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Exclusive: Labour resorts to blatant ‘wrong type of Jew’ antisemitism as it bans CLPs from taking JVL training

Local Labour groups forced to cancel training sessions with left-wing Jewish group

The Labour party has decided to treat left-wing Jews as pariahs and has already ordered a number of local party groups (CLPs) to cancel training sessions they had arranged with Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), the party’s main organisation for Jews that does not require support for Zionism.

Labour’s war on its left-wing Jewish members – believed to be more numerous than the right-wing Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), although numbers are hard to identify with certainty because JLM allows non-Jewish members as long as they are committed to supporting Israel – has been going on since the start of the last leadership contest, with Keir Starmer and others promising to implement the Board of Deputies’ demand that Labour should not engage with what the BoD considers ‘fringe’ Jews.

That war has manifested recently in the suspension of Jewish members and officers for allowing votes on motions in support of Jeremy Corbyn – even when the motion has been proposed, seconded and supported by Jewish members.

But now the discrimination has become overt, with CLPs ordered to cancel training sessions with JVL, who apparently are ‘the wrong type of Jew’.

Labour has become antisemitic under Keir Starmer, with Starmer making none of the attempts to accommodate the left that his predecessor tried to reach with the right, as well as routinely breaching the EHRC report conclusions that both Starmer and acting general secretary committed to implementing in full.

But as long as the victims are only left-wing Jews and their allies, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media and the Labour right will remain silent.

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  1. The party has become an absolute fucking disgrace. Each new revelation just confirms that these are not my values. If Captain Tumbleweed thinks he’s going to win back Red Wall voters like this, he’s utterly deluded. Once the Tories replace Johnson with either Sunak or Hunt, Tumbleweed doesn’t stand a chance. Frankly I think he’ll win fewer seats than the last election. Didn’t the Blessed St Tony assure everyone that a “centrist” (ie right wing) Labour Leader would be 20 points ahead of the Tories…? That worked out well then.

    1. Much as I detest *unt I think he might give Starmite a bigger kicking than Sunak would.
      Tory toffs call it “bottom” – neither has much but Sunak’s a lightweight compared to almost anyone – being OK at sums isn’t like real politics.

    2. Mike, over on Vox Political, ran an article yesterday on Labour’s intention to align with Tory economic policy in a forthcoming speech by Dodds (her picture reminded me of one of those characters in the Cluedo board game!):

      Apart from the fact that austerity as an economic theory is complete madness (as Mark Blyth’s book on the subject, Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, explains in some detail), why would people vote for a replica of the Tories when they can have the real thing, particularly once Johnson is replaced by someone supposedly more competent?

      1. It’s all part of the ‘look we’ve dumped Socialism and become fiscally prudent’ plan, aimed at marginals not the red wall. They’ve got Union Jacks and patriotism for the working class.

    3. Zionists in the Labour Party, be they Jewish or otherwise, whose main aim is to protect the racist State of Israel, have had their own way for such a long time that when Corbyn became Leader of the LP they went into overdrive to denigrate him and anyone else who had the nerve to raise criticisms of Israel. The JVL has been in their sights because it speaks out against the evils of Zionism. Now, because the LP has Starmer a Zionist Leader, all alternative Jewish views are being crushed. The irony is that the LP under Starmer really has become an antiSemitic Party.

    4. They know what they’re doing. One could be forgiveñ for thinking that it was planned.

  2. Yup; unelectable. So little point putting any effort into that as you may give them some credibility. Better campaigning for socialism I think, explaining that there’s an alternative. It’s why hundreds of thousands joined the LP under JC.

  3. I have voted Labour and only Labour since 01/05/97 age 20. Never again until a change of direction AND leadership. Disgraceful treatment.
    I hope Chris Williamson starts a new party.
    He deserves our full support after the way he’s been treated.

