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“Ideas and power to build a world of peace and justice” – Corbyn launches new Peace and Justice Project with four calls to action

“We have the ideas, and power when we come together, to build a world of peace and justice”

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is launching his new Peace and Justice Project (PJP) right now in a 90-minute online rally on Sunday 17th January that began at 3pm. 

The event includes speeches from international campaigners including:

  • renowned left-wing thinker Noam Chomsky
  • youth climate activist Scarlett Westbrook 
  • Mandela government minister Ronnie Kasrils 
  • Unite general secretary Len McCluskey 
  • Labour parliamentary rising star Zarah Sultana 
  • former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis 
  • former NUT general secretary Christine Blower 

Corbyn will announce four specific projects within each of the PJP’s four main areas of work and invite supporters to get involved. Each project will be launched with a policy paper, a network of organisations that PJP will partner with and a campaign aim. 

  • The economic security project will organise direct support for communities across the UK hit by the triple crisis of austerity, the pandemic, and the new recession. We will work with food banks, mutual aid groups, social organisations, and trade unions, mobilising our supporters to provide assistance and solidarity.
  • The international justice project will campaign for a Covid-19 vaccine available to all, and affordable everywhere. This will initially involve a petition pressuring the UK Government to drop their opposition to intellectual property laws being relaxed, to speed up the vaccine rollout in the Global South. 
  • The democratic society project will campaign for a more just, free and accountable media; supporting public interest journalism and challenging corporate monopolies, including launching a campaign against Rupert Murdoch’s planned entry into UK TV news.  
  • The climate justice project will build a network with environmental  campaigners to develop bold and concrete plans for a Green New Deal solutions, shaping debate ahead of the COP26 climate conference in November.  

Corbyn will say:

The pandemic is intensifying three deep, connected and global crises: the climate emergency, an economy that generates inequality and insecurity faster than prosperity and freedom, and a global order that holds back the vast majority of our planet’s people and is dangerously breaking down.

But we have both the ideas, and the power when we come together, to overcome these crises, and build a world of peace and justice. What our movement does today will be felt for generations to come.

Our role in the Peace and Justice Project will be to champion those ideas and support the movements that can turn those ideas into reality. Because if you refuse to argue for your side, our opponents win by default.

So many of the ideas we need to make the 2020s better than the 2010s were developed in and around the Labour Party in recent years, by outstanding thinkers, but more importantly by demands of our movements, and the skills, knowledge and needs of the communities affected.

We will build on these policies, taking them further, adapting them to the post pandemic world, so that our movement can turn the dial towards peace and justice.

As we launch today, we will focus on four areas of work, and we want you and the movements you’re involved in to take part.

Follow or join Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project here.

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    1. Varoufakis is the only one with any credibility in the assembly of the usual suspects that graces any left wing initiative. Empty cans make the most noise and superficially attractive to teenagers, but doomed to failure.

    2. “Peace and Love – same thing I guess?”

      Nah, nothing like… but at least this time it can’t go from Dylan to disco in a week.
      But only because there’s no Dylan.

    1. Starmer could only dream of having that degree of personal following. I hope Corbyn has a plan to deal with Zionists such as Starmer, Rayner, RLB and others who will surely start attacking Corbyn again with A/S lies and smears if the movement gains too much strength.

      1. The story it tells seems very possibly true; the attribution to Corbyn comes with the given assumption that he is indeed a rabid racist. Jewish communities have long been ready to face hostility in the Christian World, for good reason! More recently it has been the BoD that has been dragging communities to the extreme Tory Right for reasons that have nothing to do with antisemitism but rather an effort to destroy the Labour Party; that has backlashed on many who’d prefer to keep out of toxic debate

      2. PW – The poll was commissioned by CAA, the same people who made the complaints to the EHRC. Decide for yourself how credible it is.

      3. Whoever commissioned the poll is of no particular interest to me, or whether it’s credible or not, since opinion polls are easily manipulated to get a desired result.

        The point I was getting at, SteveH, is that the G has been pretty silent on AS for months after its daily onslaught and yet now Corbyn’s project is actually taking off so they come out with a piece that references him twice in that context on the very same day.

        I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they ratchet up the BS again, depending on how popular this movement looks like becoming.

      4. PW – ‘Thanks for the explanation’. I don’t know how I would have coped without it.

      5. SteveH it would appear that neither can you cope with my question. Do you agree that Zionism is racism?

      6. From the Guardian piece PW linked to:

        “A separate survey” [separate to King’s College London I’ll bet] of British Jews found they were more optimistic about their future in the UK compared with last year. The end of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party was cited as a reason for renewed optimism, although many Jews felt “scarred” by the experience, and 78% believed politicians did not do enough to protect Jews. Overall, a majority (57%) of British Jews felt welcome in the UK, with 18% saying they felt somewhat or very unwelcome. The proportion who said they avoided visible displays of Judaism in public (44%) was the biggest since 2016.
        Two thirds were deeply concerned by the BBC’s coverage of matters of Jewish concern, and 55% by its handling of antisemitism complaints. Nine out of 10 said media bias against Israel was fuelling persecution of Jews in Britain.”

        “Fuelling persecution” means ACTUAL, REAL, HAPPENING, KOSHER persecution – not POTENTIAL persecution.
        Where is the evidence for this persecution and why has the Guardian said nothing about it or about how many of its investigative journalists are on the case? The Guardian must FIND those persecutors.

        As far as I know the majority of British Jews don’t bother with the kippah or any other visible display – but because they’re secular, not because they fear antisemitism.
        This so-called survey is as disreputable as the CAA itself.
        King’s College diminishes itself by associating with them and so does the Guardian, although it appears to have long since given up all pretence to honesty, integrity or journalism.

      7. SteveH, it was racist Zionists who helped to destroy the best chance we’ve ever had of having a Socialist government. I agree, I have an obsession with the truth and spotlighting those who lie to protect their racism. You however appear to be at ease associating with racists and keen to give your opinion on everything else but not on the one issue which matters most – who controls the Labour Party.

      1. lundiel – I’ve yet to see any actual proof that either of your statements are true.

  1. Nobody can ever predict what will catch the popular imagination.
    I think the platform didn’t help today. Maybe once people can gather again it’ll take off.
    Summer won’t be long – a big enough crowd at a big enough event before Conference might make the difference.

  2. Ask Varoufackis what form does he expect ‘The Great Reset’ to take
    Ask Chomsky does he agree ‘vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted ‘
    Ask McCluskey who is coordinating should we stay or should we go now, if we stay there will be trouble for Temporary Embarrassment if we go their will be double

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