2. Steve Richards – “All 3 Leadership Candidates openly accept demands made by a religious body & a definition of anti-Semitism endorsed by Donald Trump & Mike Pompeo”

        Disgusted by their blind accepting of racist demands DESIGNED to paralyse them, i suggested a firm clear fight back. Suggested we only support those who accept our own “Left”demands. That was shouted down by the usual passive foot mats. Oddly they spring to life to shout down any suggestion to act. Their passivity disappears to passionately and aggressively insist “‘THEY would never ALLOW ” x, y or z. The very dead spring to life only to scream that we should all remain like passive doormats for the Right Wing. Very odd that. Very odd🚨🚨🚨

      3. windchime – “Suggested we only support those who accept our own “Left”demands.”
        Who should ‘the left’ have supported?

      4. SH, Yes. Those who agreed to our demands. SADLY the “Left” control hogs shrieked like WFM. SHRIEKED we should not make serious demands… “they would not accept that” etc etc The control hogs have been there for decades and had no suggestions like WFM what we should do. When i pressed for suggestions, the shriekers came up with ONE … 1 hackneyed tired “demand” which has always been used. Even Tories always promise that. Won’t say as WFM will hunt me down and put me in his strangle hold😂
        And you SH will tell your controllers where to find me😂

        So regrettably no “Left” demands were put forward. I did not runaway as i’m outnumbered AND comparatively new. All that remained were the least worst options RLB and Burgon. Your Keith pulled through on second prefs. Now he does exactly as expected. Here’s a sad prediction SH, which will warm your emptiness where the rest of us have a heart and a conscience to know “Left” from wrong. Come May, lots of people complain about your Keith, will be out tramping the streets to enable his allies … your allies. Come an election,
        🥀 🏳️ 🌀🥀🏳️ 🌀🏳️🥀
        IMMUNE to FACTS and ALLERGIC to change and self-respect they will once again consider anything with a red rosette as worth of their support 🚨🚨🚨

      5. windchimes – “Your Keith pulled through on second prefs. “
        Keir won the leadership election with an overall majority in the first round. (just like JC did). However I do wish that they had also published the second preference votes so that we could see the complete picture.
        If you can’t even get the something as simple and clear-cut as the election results right what level of trust should we put in anything else that you assert.

      6. SH “Your Keith pulled through on second prefs. “ IN MY CLP🛑 U understood that quite well but like your WFM FRAUDS u deliberately twist and lie. U r a liar like your Keith. U do as is your nature. U & your Keith Starmer are no surprise to me nor disappointments. YOUR LOT do EXACTLY as expected. Yet with u and your accomplices on tap here and everywhere, the “Left” controlling hogs are distracting themselves. Their only act is like WFM and u is to suffocate change.

        How could u defend and work for someone like Keith who supports liars who try to portray Jeremy as A/S⁉️⁉️⁉️ Suspends Jeremy then withdraws the whip⁉️⁉️⁉️
        How SH? It is clear. Because u SteveH / davidh / RH / AH or whoever u are, are disgusting repellant liars like your Keith.

      7. windchime – Who cares how your individual CLP voted, the clear and unambiguous result of the actual election is what counts.
        However since you brought up the subject of CLP nominations it is worth noting that even if the election had been decided on just the CLP nominations alone then Keir would still have won with an overall majority in the first round.

        CLP Nominations
        Rebecca Long Bailey – 163 – 25.5%
        Lisa Nandy – 72 – 11.3%
        Keir Starmer – 373 – 58.4% (incl JC’s own CLP)
        Emily Thornberry – 31 – 4.8%

      8. correction – If you can’t even get the something as simple and clear-cut as the election results right

  4. A bit off topic but a good answer to all those cretins promoting private healthcare, public/private healthcare 27 million people in America have lost their healthcare insurance during the pandemic. You know insurance makes no sense.

    1. Even with health insurance many of them are still made bankrupt because the insurance won’t cover their medical bills.