  4. I am beginning to think that we are getting a bit of sectarian dislike creeping into Jewish convert Sir keir Starmers methods of running the Labour party.We saw in the old conservative party in the dislike of Catholics irish mostly,but a general dislike of English Catholicism as well.Now Starmer a Zealot is dragging the Labour party into waring factions much like the christian faction fighting from the past..ITs all getting a little complicated with the message that “we don’t do religion” seemingly ignored by this conservative Jewish convert Sir keir starmer.So he doesn’t like socialist thinking,and he doesn’t like certain types of Jews,.He doesn’t have any particular Labour party beliefs and he doesn’t mix very well socially with anyone inside the Labour party.What and how did this Cuckoo ever end up in the nest.I spent a good part of my life in and around the Labour party in East Surrey ,Reigate and Oxted and we had never heard of him or his family including his mother who supposedly was a nurse at East Surrey hospital..He was known by a couple of my lawyer friends who attended Reigate independent grammar school,but otherwise this Cuckoo is a mystery to most in the East Surrey constituency..Whatever and whoever the Labour party will disappear soon if he’s there much longer.

    1. Cuckoo in the nest, snake in the grass, he shouldn’t be where he is. An imposter. Who is he REALLY?

      1. It’s highly lightly that Starmer has been recruited by the racist State of Israel to protect their interests. Israel ‘by deception we wage war’ is expert at covering its tracks, therefore we may never know. However, with Starmer “by their deeds you shall know them”.

    2. I am fascinated when you say of Starmer “I spent a good part of my life in and around the Labour party in East Surrey ,Reigate and Oxted and we had never heard of him or his family ….” . Yet his Wiki biography claims that ” …In his teenage years Starmer was active in Labour politics and was a member of the East Surrey Young Socialists”.

      No disrespect to East Surrey Young Socialists but I doubt that it’s an organisation that has ever been hundreds strong. Surely if the Wiki claim is correct he would be remembered by a least some of those who were members of it around the late 70’s early 80’s. Especially a lad called Keir. It’s a name that would certainly stand out in most LP members minds. (I mean you could understand some difficulty in remembering a particular person if they were one of the many Dave’s or Jim’s that you encounter in life). Or is the claim that as a kid he was active within the Labour Party pure invention?

      1. Albert from what I have researched,keir starmer set up a unafiliated 2 man band to do what?I was a councillor in Reigate and socialsed with oxted members were he lived.I also had much help and the Occasional BQ at my house in Reigate for both Reigate members and Oxted comrades and we never heard anything from this young Zealot.I do know he attended the posh Reigate independent school from younger friends who knew of him,but I would say that like many in his position much is sanitized and just made up.I doubt hes ever gone through the ranks like many of us and I am astounded that party members could vote for anyone with little or no track record in the Labour party.or the appalling track record in the Law.Surely young Tony Blair the lawyer was enough for anyone,but it appears many including Labour party members are impressed with a title and a bottom feeders background..

    3. He’s a sleeper stooge, placed into position by the powers that be. Principally to stop the most popular politician for the younger voters in this Country, Jeremy Corbyn. But also to stop Democratic Socialism. He’s a Trilateral Comission member for gawd sake. Find out what they think of democracy.

    4. Thanks Joseph for the further insight in to the teenage Starmer’s actual connection with East Surrey Young Socialists when he at school.

      I must admit that Keir appears to have had a very similar experience to my own as when I was in the 5th form in the 60’s Spuggy Wilkins and I set ourselves up as an Anarcho-Syndicalist collective. Sadly though it was not to be long lived as Spuggy was grounded by his mum shortly afterwards for not doing his French homework.

      I have to say that unlike Keir I am not tempted these days to include such episodes among my biographical details. This is on the grounds that – a) they are just a bit embarrassing and b) I hadn’t really grown up.

  5. Obviously no-one actually said that JVL are ‘the wrong sort of Jews’, but what WAS the leaderships justification for banning CLPs from taking training from JLV???

