Video: extraordinary scenes, House suspended as Raab starts by continuing Tory Brexit chaos

bercow suspend.png

The Tories’ handling of Brexit negotiations and preparations have been marked by persistent incompetence and dishonesty punctuated by moments of utter chaos – of which the shambles of last week’s Chequers ‘agreement’, followed promptly by the resignation of what seemed like half of Theresa May’s front-bench team, was a case study.

New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has picked up the thread where his predecessors left off, as his first contribution in his new role descended into angry farce.

There were extraordinary scenes in the House of Commons this afternoon after MPs became so outraged at the way in which Raab began to deliver a statement on the government’s new Brexit White Paper that Speaker John Bercow was forced to suspend proceedings.

Normally, the government provides a copy of its statements to MPs in advance so that they can familiarise themselves with the details and ask questions – but in this case, Raab began his statement with MPs having no idea what would be in it, because no copies had been provided.

It was such a show of disrespect and either incompetence or cowardice that the Chamber was thrown into a level of disorder rarely seen even in the often-rowdy Commons:

It was a scene that his opposition shadow made full use of when dismantling him once Raab had eventually finished delivering his statement:


Why cowardice? MPs had not received a copy of the White Paper when Raab began his speech – but journalists had received one by around 9.30 this morning.

If Raab hoped to avoid harsher scrutiny by keeping MPs in the dark and depriving them of time to prepare, it certainly backfired in a huge way.

Like most of the Tories’ Brexit tactics.

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  1. Raab looked to me like he hadn’t a clue what he’d done wrong – Berkow speaking so slowly seemed to be trying to give him a chance to catch up.

    Ministers have civil servants and functionaries whose job it is to prevent them making fools of themselves – like the time BloJo was dissuaded from reciting “The Road to Mandalay” – in MYANMAR FFS.

    If they warned Raab and he ignored them that’s one thing – just confirms he’s an arrogant simpleton.

    More interesting to me is the possibility that they didn’t warn him – if that was the case I’m left wondering whether it was incompetence or deliberate, calculated sabotage by someone he thinks is on his side.

    It’d be fun to sow that seed of doubt in his little head by asking him directly wouldn’t it?

  2. The evil gutter press, as usual, are more important than democracy to the Tories. This is not a free press. It’s a very dictatorial press.

  3. The press being programmed before anyone else has read the white paper. So people will be badly informed and any criticism of the government lost as the furore over its handling of the matter will drown out what is actually in it.

    I would suggest the government doesn’t want people to find out what the white paper entails, as it is all probably just gobbledygook.

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