  5. Human Rights. The Labour party are an unincorporated Association.
    The provisions of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR) are not applicable to domestic disciplinary tribunals established by unincorporated associations because such associations are not public authorities under s.6(1) of the 1998 Act. However, as the courts are public authorities under the definition in s.6(3) of the 1998 Act then a court in hearing a case relating to the proceedings of any domestic disciplinary tribunal it is bound to give effect to the convention rights of the parties as far as its own proceedings are concerned.
    For more on Labour party rulebook read this.
    A Legal Look at the Labour Party Rule Book
    A Critique of the Disciplinary Rules of the Labour Party by
    Duncan Shipley Dalton LL.B(Hons) LL.M CPLS MPA (Harvard) Barrister-at-Law Labour member Southampton Itchen CLP

  6. Officers in six or seven CLPs have been suspended in the last few days. What of all the others? Can research be done to see if these CLPs are targeted in some way – left-wing perhaps?

  7. And so the Starmer Party continues it’s journey to full blown ( fly blown ! ) Zionist Party .

    All going according to plan , all destruction and disunity worth it . 6 months from now the ex Labour party will be unrecognisable as anything other than a bulwark defender of the State of Israel and all Zionists .

    Still at least our CLP has taken precautions and has contingency plans in place to support our membership . I hope others follow suit and stop recognising these xunts as the leadership,,,, they are nothing other than Zionist protagonists , they NEVER were and never will be a Leadership of Labour ,,,the weasel is a deceitful imposter squatting in Corbyns Chair .

  8. When over 200 of what I presume must be about 650 CLPs (one for each MP, or PPC) defy the acting general secretary, shouldn’t that be seen as a crisis, an ‘I’m Spartacus!’ moment?

    My CLP chair, and secretary, are bending over backwards to accommodate Evans, despite already announcing that they are resigning from their roles before May. They could have gone out with a bang, but prefer a whimper, if that. It’s not even possible to call for a vote of no confidence in them, because the membership are so disaffected that a quorum can’t be achieved at Zoom meetings.

    What do ‘Labour party rules’ say about a situation like this?

  9. The Starmer/Stalin axis marches (or rather goose-steps) on. It’s becoming quite a story, though one that strangely doesn’t seem to receive any comment anywhere in the media. I have to say that I’m surprised the good old Guardian hasn’t picked up on it, our trusty defender of essential liberties such as free speech . . . and ‘left-leaning’ after all! I mean, look how the paper has got behind Julian Assange.

    Oh. Maybe not then . . .

  10. Free speech is alive and well in the Labour party, well it is for some. Look at Margaret Hodge she called Jeremy Corbyn to his face in the company of other MP.s “You’re a fucking anti-Semite and a racist” the whole nation learnt of this immediately and an investigation was started by Jenny Formby. What became of the investigation, why it was stopped on the lie that Hodge had apologized to the Chief whip. This letter to the Chief Executive from Hodge lawyers Mishcon de Reya LLP exposes Labour party lies.
    “We also note that media reports have suggested that our client has sent the Chief Whip a letter confirming her expression of regret. This is false and raises yet further concerns that you continue to brief the media in different [and false] terms to those set out to our client. Our client has not sent any letter to the opposition chief Whip expressing her regret or otherwise, if it is you that is peddling this narrative, then please produce the letter on which you rely. You cannot as there is no such letter, and no such expression of regret” ….. continued
    On the other hand criticize a state that commits grave war crimes [settlement enterprise] every day and you will be torn out from your roots and flung out the party.

  11. Solidarity with Joseph Ashton, Sheffield Hallam CLP Vice-Chair, who was suspended today. Joe is the third Officer in Hallam CLP to now be suspended from the CLP for protecting the rights of Labour Party members to participate in political debate as Labour Party members.
    (Joe is the third member of the Sheffield Labour Left Steering Committee to be suspended, joining Lee Rock and Joe Simpson)

  12. My comment was in response to Signpost not Windchime’s early post about the Left havingcalways appeased the tories within. We need to stop it once and for all.

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