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  1. Ask them for a name and why the left is a shambles
    Seriously why there is no coordination, discipline and utter ruthlessness, compared to the right, who get it from their mothers tit

  2. Meanwhile, Keith Stalin is hoping he can fix future elections by banging the drum for widespread postal voting in an email to Labour supporters:

    “With elections set for May, in the middle of the pandemic, we know people are keen to vote safely, and vote from home. That’s why a crucial part of our election plan is getting Labour voters to sign up for early votes.

    Early votes, sent in the post, will play a pivotal part in the elections we face this May. Make sure you’re signed up to vote from home, and that your Labour voting friends and family are too. Postal votes will make the difference when it comes to results all over the UK in May.

    We all have a part to play, so we’ve identified two things you can do straight away. This campaign is crucial to our success — be a part of it.

    Register for an early vote
    Share our plan with friends
    These elections will be happening under difficult circumstances, and as the situation continues to change we have to adapt and act quickly. We know this is one of the simplest, safest and most effective measures to make sure people can vote in May.

    The labour movement reacted quickly at the start of the pandemic, securing rights and jobs through our trade unions. Now we need to make a huge shift in how we take part in elections — voting safely, voting early and voting from home.

    Thank you,

    Keir Starmer & Angela Rayner”

    1. timfrom – “Meanwhile, [Keir Starmer] is hoping he can fix future elections by banging the drum for widespread postal voting in an email to Labour supporters:”

      Can you explain why encouraging people to take up their right to a postal vote is in your opinion an attempt to
      “fix future elections”?
      In the midst of a pandemic surely this is a sensible move that benefits the individual, the party and society in general.

      1. Hahaha! You’re falling for the “it’s only temporary” ploy. Well admittedly during a pandemic is an excellent time to make postal voting customary, a bit like all the “emergency measures”. If you think Johnson will lift them without one hell of a fight, you’re dreaming! But never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

      2. Postal votes are patently the most open to being intercepted by corrupt forces, a characteristic of the current leadership. Funnily enough, I would rather put my voting slip into the ballot box myself. Then I know it’s safe, or at least a hell of a lot safer than entrusting it to the honesty of unknown others.

        Been long off the boat, have you, Steve?

      3. Who said anything about Trump? There you go with the media cliches again. Get some help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome! Everything’s about the Orange One for you, isn’t it?

        And aren’t you yourself emulating Trump? I mean, he draws breath, taps on a keyboard constantly (or did) and occasionally even blinks and there’s you, breathing, tapping on a keyboard constantly and occasionally even blinking, JUST LIKE TRUMP!!!


      4. timfrom – Oh dear, is that really the best you could manage to manage to come up with. As I said above you are the one emulating the orange one with your nonsense

  3. Dominion software from trilateral pal and trilateral member like the knight and a firm believer in the US system Lord mal Brown another titled fake Labour and manufacturer of the notorious Dominion software systems.Yes we all know starmer wants to get his greasy fingers on the envolopes.I I forgot ,supervision from another corporate player Civic also expanding into software systems?…You couldn’t make it up!..even Caribbean island stevie wonder,sh?

    1. Anyone would think that postal voting is difficult to stitch up. We could always use Dominium. If people prefer to do it in person then we could have transparent boxes, official delivery vans using three signatures at both ends. Very importantly, any dodgy dealings should receive large fines and/or a few stirs of porridge. There again , Venezuela, could show us how it’s done. Don’t listen to the Yanks or we’ll have to sanction ourselves.

  4. NHS workers have finally been forced into a position of asking the government to indemnify them from charges of “unlawful killing” .A line has now been crossed in state sponsered murder by the conservative and unionist party.How can this millstone have been crossed without hardley a mention or report by the MSM..What in gods name is happening when medical staff are being forced to take decisions on whos life matters?and who lives and who dies.Once again this government are exposed as murderers of the vulnerable and the elderly without hardly a whimper or a mention in the UK media.OFf message this might be,but no apologies for bringing this report up.

  5. Postal voting is almost certainly safer in CV terms than a polling booth but it’s far from guaranteed.
    CV has proven itself capable in experimental conditions of surviving on some surfaces for far longer than previously believed – up to a month in some cases.
    The few days an envelope spends in the postal system is well within the danger zone – and let’s not forget that the envelopes travel both ways. The spread of infection is almost guaranteed.
    Online voting can also be more effectively monitored than privately-owned ballot counting companies. Still not as effectively as traditional systems with counts overseen by candidates’ representatives though.
    New methods of discovering electronic interference – analogous to DNA catching criminals years after the crime – might catch hackers years later. When ballot papers are destroyed that’s it, they’re gone.

  6. Share our plan with friends

    Wee steve h – Care to enlighten us as to what ‘our plan’ entails, because other than supporting and mirroring toerag policy, nobody has a bastard clue.

      1. Evidently, you too, have no idea then.

        Therefore you can desist with your glorification of the muculent one, as even you cannot tell what he stands for.

      2. Toffee – The only thing evident is that I can’t be bothered wasting my time with you.

      3. Toffee – You’re having a laugh, the only person you have ever caught bang-to-rights is yourself.

      4. I see…

        Oh, sure – You’ll benefit us with the wisdom of your dear leader once he’s actually proposed something (Usually something that Marcus Rashford or A.N.Other has been banging on about for a while). but only until then. we – not you – remain ‘ignorant’ of what stammer’s about?

        And yet everything that everyone (critical of stammer) has predicted about him has been vindicated, whereas you – the lone voice of reason as only you see yourself – have always said: ‘We must wait and see before passing judgement’

        We all know why. And your latest answer is further proof that you have no fucking idea what you’re rabbiting on about. You really have no idea how ridiculous you are, do you?

        You needn’t bother replying – you obviously can’t be bothered** And that’s why everyone’s onto ya, soft lad..

        **Code for: ‘Oh shite, he’s got me bang to rights once again’

  7. The Steve h guide to weaseling out of any question regarding stammers overt unabashed, manifestly unmistakeable toeragism..

    ‘Ere, tell us what stammer’s about, then?’


    ‘Why not’

    ‘Because you’re ignorant’

    ‘Oh ok then. stammer must be a tory because all’s he ever does is back tory policy and never comes out with one of his own that’s distinctly different to any of their policies’

    ‘No he’s not’

    ‘Really, in what way is he different to the tories then, name a policy he’s actually opposed, tell us all about a policy of his that’s different to the rags and we might vote for it’


    ‘Why not?’

    ‘Because you’re ignorant’.

    Ladies & gentlemen, this is the lamentably puerile mindset of someone who professes to possess a shred of intelligence.

    Even my three year old great nephew would put up a better argument.

    1. Toffee – ……and yet here you are again. I find that this rather weird obsession that you have with me quite amusing.

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