Woodcock, staff – no denial of “regular one-on-ones” with May

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May and Woodcock – regular ‘one on ones’?

MP John Woodcock, who last week quit the Labour Party claiming that he had no faith in a proper result of the party’s investigation into ‘sex pest’ allegations against him, has today told ITV’s Daniel Hewitt that he wants other MPs – including Conservatives – to join him to challenge ‘the broken two-party system’. Clearly he doesn’t feel the LibDem or SNP  parties count, so it’s interesting that he feels he can be part of something that can.

Expectation that a number of right-wing Labour MPs will try to form a new party has been strengthening in recent weeks and LibDem leader Vince Cable has said that he wants his party to be ‘at the centre’ of any new venture.

Picture: Daniel Hewitt Twitter

But has Woodcock also been investigating other avenues?

But today sources close to the Cumbrian MP claim that Woodcock has been having ‘regular one-on-ones’ with Theresa May since around the time of the PM’s ‘surprise visit‘ to Ulverston in Woodcock’s constituency in April.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Woodcock’s constituency and parliamentary offices to enquire about the reasons for the meetings. Neither denied that meetings had taken place but the parliamentary office promised – and failed – to come back with a comment before the close of business.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Woodcock directly this evening to ask him for comment. His only response was:

I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you now. Or ever.

before ending the call.

A Downing Street spokesman asked for details of the source of the information, which were of course not disclosed, before eventually calling back to deny that meetings took place.

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  1. Woodcock’s resignation looks like the equivalent of a corrupt police officer resigning to escape responsibility for their actions. Only in this case Woodcock gets to keep not only the fig leaf of his reputation but also his job and pay

    The victims of his alleged misdeeds deserve to have their complaints adjudicated on.

    I would like the NEC to complete its investigations into Woodcock and issue a statement on its findings. His victims and his constituents deserve nothing less.

  2. How organized are the Tories in Norfolk? Well the contact details give you the number for cliff Jordan who passed away a month ago. I really didn’t mean to distress his widow.

  3. Woodcock has no place in the party and good riddance.

    I have no problems with Labour working with sensible minded Lib Dems, Greens or TUSC (or in the odd case locally maybe even the odd UKIP councillor* – before they turned into the joke they are now).

    But the Tories?? May as well just cut out the middleman and take orders from the City and outsourcing companies directly.


    1. Greens have a bad name here. Grandstanded a candidate at last GE and took enough votes from LP to enable the Nazty Party to win by a few hundred votes! LibDems maybe. Greens – never!

  4. There are many tracks to follow with people like this. Did we discover the outcome of Woodcock and others ‘fact finding mission’ last April to meet the king of Saudi Arabia and who financed the trip? Was he there representing the party or did some other organisation help out? I note Tony Blair is advising the Saudi government under a £9 million deal between the country and his ‘institute’ Is it just a coincidence that Blair and May both make deals with Saudi in January ’18 then Woodcock visits in April?

  5. ‘MP John Woodcock, who last week quit the Labour Party claiming that he had no faith in a proper result of the party’s investigation into ‘sex pest’ allegations against him,’


    …Has not denied meeting theresa may, who allowed michael fallon and damien green to resign cabinet positions rather than sack them over their own sex pest allegations.

  6. Those closest to him “KNOWS HE’S A DOG”! I don’t mean to insult dogs, but we all know when a bitch is on heat all dogs are up for it!

  7. that Daniel Hewitt (Dan in a Van) is a Tory! so no wonder he confessed to him, when Dan had the opportunity to ask Cameron a question prior to the election, he opted for “Do you like my van?” instead of where’s the closest foodbank round here cameron? or some other politically astute question… for that lack-lustre effort he was promoted to political correspondent! since found out Granada reports are not allowed to do favourable pieces on Corbyn as it would be “career ending”

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