    Anyway, talking of JVL, they posted an excellent statement by Progressive Israel Network (an umbrella group of ten US liberal Zionist organisations) earlier:

    ‘Progressive Israel Network Groups Oppose Codification of IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, Citing Strong Potential for Misuse’

    We are advocates for a future of equality, dignity and safety for all Israelis and all Palestinians. As such, we insist that activists, academics and all citizens must have the right to express a wide range of political opinions without fear of being suppressed or smeared by the government. This includes critiques of the legitimacy of Israel’s founding or the nature of its laws and system of government, even when we may disagree — sometimes passionately — with those opinions. These debates are critical for democracy and accountability. They belong in the realm of public discourse and must not be banished by anti-democratic laws or penalties.

    We must express our alarm when the U.S. State Department proposes to blacklist non-violent activists and human rights organizations, who are targeted simply because they document abuses or oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

  6. The BoD paints JVL as “fringe Jews” EXACTLY as Tories paint socialism as “fringe politics” and for EXACTLY the same reason.
    The reason being that neither bunch of cunts has anything even resembling a genuine argument against socialism OR JVL.

  7. With Fringe socialists and fringe Jews we should maybe search for a “homeland to avoid being fringe party members of a fringe Labour party.

  8. And a engineering question for David McNiven.I have just been quoted for steel reinforcing bar 16 and 12mms for concrete reinforcement on the first floor of a ordinary house of 12x12meters ground and first floor.The first floor quote of supplying the steel imported from Veitnam was four thousand USdollars which seemed a lot for steel bar.What do you think?And I hope I am not overstepping off message in asking,please accept my apologies Swuawky and david if I am.

    1. Generally I’d choose low ground pressure construction where possible, ie wood/engineered wood not concrete, on ecological grounds – unless boring insects make that too short-lived in your location.
      Choosing the same construction methods as one’s neighbours when an expat – and employing locals to help build it – can help one assimilate too.

      I spoke online years ago to a US boat owner with a terminal engine issue in Vietnam who insisted they were a backward people completely incapable of doing the quite sophisticated welding he needed to “his standards.” He eventually had to eat his words – Vietnamese engineers’ brilliance lies (or used to) in doing the same work in a field that western engineers need all the facilities of an industrial city to match.
      Sorry I don’t know anything useful about Cambodia except “stay on the path.” 🙂

      1. ps I’ve no experience with slab calculations and you don’t say if it’s 12 x 12 unsupported, but there are websites where you input dimensions and they do the calculations. I think the usual advice to get a few quotations and recomendations is the best you can do in a foreign country. I imagine transport costs are considerable for rebar, especially mesh.

      2. David…. You hit the name on the head with wood here,because of of illegal felling of trees a person now needs a permit to transport all wood and its. almost impossible to protect the wood for long term use with varying types of infestation by insects even though all our wood is hardwood.So our craftsmanship here tends to be for structures brick and concrete with engineers being virtually extinct after the khmer rouge cleansed the country of much of the educated class.The cost of steel is exorbitant so I never understand why people talk of cheap steel dumping from China in the UK.I wish they could dump some here because our tradesmen here are second to none even making concrete look like wood and tree trunk furniture made out of reinforced concrete.Still thanks for the advice and I must look at the import costs if I am going to finish this resort in the rice fields my son and his khmer wife want here…so much for my cheap Labour and my retirement!….sorry free Labour ..!

      3. Some years ago I was in North Korea watching tradesmen doing repairs on steelwork. They were using oxy-acetylene ‘equipment’. They had a regular oxygen bottle but the acetylene was made on the spot by placing lumps of carbide in a bucket of water and collecting the gas in another bucket which was upturned with a hole in it to which was connected a rubber hose. The gas ‘regulator valve’ was a kink in the hose which was squeezed as necessary by the welder to control the flow. He used the same torch and gear for welding and cutting and did an amazing job.

