Exclusive: Woodcock’s post-general election letter comes back to bite him

woodcock sweat
Woodcock’s face as 2017 general election results came in

Last week, MP John Woodcock flounced out of the Labour Party, resigning with a letter that flung blame in all directions but himself. Among his various complaints, Woodcock attacked Labour’s status as a ‘mainstream electoral force’:

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But a letter that Woodock sent to a local Labour activist, released exclusively by the SKWAWKBOX, sheds light on his latest claims:

woodcock post-ge.png

…many of you were furious about my position on Jeremy Corbyn

…It is fair to say I completely and utterly under-estimated his ability to inspire many people across the country who simply wouldn’t have voted otherwise. You told me he would, I didn’t believe you. You were right and I was wrong!

Woodcock also claimed in his resignation letter that he was quitting the party to “put the people of Barrow and Furness first, no matter how difficult or controversial.


Mr Woodcock is back to denying that Labour is a ‘mainstream electoral force’ under Jeremy Corbyn, as part of his justification for deciding to quit before the investigation into ‘sex pest’ allegations against him concludes.

But just over a year ago, he received an object lesson in Labour’s mainstream appeal – and admitted in a letter just two days after the general election that Corbyn does what nobody on the right of the party and no mainstream media pundits thought was possible for any party leader: inspiring the normally non-voting to come out and vote.

Many of his local members tell the SKWAWKBOX do not believe his reading of the country or of what’s best for the people of Barrow and Furness has improved since his schooling last year – and indeed had already been asking the party’s National Executive Committee, before his resignation, for special permission to make an early start on selecting his replacement, as the SKWAWKBOX will reveal shortly.

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  1. Every year that Woodcock hangs on to his job as an MP he will get an increase of approx. £1900 per annum on his pension. Is he really hanging on for the benefit of his constituents.

  2. We need to be straight with the public and in some cases ourselves, and let them know the real reason Woodcock resigned from the Party.

    As well as being under investigation for ‘sexting’ Woodcock is an out and out Zionist and it is for this reason he said:

    “I will not countenance ever voting to make Jeremy Corbyn Britain’s Prime Minister” – He was playing up to the Israeli lobby who are still determined to take control of the Labour Party, just as they did in the Blair years.

    Under Jeremy Corbyn and others who are wise to their subterfuge and in a week when Israel officially declared itself to be an apartheid state, no matter the despicable behaviour of Margaret Hodge, the Zionists will not get back the influence they once had, no matter how much they kick and scream.

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