Video: Sky warns single vaccine doses promote new mutations – 2 days after Socialist Telly told you

Sky News has announced that COVID experts are warning that giving only one vaccine does – as the Tory government is now doing – will drive the emergence of new and potentially far more dangerous mutations:

But on Monday, Socialist Telly and SKWAWKBOX‘s Skwawk Talk had brought viewers the same information two days earlier:

Watch the full Socialist Telly/Skwawk Talk episode here

As so often, the new left media were ahead of the game – and for once, at least one part of the ‘mainstream’ media eventually caught up.

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  1. Now your onto something, 12 weeks to give 14 million two shots, then this shitfest is over and cheap and nasty snouts are out of the trough
    That’s not what they are selling, they want population control and associated profits, its what you get when you put spivs and thieves in charge of public health

    1. What surprises me is how many medical professionals can be found by the BBC and others to either justify or make excuses for the incompetence of Bozo and the Tories. It must be obvious to almost everyone by now that Bozo is not doing what he thinks is best for the general population, he is doing what he thinks will help to alleviate the damge which the results of his ‘get Brexit done’ campaign will cause to the economy.

  2. Everyone even half-human knows the reason you have to take ALL the antibiotics is to prevent resistant strains developing AND THE ANTIBIOTIC BECOMING USELESS.
    It’s not much of an intellectual leap to see that tripling the spacing between jabs is analogous to that.

    Why then didn’t the whole country shout “Fuck off, Hancock, you moron” when that spawn of Baldrick said it had a cunning plan?

    1. Because they believe the Govt bullshit and lies. They are brainwashed day in and day out by the Media (the BBC are the biggest culprits) in this Country, that’s why they think Corbyn was an antisemite, when we know he’s not. The Govt, invented this new Covid Variant excuse to cover their own arses. The WHO said the UK informed them of the new variant in September last year and that as far as they were concerned there was no evidence tp say it was any more infectious than the original strain.

  3. I believe it’s more infectious but less harmful. The first bit gets all the headlines to put the fear into everybody, but in fact the second bit is the most important, which hardly anyone takes on board or even hears.

    1. timfrom, one could call it “less harmful” in the sense that the 1172 deaths on April 21st last year were from ‘only’ 4301 cases – but is that a fair assessment?
      I don’t think so – we ‘find’ more cases now with testing, and today’s 1325 deaths from 68053 cases are still 153 more than 21.4.20, and still trending upwards.
      These deaths are also despite the considerably improved treatments available now than last April – worse still, the NHS is said to be closer to being overwhelmed now than then.
      I don’t think we’ll know for a while whether this particular new variant is less or more harmful, particularly if you judge harm by total numbers killed – but even if you judge harm by economic cost, the tally won’t be known for a long time yet.

      1. ps I do of course understand that today’s total includes all variants. The new strain, if less harmful though, ought to cause deaths to trend downwards as its proportion of the total number of infections is increased by its greater transmissibility.

      2. One would hope so, we shall see.

        One would also expect the case numbers to start coming down, too, as a filter-down effect of the WHO’s recent directive to PCR testing labs to ensure they don’t exceed the 30 cycle amplification rate, a hitherto widespead abuse which has played a significant role in inflating the “case” numbers. Most labs have been subjecting samples tested to 35 cycles and more, which the test’s own inventor specifically warned would throw up false positives.

        Or one could see it as evidence that lockdown/the vaccine (take yer pick) is beginning to “work”. It’s up to you…

      3. I mean respiratory harm, btw. The effects are supposedly less severe.

      4. On “the WHO’s recent directive” it’s only one of a whole raft of changes to the way various parameters around CV have been measured and published.
        Good practice would be to maintain old methods in parallel with new, or alternatively to republish ALL earlier data with the new method and show both sets of older results side by side – only by doing those things can fair comparisons be made, and the public be assured that they’re not being bamboozled.
        It doesn’t matter HOW superior any new method of record keeping is if true comparisons with the old can’t be made, or if government isn’t SEEN to be truthful.

  4. 14 million in 6 weeks, means the vulnerable can complete their 2 jabs in 12 weeks
    Makes no sense to delay 2nd shot, there is no science for it
    The only real issue is logistical, chemists can do a million a week, so again we are being sold a pup
    For why

    1. For why? Because private is best, apparently, and must always get preference, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary!