      4. Jack T, the kinked hose thing reminds me – I was once asked to spray the bonnet of an Austin Princess in Denim Blue metallic paint (this was in about 1981) by a neighbour.
        He was a trained panel beater but had just started to learn how to spray.
        He said he had everything I’d need in his new premises except a metallic nozzle for the spraygun, so that was all I took with me.
        Turned out he didn’t even have an air regulator, much less a drier – just a hose kinked to varying amounts by nails hammered into a door.
        I had to turn him down because a kinked hose works by restricting flow, not pressure – which means when you first trigger the spraygun it sprays at full receiver pressure (which varies anyway) for a second until the pressure drops to what the flow allows. That’s no good whatever for metallic paint because changing pressure alters the distribution of the metal flakes and the finish would be patchy.
        A kinked hose would be sort of OK for acetylene because it’s “always on” – it’s only the cutting stream of oxygen that’s triggered intermittently at higher pressure.
        It’s no substitute for a two stage regulator and a flashback arrestor though 🙂

    2. Joseph, If you wish to import the steel yourself, I have an agent in China who may be able to help you. If so, maybe you could ask Skwawky to send me your contact details. If you go ahead, beware of import duty and any equivalent of VAT.

      1. Jack..thanks for that,and I have been putting the word out for rebarr and I am in negotiations with a firm in Thailand to supply rebarr and the mesh will be made up on site and laid by my people on reinforcing lintels…I am experienced in building with Brick and wood carcase finished in brick but never got involved in structural and concrete reinforcements and that is the modern way here.Phnom Penh has virtualy been rebuilt by the Chinese and they of course bring all their own Labour and engineers.So the artisan skill set that my local Labour have is virtually redundent here with the Chinese who build American type glass monuments in record time and lacking in architectural merit.New world,new order but we are hanging in here trying to retain some traditional features that have survived from the khmer empire and the Angkor watt dynasty.

      2. Joseph, if you like concrete looking like wood there’s something I noticed years ago when I did a fair bit of sandblasting that might interest you.
        Planks of wood and wooden frames I used for supporting the steel I was blasting acquired a beautifully figured, almost sculptural organic appearance by being blasted – the grain of the timber was highlighted because of what I assume was a difference in hardness between winter and summer growth. I always meant to save some of the best looking pieces but never did.
        Sometimes the “slots” went right through a quartersawn plank and it looked almost like a venetian blind. Not suggesting that as a mould, concrete would be too brittle, but if you like to see wood grain, blasting is a quick and easy way to make a mould or shuttering more ‘grainy’.
        That might even be how the locals do it.

  9. The Board of Deputies represents only 40% of British Jews. They are elected by Jewish congregations and do not represent socialist Jews, those who do not attend synagogues or Charedi Jews who represent 25-30% of British Jews.
    The Charedi are ultra Orthodox Jews and oppose the state of Israel for theological reasons. They dress in traditional clothes, are easily identifiable and are devout Jews totally dedicated to their religion and traditions. Their opposition to the state of Israel automatically brands them as antisemites but although they have been criticised, none of the Board of Deputies have to my knowledge had the nerve to level this hateful accusation against any of them presumable because it would be clearly nonsensical .
    The Charedi Jews consistently supported Jeremy Corbyn – representatives of over 100 Charedi congregations signed an open letter of support for Jeremy a few years ago – and he has consistently supported them. A couple of hundred Socialist Jews and prominent Jews in the arts have also published open letters of support.
    It is an outrage that all these good people are denied a voice and that we as a party actively insult and discriminate against them. We ostracise them on the say so of a vocal minority group. Instead of challenging the Board of Deputies and their narrow views we have surrendered to them and allow them to interfere in our politics and dictate our policy in respect of their fellow Jews. Shame on the Board of Deputies and shame on us.

    1. I don’t know about the ‘we’ Smartboy, although I’m sure you weren’t including left-wing members in the ‘we’, and I disagree that the right-wing of the party have surrendered to the BoD (or the JLM or the the so-called CAA et al), and THEY are fully on board with the smearing and the character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn and the left membership. THAT has been blatantly obvious for a long time.

