Video: yesterday SKWAWKBOX warned ‘govt of nat unity’ would be next coup. Watch this

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Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX warned readers that a ‘centrist u-turn’ was about to start – with Labour MPs, shamefully, ready to prop up Theresa May rather than see the Tories fall and make way for a Corbyn-led Labour government.

Shortly afterwards, Theresa May went to the House of Commons to pitch her ‘Chequers deal’ to MPs. Here is a small selection of what followed:

The MPs shown have not been the only ones.


The compromise/national unity government message is being sown. This morning, Tom Watson actually said it was Labour’s job to prevent the fall of the Tory government.

A government that has inflicted misery on millions, including children and our most vulnerable – and whose policies have been linked to the deaths of well over one hundred thousand people.

A government that will continue its hounding of ordinary people and its despoiling of all that’s good in our society – whether we’re in the EU or out of it.

Any MP willing to support such a government has no place in the Labour Party – and the country needs to know it.

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  1. Prevent a tory collapse! What side is he on? A tory in labours clothes. Him and all the rest of the Blairites should be sacked.

  2. Bliarites have no place in a Labour Party,the clue is in the name,it is a party for workers not these parasitic Tory types

  3. It does them no good propping up a right wing Conservative government, if any do, Labour should withdraw the whip permanently.

  4. Has Corbyn spoken out or commented on this yet? I haven’t seen anything.

    These MPs, including the “bleep” deputy leader and “bleep” shadow brexit minister are being de facto presented as speaking for the Labour party, not making it clear these are their disingenuous, self interested, personal opinions mired in neoliberal profit for private corporates and banks before people and society ideology.

    They want to prop up this chaotic, incompetent and vicious Tory technocratic regime rather than have a Labour government… says all about them anyone needs to know.

  5. Isn’t it against LP rules to support another political party? If they were an ordinary member, they would be expelled.

    Only other thought is maybe they want that…. as an excuse to set up a new political grouping in Parliament. Mandelson always did want a ‘Centre Left’ party of permanent majority (a ref to Karl Rove’s ambition for the Bush Republicans). In 2010, Clegg betrayed Mandelson and joined Cameron… using the ‘national interest’ and exactly the same justification as Tom Watson et al.

  6. Geeez! I thought I had awoken in the twilight zone, I thought my ears were playing me up! Did I just actually hear a LABOUR deputy leader just say he doesn’t want to bring down the NASTIEST Party I have known in my 67 years & we need to work with them. FFS! we need deselection NOW.

  7. Obviously they intend to blow this up into Corbyn and the left unpatriotically refusing to form a “government of national unity” in a time of “national emergency” – as if a Tory meltdown were an emergency.

    Throw them out for good and let them cuddle up to the Tories as much as they want. Why shouldn’t they share the blame for Tory Brexit? Without them we’d have genuinely socialist MPs, have been in government for a year, dumped austerity and be investing in people and infrastructure.

    If they think their support will turn May’s sow’s ear of a Brexit into a silk purse they’re more deluded than anyone could have imagined.

  8. “These are Labour MPs. Right?”

    Depends on how close an election is and who the audience is apparently. And on what you mean by “Right.”

    Raab, Hancock & Wright – CABINET MINISTERS ffs – bring on the election.

    Oh yes, just in… cross out Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley… this is like the best game of battleships ever, isn’t it?

  9. The Tories have created this Brexit mess and therefore they own it. If they want Labour to help solve it, they should do as Jeremy said and get out, not ask Labour to help them avoid the consequences of their own actions.

    In a Commons vote, there must be a three line whip and any Labour MP who goes against it must have the whip withdrawn. In effect, they will no longer be Labour MPs. So what? they are acting as the opposition anyway and will therefore be no loss.

  10. UNFXXXING BELIEVABLE , just just ,,,,,,,,, words utterly fail ! to hear that so called Deputy leader of Labour saying in the video clip not about bring down a TORY govt welllllllllll WHAT THE Fxxx is the point of it then TOM . To help keep the murderous bastards in power so then can continue to screw us working class over and over ,, you effing piece of excrement !
    DOes he really think that the Tories would in any way shape or form EVER EVER extend the same offer to help Labour out if the situation was reversed ,,,, stupid stupid naive dumb bunch of little txxxs the lot of them or more likely just showing their true loyalty to the TORY PARTY . OUT WITH THEM ALL AT CONFERENCE MAKE EM ALL SWEAT !
    Appologies for rant , I am as MAD as hell with these fuxxers over this

  11. Mike Gapes refers with all his amdram pomposity to “the crisis of 1941”.

    If you are going to play this sub-Churchillian “my nation before my party” it might be as well to get the history of one of the most pivotal moments in the nation’s history right.

    The Norway crisis and the ousting of the Chamberlain government on a motion of the Labour Party in the Commons was in 1940. Churchill took office on 10 May with a cabinet of national unity that had Attlee in the inner, war cabinet. .

    There was no “crisis of 1941”. The most severe invasion threat had receded by then and the Battle of Britain won.

    These people are not only treacherous in trying to overturn their own fighting leader (as opposed to toppling a shade on the opposite benches). They are utter charlatans.

    They don’t know the nation’s history.

  12. Not completely unexpected. After all the coup attempts, they think they have finally figured out a solution, or rather, their paymasters think they have. As Jack T has mentioned earlier, let the party instruct a three-line whip with a clear message that any MP who breaches it will have the whip withdrawn. It’s time we go for the ‘nuclear option’. In this way, we would kill the proverbial two birds with the one stone – 1) they will have deselected themselves saving us time and effort, and 2) the party will have rid itself of its Blairite right wing faction who will suffer the same fate as the LibDems the last time they propped up the Tories. Let us quietly and subtly encourage them in their suicidal route. They wont be missed at all.

  13. This is pretty bad selective editing of longer interviews, cherry picking bit to create some false conspiracy, particularly of Wes Streeting’s bit (who i’m definitely not a fan of). SKWAWKBOX is at it’s best when it runs factual stories not just clickbait videos it’s selectively edited together.

    How can we bring down the Govt when they have a majority? They’re fucking up brexit but i’d rather work towards a soft brexit than the no deal that the ERG are trying to create . If they screw us then we can pull the plug but surely the “national interest” is to get the best deal possible??

    1. Editing is only for conciseness, nothing taken out would alter the meaning of what’s shown. But no, no concept of national interest – outside possibly of wartime – includes Labour collaborating with the Tories.

  14. And it goes on and on and on and on.

    That Tom Watson has the brass neck to admit that he’d effectively rather prop up Mrs Mayhem’s gov’t rather than have a labour govt is nothing less than an absolute BETRAYAL.

    I’m a LABOUR PARTY MEMBER who is sick to death of these traiterous bastards that are keeping Labour OUT of power.

    This shows how much British Government has shifted to a SELF-SERVING ENTITY rather than existing to represent the population.

    Watson should be SACKED.

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