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The SKWAWKBOX continues to bring its readers political news they won’t find in the mainstream media – or sometimes anywhere else – and to influence the UK’s political narrative.

The blog carries no advertising – in fact pays extra to its hosting service to eliminate it – so that the information is as uncluttered and accessible as possible and it depends entirely on donations from its supporters.

Here’s just a little of what the SKWAWKBOX has published, either exclusively or against the flow of the ‘MSM’, over the past few weeks:

  • proof that the BBC and other MSM were completely misleading the public over the content and meaning of the OPCW’s report into the alleged Douma gas attack in Syria – forcing corrections in coverage
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s full speech to anti-Trump protesters when the BBC had talked over the small portion it showed
  • news of Labour MPs preparing to split from the party and their allies paving the way, before the media picked up on the imminence of the plans
  • more exclusives on the Enfield ‘coup’, including damning meeting transcripts – forcing the MSM to cover the issue and more Enfield councillors to call for a full investigation
  • exclusive information on the Enfield council leader’s flawed response
  • a series of questions raised by developments in the Amesbury poisoning that none of the MSM have seen fit to ask
  • video of a senior Tory exposing May’s complicity in the appointment of a sex-pest minister
  • Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s cowardly ‘folding‘ when challenged by Jeremy Corbyn over libellous comments
  • Javid’s ludicrous ‘meet the people’ appearance in the north-east – in which he rubbed shoulders with wealthy Bentley owners – causing Tories to scramble to remove the photographic evidence
  • exclusive news of two formal complaints lodged against right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin over alleged abusive behaviour toward other MPs
  • news of right-wing unions’ mass affiliations to CLPs to protect right-wing MPs – and Jennie Formby’s response
  • an exclusive, leaked email showing ex-Labour MP John Woodcock’s hypocrisy in attacking Corbyn – and another in whiich the MP foolishly put allegations against him into the public domain
  • claims by figures close to Woodcock that he has been having regular one-on-one meetings with Theresa May
  • news that ‘centrists’ were planning to support and work with the Tories in order to undermine Labour’s leadership – which was borne out as talk of a ‘national government’ became a regular interview theme
  • footage of John Bercow’s exposure of Theresa May’s parliamentary cowardice – and of May’s lies to Parliament about ‘pairing’ breaches
  • video of Theresa May’s reaction as news filtered through that Tory MPs have lodged enough letters with party controllers to bring her down when they wish
  • an exclusive leak of a serious complaint against a right-wing NEC candidate
  • news of Labour general secretary Jennie Formby’s rebuke for right-wing MPs attacking the party’s excellent new Code of Conduct
  • video of May’s discombobulation when challenged by jeremy Corbyn to promise her ministers would cooperate with a police investigation into broken electoral laws
  • news of overwhelming votes as CLPs censured their MPs for supporting the Tories
  • footage of Angela Merkel’s reaction as Theresa May panicked and intercepted a press question directed at the German Chancellor
  • video of Esther McVey’s arrogant, callous response to a parliamentary question about children and mothers suffering in poverty
  • dramatic scenes in the House of Commons as John Bercow was forced to suspend proceedings because of the outrage caused by new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab’s chaotic, incompetent performance
  • proof that a Tory councillor ‘plant’ on BBC Question Time had supported Theresa May’s ill-fated Chequers plan from the day it became public, contrary to claims on the show
  • exposure of a Greenwich councillor’s suspension and charges over property declarations, which the council had initially denied
  • an exclusive, leaked email showing the hypocrisy of right-wing figures in Brighton over council selections

In these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX has kept its readers uniquely informed and impacted the wider political landscape. If you can afford to do so without hardship, please click here to support it and spread the word.


  1. You do excellent work here and in spite of your unfortunate blind spot with Lansman,you are well worth supporting Thank you for your good work.

  2. What I mean is it will not let me choose the amount I want to contribute.Has anybody else had this problem?

  3. John, if you have a PayPal account (I do) the ‘amount’ box starts with
    displayed and there’s a flashing cursor to the right of the last zero.
    If I’m donating, say, £25.00 I only need press numerals “2, 5, 0, 0” and then “Donate” and it takes me to my PayPal log in page iirc.

    I think I tried to delete the zeros to get an empty box first time I tried, which doesn’t work. Just press the numbers you want and they over-write the zeros.
    It does seem logical to delete the zeros first though – to avoid entering £25,000 by mistake. 🙂

    Hope that helps.

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