      And the reason the BoD is ‘vocal’ is because the corporate MSM and the BBC *give* them that ‘voice’ AND present them as representing British Jews, just as they give the JLM and the CAA and LAA and CST et al a ‘voice’. I posted a link earlier to a statement made by the Progressive Israel Network that JVL posted on their website yesterday, and immediately after I initially read the statement I did a search to see if their statement had received any coverage in the US main-stream media and, as I was certain WOULD be the case, it hadn’t (and neither has it received any coverage in general since it was formed in June 2019). But their statement WAS covered by the Jerusalem post, and the following is a excerpt from the article:

      The Foreign Ministry said it regretted the opposition of these organizations to further adoption of the IHRA antisemitism definition.

      “It’s unfortunate to see these Jewish organizations opposing the adoption of the definition throughout the world,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman said, arguing that they are providing support for “antisemitic movements that are fighting for their right to continue spreading hate speech and racism towards Jews.”

      He said that the progressive groups’ statement “is an opening for the legitimization of kinds of antisemitism.”

      Yes, I’m sure anti-semites and ‘anti-semitic movements’ all around the world regard the Progressive Israel Network statement as an ‘opening’ to dissemble their anti-semitism, and that the network is ‘providing support to them to do so, and wouldn’t dare do so but for the umbrella group having made such a statement! Needless to say it’s complete and utter B/S concocted and designed to smear the network. But THAT is what fascists DO!

      ‘We’ on the left are being smeared and vilified and demonised (and suspended from the party) for defending the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and party members who have been falsely accused of A/S etc.

      1. PS Oh, right, and these ‘anti-semitic movements’ are ‘FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHT’ (to continue spreading hate speech and racism towards Jews)!

        Yep, only black propaganda fascists could come up with such mendacious and totally fraudulent bunkum in their attempt to smear and demonise the organisations in the network. They really are as evil as the anti-semites themselves when it comes to spreading hate AND trying to evoke and conjure up hate and ill-feeling, manipulating peoples’ emotions, as black propagandists ALWAYS do!

      2. And needless to say it is highly unlikely that anti-semites or these so-called anti-semitic movements would ever get to know or hear about the statement given that it got zero coverage by the US main-stream media, but it’s compete garbage that any of them would somehow regard it as an ‘opening’ to spout their anti-semitism, as if they need an ‘opening’ anyway, whatever the fuck THAT’s supposed to be!

        As you may have gathered, these mothers REALLY make my blood boil!

  10. You say “But now the dscriminatiion has become overt, with CLPs ordered to cancel training sessions with JVL” Whcih CLPs ? What were these “orders” ? From who ? Otherwise the story does not stand up.

    1. It seems highly unlikely that Skwawkbox/Steve Walker would invent and fabricate such a story David, so either there IS something to it OR Steve has been taken for a ride by whoever. But if it is happening, then I would imagine that JVL itself will be posting about it very shortly.

      1. The trouble is, is that despite putting up that request so the story can stand up, there has been no response

      1. Unfortunately, Mr Harpin (who I have no real knowledge of or real interest in) has become a kind of George Soros figure for some on the UK left. But pitting stories up here with no corobborating evidence, just helps him.

    2. Walsher I Yee of little Faith?Do you trust no one,and what are you suggesting that Squawkbox prove everything to you?.You know what you can do if you don’t like it,.Get back to the so called moderates scum guardian so you wont have to ask them to prove it because we already know its a pile of right wing lies.and propaganda.Are you sure you are a socialist and can you prove it because you certainly don’t sound like one?

      1. Just need, as a member of the Laobur Party since 1973 and 30 odd years as a councillor, to see the evidence. Just asking

  11. Yet the Secretary of the Campaign group Burgen still talks of “working with Starmer”. This is just kissing the hand that holds the whip that is beating you. Is there one member of the PLP worth a Tinker’s fart?