  5. well my GP took no notice and I got second jab last week. Being in my mid 80s I guess it was a priority. I had already had Co 19 and 8 days in a induced coma month in hosp. I a very fit 80 Plus with no serious illnesses ever . Yet this virus which I was pretty complacent about still got me last March. I was admitted into Maidstone ICU after my wife a retired anaesthetist found my respiration rate went up from 20 to 40 plus which is cardiac arrest territory. The ambulance took me in quickly with blue lights . I was not scared as I thought well I am super fit do not look my age ect. The senior Chest Consultant greeted me with words of wisdom well Ian it may work it may not. I it does not you wont know much about it not a bad way to go. I thought Christ really. I was still quite relaxed. My wife was some what annoyed at the rather blunt greeting, .They were a bit more careful after that, My wife was on the phone every day several times. After 3 days as I was not responding they said they may have to turn off machine . and ODNR do not resuscitate. Age and all that . My wife told them that I was very fit not the usual 84 year old. Anyway I disappeared into a different world .
    Seemed to be travelling around quite a bit. First on a cargo ship near Wick than near Colchester, than in Worcester Tenbury wells in flood. Than in the south East someware, next to a park than on a bus trying to find accommodation. Then wheeled on to Train than a Caribbean Island where aircraft were taking off on a beach with woman flying . I my self who used to fly aircraft asked if I could get a flight back to England. Than suddenly I was at home I thought looking a bedroom ceiling wondering why there were square tiles . looking around I could see Drs Nurses and thought goodness my wife has let the house out to hospital clinic and was working again. Than i SEEMED TO TRANSPORTED BACK TO HOSP where I realised That I was awake in ICU . There were drips catheter’s lines into blood vessels Tubes up my nose Than a Tube down my throat so my voice disappeared, I kept seeing my wife working there . She was not. It was hard to recognise anybody as they all were in protective gear. The days and nights seemed long and tedious. It was very cold , There was no communication accept by signs. another 10 days of that than transferred to rehab still without voice and restricted by tubes monitored 24 hours with blood tests BP Oxygen saturation ect than as my Oxygen was returning to normal the wires tubes catheter and tube down my throat and nose were removed. I could speak ect getting up was very difficult. Could not walk with out assistance. Started to eat proper food. I was monitored by Physio. The over all experience was the sheer isolation and complete dependency on others . That had never been my experience since being a baby.
    I was discharged back home. on 23 April. It was a great relieve. I was given Exercises to do gradually I got back to 30 min exercise 30 min x5 times a week plus walking ect vitamins. After several tests at hosp bloods ect I was discharged as fit which I am.
    So whatever people think this virus is no joke. I was lucky I guess to be OK afterwards probably due to my level of fitness diet ect I have no wish to ever repeat the experience. I am very careful about who I am with. Do not go anyware near crowds. Meditate exercise vitamins all part of my regime . Lots of people younger than me have not survived. In my age group not many have.
    I feel Bojo and this joke of a so called Gov have a lot to be blamed for. If they had locked down earlier which they were advised to do I would not have got the virus. I was travelling to London to attend meetings going to pub meals out with friends.
    It still amazes me that there are people out there who think the the Gov is doing OK. WHAT.?
    I guess now I should be OK have had two Vacs and of Cause the Virus. But everybody whatever your doubts reservations get Vac Co 19 is not a joke.
    cheers Ian

    1. That’s some journey you’ve been on Ian, pleased you pulled through and good luck for the future.

  6. may I further add to the above That I have to praise the NHS and the staff who are under5 enormous pressure. I myself worked in NHS for many years. You have admire the Drs Nurses and the care staff care assistant’s cleaners all of them. support them all. The fact that NHS was under funded over the last 10 years by the Tory Gov and their immoral duplicitous policy to run down all public services flog off to there mates in the private sector is one of the reasons we are the mess we are in.

    1. The saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” really annoys me – and I wonder how you see it Ian?
      The few people I’ve met who’ve been seriously ill and recovered have been very much weakened by the experience.

      1. David I do not know about being stronger and all that but it certainly makes you aware of your vulnerability and how you could be alive one moment and gone the next. I have always been v fit never really bothered much about illness of any sort. I guess I come from a different era I hate to say it surviving second world war and all that stuff. Deprivation not having much stuff although from a very middle class background in a very smart part of ST, Albans, still had very little compared to young today who it seems to me can get blown over if the there is a slight change circumstance’s. They appear much more vulnerable in all areas. While not quite Monty python in terms of not have a great deal compared todays young we seemed to just get on with it. I remember going to school walking through heavy snow drifts ect . today a sprinkling of snow and they close the school. kids and I have two young daughters age 24 and 32 and a grand son age 19 months .They used to get very upset if there mobile phone did not work or somebody insulted them on social media.
        I don’t want to go on about this any more, but there is defiantly a difference.

  7. So what has caused ‘the new ‘South African’ or is it the ‘London South East’ virus to mutate? Does it also have a sense of geography? How does it travel? Does it prefer planes to trains & does it have a season ticket? Perhaps the medical profession is inadvertently causing it by injecting plasma from previous cases? Why aren’t the Tories taking this pandemic seriously, perhaps the economy doesn’t need so many low paid workers? It appears that Wall Street is booming, now a good plague followed by a good war?

    1. Evolution IS mutation. Nothing “causes” it – it’s influenced by external and internal pressures but it’s the reason we’re all a bit different and there are all the different life forms on the planet that there are and ever will be – unless we humans fuck it up for everyone.
      If you meant your comments to be ironic or whimsical, please try not to give the redneck retards more ammunition – they don’t ‘get’ irony 😉

      1. Yes David there is mutation but over the last 20 years developments in the science genetics has come on a lot. New understandings called epigenetics reveals a very different picture. The gene can change according to social attitudes circumstance’s. Fascinating.
        How you think attitudes can change how the gene is expressed. This will have a profound affect on medicine which is very narrow in its bio reductive understanding of the nature of disease. The Gene is like a house different shapes and sizes places. What goes on inside the houses the shape of the rooms furniture design ect alters the look of House. The gene expression can therefore be altered to stretch the metaphor a little further by altering your furniture decorations ect. In other words how you think your attitudes stress, depression social circumstance’s love care deprivation will alter how the genes are expressed via the cells and there are trillions of cells in the body. The biochemistry can be altered changed in quite often profound ways. It is very radical and I predict when it starts to get into wider understanding and into medical education it will have a major effect on how we look at ourselves society medicine even politics dare I say it.

  8. Gotta take me dad to ‘Birkonia’ (Birkenhead) for his 2nd jab tomorrow. Haven’t been told otherwise; I sincerely hope he won’t be turned away when we get there.

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