Explosive video: Leadsom – May knew Griffiths accused of groping when she appointed him

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The SKWAWKBOX reported earlier that Theresa May was accused of ‘betraying women’ when she broke a vow to MPs on maternity leave that she would ‘pair’ them with one of her supporters so that the absent MPs’ inability to appear and vote would not affect the result of votes during their absence.

Paired Tory MPs did in fact vote in order to save Theresa May’s skin in tight votes on Tuesday evening – votes that even Tory commentators such as Sebastian Payne are saying would probably have resulted in her removal had she lost them.

But that appears to be far from May’s biggest betrayal of women.

Tory Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom appeared on Tuesday night’s BBC Newsnight to be interviewed about new procedures for investigating sexual harassment allegations in Parliament – and dropped a bombshell whose enormous significance her interviewer failed to pursue:

Asked whether she had a quiet word with May before his appointment to warn her that now-resigned minister Andrew Griffiths was accused of ‘inappropriate touching’ and bullying, Leadsom told the programme:

No. As a matter of fact the process was carried out by the leader’s office.


May’s office knew, and therefore May knew, about the allegations against Griffiths when she was considering appointing him – and appointed him anyway.

May’s position is untenable because of her absolute chaos and incompetence this week, which has caused political pundits’ jaws to drop – and because of her betrayal of her promise to women MPs to save her position.

But her appointment of a man she knew was accused as a sexually harasser and bully is a greater betrayal of women – and of all of us. She is a disgrace – and as disgraced as Griffiths.

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  1. I have no sympathies with Leadsom, May or any other Tory weasel, but look at Leadsom taking her opportunity! Rats in a sack.

  2. ‘May’s office knew, and therefore May knew, about the allegations against Griffiths when she was considering appointing him – and appointed him anyway.’

    may knew full well about the backgrounds – and concerns over those backgrounds – of those first two retired judges she appointed to chair the IICSA and appointed them, anyway.

    She knew about concerns over martin moore-bick’s previous judgements (favourable to conservative housing policy) before she appointed him to chair the grenfell inquiry.

    She knew about 114 files of sexual abuse at westminster but she ‘lost’ them anyway.

    She knew all about the sex pests but she allowed them to resign instead of sacking them.

    She has a list of 30-odd MP’s in her own party that have some sort of sexual ‘peccadillo’ which could (In some cases) compromise national security, but has no compunction about promoting them to some of the highest offices of state as long as they are of use to her.

    AFAIC she is a danger to society and wholly unfit for office.

  3. The Tory leader is a shapeshifter, who, when it suits, flits between some of Labour policies on Brexit!
    She then, goes back to her crazy plans on “BREXIT MEANS BREXIT”
    If she took her head from up her arse and truly saw the light of day she would resign forthwith.
    Like her party, none of them have a plan “B”!
    She doesn’t give a FF about us the electorate, only those she thinks are on her side!

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