    1. Well given that you feel that way John, why don’t you go forth and form your own party instead of complaining about them all the time, along with a few other every day posters who spout the same thing over and over again. I mean seriously, if you feel that way, why do you spend and waste so much of your time on here moaning about them! And you are OBVIOUSLY not complaining about right-wing members of the PLP as no-one on the left would expect them to suddenly develop integrity and principles, so you MUST be referring to left-wing MPs.

      But just out of curiousity, when did Burgon talk about “working with Starmer”? Could you provide a link or two to different occasions when he’s said as much? Cheers.

  12. I don’t think you have to even be a member of the Labour Party to join JLM. Correct me if I’m wrong

  13. Forgive my ignorance but what’s this “training” about, what does it consist of and what is its purpose ?

  14. Ken Livingstone is bringing a legal challenge against the ehrc report that vilified him for ‘unlawful harassment.

  15. My CLP has affiliated with JVL so there’s SFA Temporary Embarrassment and Evans can do about it, my advice is follow suit and stick together like shit to a woolly blanket

  16. Strange days
    Russia Today strongly defending Trumpton
    Trumptons supporters are far right anti semites, who blame Jewish financiers and Israel for their woes
    Netanyahoo is best mates with Trumpton
    This triangulation business is way above my pay grade, its doing my napper in
    Just to be on the safe side, f7ck em all

    1. The terrorist Anders Breivik said “my enemies enemy is my friend, we’ll deal with the Jews later”. If that ‘later’ ever comes it will be the left standing with them.
      Trump getting support from RT is understandable, Biden and the democrats have spent the last 4 years accusing Russia of helping him…..and every accusation has been proven to be false.

  17. I spent 5 troubled years in a Christian Brothers Grammar School getting some ‘O’ Levels but NOT invited back into VIth Form. Initially, I spent some years working as a labourer on M5 Motorway Construction; working in Llanwern Steelworks & as an Industrial Painter on bridges; factories; pylons etc I eventually realised that hard manual labour would eventually kill me, so I got some A Levels; a Degree & PGCE………..I became (wait for it)….a Lecturer!.
    Part of my training included examining concepts such as equality & racism, but I’m still troubled as now I have a question to ask that I should have asked B4…..why are Jews special? Anti-Semitism appears to be a unique form of racism that is somehow different to any other. As a catholic I am discriminated against in law as anyone of my religion cannot become monarch (sob) & I must admit around bonfire night I become a little nervous when asked for a penny for the guy………imagine if Guy Fawkes had been Jewish?

    Is there a Jewish race, or is it just a religion & why should it have its own country? In Britain we have almost separated Church & State; we call that progress. Her majesty may have her face on coins of the realm that declares her to be defender of the faith & that is also where she gains her authority but if racism also includes any form of religious persecution, then the British State is a racist state according to its own constitution. This should also apply to the State of Israel as it brings its own ‘Final Solution’ by eliminating Palestinians in their own land.& refusing to acknowledge equality for all citizens in a one state solution. Israel is by its own constitution an apartheid state & a racist endeavour.

    How can the Labour Party lecture anyone on anti-Semitism when there is no acceptable definition? Why is it acceptable that one religion/race can make demands on any political party? How can any religion/race determine hate speech laws in Britain but identify itself with another country? How can Israel be an integral part of being Jewish, but no-one may question allegiances by definition?

    The 1st & most important symptom of any form of Fascism is a refusal to allow ‘Freedom of Speech’. Look around you & listen…….the silence is deafening. There is No Debate.


    1. Lots of good questions there Steve which highlight double standards and hypocrisy. I would say though that there is a perfectly adequate definition of antiSemitism in the dictionary – as long as it’s not the ‘Zionist Dictionary of Myths’.

