Remarkable video – Merkel’s face tells story as May blocks press question re #ChequersDeal

merkel wry.png

Theresa May is clearly desperate to preserve any remaining shred of credibility she can cling to – but this evening her desperate attempt to do so gave away the game and showed there is none.

May was speaking at a press conference at the Balkans Summit in London, alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when a reporter tried to ask Merkel what she thought of May’s ‘Chequers deal’ that tore apart her Cabinet, has Brexiteers vowing to defeat her in votes until they get their way and saw a large number of MPs send letters of no confidence in her to the senior Tory committee.

Remarkably, May intercepted the question and refused to let Merkel speak – to loud laughter from the German side as the Chancellor’s face spoke volumes:


All May achieved was to make herself look ridiculous – and Merkel’s opinion must be dim indeed for her to go to such humiliating lengths to keep it from the UK public.

The Chancellor made that more than clear by her wry smile.

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  1. Whoever ‘Jason’ was – if he didn’t immediately explain the concept of press freedom to May and loudly speak over her to INSIST that his question was for Mrs. Merkel… that was a MASSIVE FAIL which he’ll regret if he has an ounce of journalistic integrity.

  2. I don’t suppose any of the German press ask Chancellor Markel the same question?
    If so it would be nice to know the answer

    1. Having watched the whole press conference it is obvious that she should have trusted Merkel to diplomatically field the question. May didn’t need to embarrass herself (again) by further exposing her insecurity and paranoia.

  3. There is no journalistic integrity any more. However May is a total disgrace. Have you noticed how her stutter and verbal confusion is getting worse? I can now tell within seconds she’s going to tell a lie or evasion before it even arrives.

      1. That’s one of the choices when you pull the string. Others include ‘Strong and stable’ and ‘What we are doing is’. What it can’t do is answer a question.

        I’m awaiting delivery of my George Osborne action figure that says ‘Long term economic plan’.

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