Dramatic video: May stammers, attacks as Corbyn asks for pledge ministers will cooperate with Vote Leave police probe

may stammer

Theresa May is fighting for her political life after a week of humiliation and chaos.

So the one question she must have been hoping against hope not to hear in during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions) was about the involvement of at least four of her Cabinet Ministers’ involvement with the Vote Leave group that has been referred to police by the Electoral Commission for refusing to cooperate with its investigation into Vote Leave’s breaches of campaign law – note that it broke law, not just ‘rules’ as the BBC prefers to put it.

So of course that was Jeremy Corbyn’s first question.

It triggered high drama and not a little farce as the PM accused and evaded, while MPs on both sides roared, with the Tory contingent trying to pretend they were outraged at the mere relating of facts and the putting of a simple question.

May was so at sea that all she could think of to try to counter the question was to attack Jeremy Corbyn for asking it – and every time she tried to talk about the actual issue, she squirmed and stammered:

It was compelling stuff – and very interesting that she rounded off by leaping ahead to an imagined court case and verdict.


Mock Tory outrage is always an interesting spectacle – and usually a revealing one. But the involvement of police is clearly making the collars of those involved in the Vote Leave debacle feel a little tight.

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  1. Christ on a bike…

    For a former home sec. she reall ought to know about what happens during a police investigation rather than stumble repeatedly over the procedure.

    But most telling (and disturbing) for me was may’s opening retort…

    ‘Mr Speaker, he has made an ACCUSATION* in this house, against members of this house… I suggest that when he stands up he reflects on whether he was correct to do so…’

    EXACTLY the tactic used by paedophiles and the establishment: ‘How dare you question me/us/them?

    *It wasn’t even an accusation; so she obviously has something to hide on johnson’s/davies’/gove’s behalves…Maybe they know all about her own skeletons?

    I wouldn’t be so keen on defending them by attacking the person making the innocuous-looking inquiry so it seems a prima facie case of ‘The hag doth protest too much’.

    1. It tragic just tragic to watch ,,, she is totally out of her depth , unable to string together a coherant sensible sentence , just not just tragic for her but more so for the rest of us souls in the country that have to tollerate her corrupt stinking cess pit of a Govt and the deaths her policies have caused to the innocents of this nation .
      How much longer does this country have to put up with this walking corpse of a zombie Govt .
      Well thanks to Hoey , Field, Mann, and Stringer , longer than otherwise would have been had they been loyal to Labour and their constiuents who voted for a Labour MP but got a EFFING TORY ONE !!

  2. I wouldn’t be so keen on defending them** by attacking the person making the innocuous-looking inquiry so it seems a prima facie case of ‘The hag doth protest too much’.

    **By ‘them’ , I mean especially johnson & gove, after their previous form has caused the arld bat a fair bit of grief.

  3. Seems to me May lost her cool and jumped in without thinking it through and realised when it was two late. Very telling though, Jeremy must be rubbing his hands with glee at those responses, she’s obviously concerned by it all.

    1. ‘Seems to me May lost her cool and jumped in without thinking it through and realised when it was two (sic) late’

      Exactly! When Corbyn said: ‘THEY’VE been referred to the police’ , the hag tried to twist it as though Corbyn had DIRECTLY accused johnson, gove, et al; knowing full well the context Corbyn was speaking in.

      Almost makes trump’s ‘Would/Wouldn’t’ bollocks look like a plausible error.

  4. Yep, not a question answered, it was squirm and bile, all the way through her none answers to JC.
    “Yet”, the clowns on Daily Politics, well those who lean right, thelikes of Neil and co had her as a winner!
    “What a load of rubbish”!

  5. Imagine Theresa May’s reaction if JC had asked her why she had thought it appropriate to promote, the recently resigned, Griffiths to a ministerial post when she knew he was under investigation by her own party for being a sex-pest.

  6. How can anyone have any confidence in the result of the referendum with all the revelations coming out about how it was won. All the evidence shows that there is no possible positive outcome of Brexit. In fact it will be very damaging to us. we’ve had 2 years we have no idea what we want or how to get it. Why can’t we just scrap Brexit stay in the EU and work to reform it from within. If people still want out they can come up with a workable plan and we’ll have another go.

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