    2. Steve Richards…you happen upon dangerous “talk as I found out talking to Tony Blair many years ago when he thought whilst PM of converting to Catholicism,he drew back and waited till he left drowning st.He would have had to step down from being PM and would have caused a constitutional crisis in a country without a constitution .The laws of legal discrimination against my religion have been challenged many times since 1851the Catholic emancipation act,and the act of succession but never removed and never removed.You either aceppt the legal discrimination that no other group would or pack your bags…its dangerous to challenge that little bit of history and you would be amazed at the hornets nest I stirred up some years ago.I packed my bags and left the country and my family and dispersed around the world much like the wandering jews that we eventually married into

  18. The Board of Deputies’ demand that Labour should not engage with what the BoD considers ‘fringe’ Jews! So we’re playing the wrong type of Jew antisemitic crap now are we?

    These Vile Right-wing games are being played out in this new Labour 2.0 cult and I will never support Labour. Until they stop these naked attack on Socialism and remember you meant to be a left-wing socialist party FFS.

    The cult only wants to be a Tory-lite party, so be it! But don’t ask for my help, vote or money because your never get it. The only thing your get is the contempt back you hold socialism in…

    1. Spot on Grandad! They must be relieved the elections in May are to be cancelled. They can avoid facing up to the consequences of their reactionary policies for a little longer. Even the Tory candidate in London might have done quite well despite being as stupid as Gavin Pyke but it’s in the London boroughs where they will feel the pain. I voted Labour in every election, General and Local since 1970 (with one exception in 2019 which was because of local corruption). I’ll never do so again while the current bunch of right wingers are rampaging through the Party intent it seems on making certain they don’t make the mistake of winning in 2024. Johnson currently leads in the opinion polls!!

      1. “Don’t tell him, Pike” will be the best parliamentary put-down ever if one of our lot calls it out just as Wiwwyamson rises to answer a question 🙂

  19. I have thoroughly, eñjoyed today post. Good stuff. Regards ☮️

  20. So let me get this right…

    They Jewish right (BoD?) wanted Chris Williamson (or was it ken Livingstone, or another non-jewish high profile labour nember?) to do a stint of training or re-education.

    And the Jewish left (JVL) are offering their version of training/education’?

    Are us goyim not allowed to think for ourselves? Are we to permanently tread on eggshells for fear of upsetting one faction or the other?

    Nah. I’ll decide for meself and balls to which side finds offence where none was intended, thank you very much.

    There’s far bigger fish to be gefilted…matters of life and death, not hurting someone’s feelings ffs.

  21. United Nations security council permanent membership meetings and outcomes would have been interesting if Jeremy Corbyn was elected-isolating USA, in regards policies towards Israel..

  22. I have composed many lectures about racism & equality of opportunity over the years & the term ‘EQUALITY’ (I spoke their word) has always worried me in the same way that the term racism does. Researching social & historical contexts often helps; so too examining dominant ideologies & it doesn’i hurt to remember that everyone has an axe to grind & total objectivity is an illusion that can never be attained.

    Dr.Martin Luther King had a dream, but all I have are doubts & uncertainties……I have a problem with the certainty of Ephraim Mirvis as he spits out his contempt for the Socialism of Jeremy Corbyn & Bernie Sanders, I have a problem with the conviction of Sir Keir Starmer that he is so right & Jeremy is so wrong, but most of all I have a problem with anyone who refuses to listen to others & denies them a platform to speak. Ephraim Mirvis speaks with the certainty & authority of God Almighty! A Socialism that has been a goal all my life so easily dismissed.

    I have always found it difficult to argue with God & I’m not always sure that s/he is listening. I have come to the conclusion that Equality is also an illusion & ponder whether the ends always justify the means with reference to positive discrimination (or action?). Racism is a far more simplistic concept to define & a simple dictionary definition should suffice; the question I ask is why it doesn’t? If I don’t agree with the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism I will be forced to leave the political Party that claims to fight for Socialism, but in what way am I being racist?

