Leaked Brighton email exposes shameless right-wing hypocrisy and questionable resource use

Over the last few days, Labour’s hard right in Brighton has mounted an attack campaign on social media against prospective left candidates in the selections for the next set of local elections – apparently fearing a ‘Momentum clean sweep’.

A toxic fringe publication published a tweet mocking Momentum’s candidate preparation process for its ‘form-filling’:

rr brighton1.jpg

This tack was deeply dishonest, as it omitted the end of the Momentum message from its quotes that would have cast a very different light on the document, as one of the local Labour branches pointed out:

woodingdean tweet.png

Amusingly – as will become clear below – a couple of Progress/OFOC ‘ultras’ condemned the idea that a branch account was ‘being used to fight a factional battle’:

brighton ultras.png

The right-wing tweets has garnered little attention, but anti-Corbyn local MP Peter Kyle and his office manager Chris Henry attempted to reinforce their message with their own – similarly unsuccessful – contributions:

kyle henry.jpg

So far, so Blairite – but an email leaked to the SKWAWKBOX makes these contributions appear not only bitter but extremely hypocritical.

Some three weeks ago, Henry emailed a selection of councillors and applicants – Progress’ preferred ‘slate’, apparently – with an invitation to attend a meeting at 99 Church Road:

brighton email.png

The meeting – more important, according to Henry, than attending the main CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting and attended by a Progress deputy director and a former deputy director of communications for Tony Blair – included such delights as writing a speech for hustings, how to answer ‘tricky questions’ and how to write emails and leaflets.

Not only that, but the venue for the meeting – 99 Church Road – was Peter Kyle’s constituency office.

The ‘centrist’ MP sent his tweet after being copied in on the email arranging the training for the right-wing protégés – so presumably he would tell them that if they’re tempted by generic Progress-provided speeches and answers to ‘tricky questions’, politics isn’t for them either.

Chris Henry and Peter Kyle were contacted for comment but did not respond by the time of publication.


Apparently, if you’re Blairites, a branch account shouldn’t be ‘used to fight a factional battle’ – but it’s perfectly ok to use an MP’s constituency office for exactly that.

It also appears that while it’s ok to dishonestly present Momentum examples as if they are ‘fill in the blank’ forms, it’s also perfectly fine for right-wing applicants to be given coaching on answering those dastardly ‘tricky questions’ – and even how to master such advance techniques as writing an email.

Here’s hoping the Brighton Labour members do what the right clearly fears and sweeps them and their trainees off the board for the sake of the Party and their city.

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  1. Adrian Mcmenamin is an absolute a hole who should have joined the Tories ages ago, if he hasnt already. For decades LP has been infested with these people who believe in nothing but keeping LP in their control, usually for the benefit of the status quo.

  2. All the Tony Blair advisors in the world won’t make “moderates” more appealing to ordinary members. Let’s hope the party continues to elect people with real Labour values on both a local and national level.

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