Field boycotts CLP in strop over photo. CLP demands apology for S*n column

As the SKWAWKBOX reported on Friday, right-wing Labour MP Frank Field suffered a serious reverse on Friday when more than eighty percent of Birkenhead members at their monthly CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in the MP and for the withdrawal of the Labour whip.

Members were expressing their anger at Field being one of four Labour MPs who propped up Theresa May and her government by breaking a three-line whip to vote for the Tories’ EU trade bill. May survived by three votes – meaning that if the Labour MPs had voted properly, she would have been defeated. Most observers felt that a defeat would have meant the end of her tenure as PM – and possibly of this hideously damaging government.

The SKWAWKBOX has learned that Field was not at the meeting to witness the censure – because he has been boycotting the meetings until he receives an apology for the taking of a picture of him during the March CLP meeting, where he was censured by members for writing for the hated S*n. The Murdoch rag is despised on Merseyside for the lies it told about the victims and survivors of the Hillsborough disaster.

The image – of a bleak-looking Field during the censure meeting – was leaked to the SKWAWKBOX and featured in an article at the time:

field s_n clp

The no-confidence and whip motion was not the only one that went against Mr Field on Friday. A motion to bar him from participating in any future ‘trigger ballot’ – the process by which members can deselect their MP – passed by an even greater margin.

Under current Labour rules, a sitting MP is automatically entitled to stand in any selection ballot, even if members succeed in forcing one – but this may change at Labour’s conference in September.

Mr Field was contacted for comment but has not replied. Any response received will be added.


With Labour MPs Ian Austin and Margaret Hodge facing disciplinary action for alleged appallingly abusive language toward colleagues and Field and Kate Hoey – two of the four who propped up Theresa May during the key trade vote – censured by their local members, the time when Labour MPs could behave however they wanted with impunity appears to be ending.

And that can only be a good thing.

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  1. Frank Field’s boycotting of CLP meetings over a photograph is symptomatic of a man consumed by his own hubris.

    He really should get over himself.

  2. Yes hopefully the era of Right Wing Labour MPs believing they are the ‘Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads) is over.
    For what should be a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party it could be argued Labour in the past it had a remarkable hierarchy – members (to be treated as children) – councillors (junior adults) and MPs (adults) but hopefully as an example to the World it is time WITH Left Wing Democratic Socialists for ‘The Great Masses of History!’
    We should be selecting genuine socialists to represent working people.

  3. The Gang of Four must go and be replaced by members who are not apologists for neo-liberalism.

  4. Not 1 but 2 articles by Ian Austin in the Guardian slamming Labour anti semitism problem. Never at fault for their actions

    1. Yes I saw those to , the lack of balance and bias is truly sickening for what used to be a half arsed reasonable paper , and of course the comments are NEVER opened for any kind of redress.
      No mention I could find over his foul rant against the The party Chairman and all his past appalling behaviour as a supposed person masquerading as a Labour MP .

      To some small degree better to read The Independent if only because of the open comments section for fair debate .

      God how I hope at this years Conference the memebership is given greater powers to deselect sub standard trash like this MPs.

      I can only congratulate CHris WIlliams , MP for Derby , with his Democracy Roadshow informing and educating members about this really important subject . I wonder just how much educating Austin ( or other RW Blairites MPs ) has done for his CLP other than telling them to shut the HECK UP ( Austin version — shut th efuk up ) and do as I say !

    2. Oh dear! Still reading the Guardian, that old neo-lib propaganda rag!. Try the Morning Star, the only pro-Corbyn daily. He reads it!

    3. Is that in the online version? Couldn’t see it in a quick flick-through the print version.

      The Fraudian really is getting desperate if they’re aligning themselves with such filth. I hope they’re not paying him or anything…

  5. The worm’s turned; and field & co are lashing their toys out of the pram.

    The absolute state of the lot of them. 😀

  6. Those close to FF need to have a difficult conversation with him about announcing his retirement at the next GE

    Anyone who has had to persuade an elderly relative that they are no longer capable of driving will appreciate how difficult that conversation will be. However it must be done for his own sake as well as for the benefit of his constituents.

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