    If I compared Theodore Herzi with Eugene Terrablanche would that constitute racism?

    1. The problem is Steve that many people refer to ‘equality’ when they actually mean ‘fairness’, two different concepts.

    2. Eugene theres a name and person from my past I thought never to hear again.Afrikaner Resistance movment,that I used to be able to pronounce in Afrikaans but not now,a defunct language that his now history like the Apartheid regime in Pretoria.Eugene got his cumuppence in Bophutatswana a made up tribal homeland for the Transval region north of Pretoria.were he and his Nazis went down in a hail of gunfire when ambushed by the ANC supporters and quickly hushed up to continue the myth of Afrikaner invincibility in Bush warfare.History and progress intermingle but uniting of false borders is always defeated.A message for the Israeli government and the false border of Occupied territories in Ireland.

      1. Dying in a hail of bullets was too good for Terre’Blanche.

        Fortunately, Karmically and comically, that’s not how he died…
        “He was hacked to death while he was taking a nap” said a family friend.
        The sentence was carried out by a man and a boy whose wages he’d refused to pay.

        Careful with that racism, Eugene. Heh heh.

      2. David I did realise that he tereblanch didnt die because I was in Pretoria at the time,planning to get out via jan smutts airport Joburg to Niarobi on a Holiday ticket having not obtained a tax clearence certificate to leave S.Afrika for the UK I eventually got a flight from Niarobi to Cairo and onto Luxembourg…..Needs must somtimes plus the diamonds uncut from Cullanan,after living in nearby Bronkerspruit came in handy to get started again in Britain.

  23. I feel very much at a loss here. Events since the Starmeroid took over have just shown me that the course he and his posse are intent on forcing on members are making me question if there is any sense in sticking with it. I cannot support a party that utilises AS as a political football, is intent on demolishing democracy within the party and supports the tories rather than being on the side of the people who need the Party to be a proper opposition.

  24. Sabine, Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace & Justice Project/PJP (or Project for Peace & Justice/PPJ, confusingly) launches this Sunday, 17th January.
    I’m hoping it’ll get enough support to convince Jeremy to turn in into a new political party.
    It’s now inviting me me to authorise an app called Twibbon to access my Twitter account.
    Normally I’d kick anyone to the kerb just for requesting this level of access, but I recognise the need to keep the Quisling antisemitism fakers out of this thing, so I’m going to allow it.
    All I’ll say is – it better not be hackable.
    ” This application will be able to:

    See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
    See your Twitter profile information and account settings.
    See accounts you follow, mute, and block.
    Follow and unfollow accounts for you.
    Update your profile and account settings.
    Post and delete Tweets for you, and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-Like, or reply to a Tweet, Retweet, etc.) for you.
    Create, manage, and delete Lists and collections for you.
    Mute, block, and report accounts for you. “

  25. The JVL does constitute the “wrong kind of Jew”. Anti-semitism has always been at the heart of Zionism. Herzl was fiercely anti-semitic: the details are well-documented. Of course, there was a liberal Zionism of the kind Chomsky supported as a youth, but it had nothing to do with a Jewish State. The concept of the Jewish State conflates genetics, religion and politics. It is a confused, miserable conception. Starmer is plainly anti-semitic towards JVL. The only Jews who count are those who believe in the Jewish State and the inferiority of the Arabs. The misuse of the Nazi genocide to justify the Jewish State and the dismissal of all who criticise it, is a vile distortion which offends against the memory of the victims. Labour is now a racist party through and through. It has withdrawn the whip from its most consistent anti-racist. To be in favour of equal rights for Palestinians is to be a racist. To be in favour of bulldozing the homes of Arabs is to be a defender of democracy and an anti-racist. All this prevails because of the deliberate spread of stupefaction, in the media, by politicians, in the education system. Labour is racist. Join Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Movement. Labour is a dead letter for anti-racists and democrats.

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