‘Centrist’ u-turn on cards as ‘Labour’ back-benchers consider shoring up May?


Since news broke of Brexit Secretary David Davis’ resignation, media ‘outriders’ for so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs have been increasingly claiming the country needs a ‘national government’. The subsequent resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary will do nothing to quell those calls.

Rumours among Labour insiders are increasing that right-wing backbenchers who have until now been agitating for a ‘stop Brexit’ position may perform a screeching u-turn – to support Theresa May and prop up her government in return for her moving even further towards a ‘softest of Brexits’, or BINO (Brexit in name only) position.

Some centrist MPs have already spoken to mainstream media praising May for ‘facing down’ Boris Johnson and the ‘hard Brexiteers’, lending weight to the insider reading of the situation.

May might already have made overtures in return for initial expressions of centrist support – her dogsbody Gavin Barwell already invited Labour MPs to a ‘briefing’ today, before her appearance in the Chamber to pretend she was not in chaos:


A ‘senior Brexiteer’, according to Sky’s Beth Rigby,  saw the meeting as specifically to invite collaboration from Labour recalcitrants:

rigby tout

The group, if it acts, is likely to consist of the same MPs said to be preparing a break-away party – potentially just enough to shore up May’s chaotic regime. Of course, the Labour whip would immediately be withdrawn – but it’s unlikely that any MP prepared to commit such a betrayal would have enough integrity to resign his/her seat to allow constituents the opportunity to express their opinion in a by-election.

Any Labour MP agreeing to prop up a Tory Prime Minister will, of course, have committed the ultimate betrayal of the suffering poor, disabled and working people of this country – and of course, they will have demonstrated the greatest possible hypocrisy in abandoning their ‘stop Brexit’ stance in their pursuit of their real goal: preventing a Corbyn government.

Any Labour members or even constituents of MPs they think might even consider such a move need to be telling those MPs right now that they will pay at the ballot box for even a hint of support for a PM and party that blights the political, economic and social landscape of this country and routinely inflicts misery on millions.

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  1. It looks like the only solution is to push for a GE and as a reward for their ‘loyalty’ force some trigger ballots for the ‘usual suspects’.

  2. i will treat anyone who backs the tory the same, I wont support them and I will make life hard for them at begging time, it is not a strong and stable leadership as she promised so it is election time, this time with a difference, we need accountable laws that could lead to prosecutions of the like of ids and anyone else that thinks there invincible in public office

  3. we’ve taken FAR too long to reintroduce Mandatory reelection, that would eliminate this problem or go a LONG way towards its prevention

  4. Re maria’s question – “Do we know who attended this meeting with Barwell yet?”
    Anybody got any info on what was said and how it was received?

  5. Ben Bradshaw, just stated on Victoria Derbyshire programme, that he did attend Tory briefing on Brexit “to save the Government” We need a list of these neoliberal traitors and get them deselected quickly, before a general election is called.

  6. Sickening but wholly predictable. PS please could we erase the adjectives ‘centrist’, ‘moderate’ (even in inverted commas) from any description of right wing, Tory-Lite, Conservative Party Tribute Act Blairites? It tacitly supports the MSM view. It was an electorally successful illusion when Blair did it, now it’s just a lie. The fact that the corporate stranglehold on power and democracy has shifted everything to the right doesn’t mean they’re in the centre. It’s just another expedient ploy…thanks.

  7. Beware the elephants in the room. Please establish facts & who wants Brexit? Theresa May & her cabinet? EU bureaucrats? Chukka & Keir et al? MSM? CBI? Brexit means Brexit? (sic).

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