Video: the full Corbyn speech the BBC wouldn’t broadcast

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Yesterday, a huge crowd – police told Labour personnel they estimated a quarter of a million people – marched in London to protest against the visit of Donald Trump to the UK and in favour of decency, tolerance and solidarity.

Jeremy Corbyn was the headline speaker to the mass audience assembled in Trafalgar Square, but the BBC talked over his speech after observing the loud welcome he received and then dismissing the protest as a gesture by ‘Liberal Britain’ wouldn’t ‘go beyond that’ (video).

Here is that full speech, extracted from online coverage. Slight sound issues are in the original broadcast and quality improves as it progresses:


A subtitled version is in preparation and will be uploaded when ready.

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  1. The BBC feed even before Jeremy began to speak was nearly but not quite as bad as this video from Sky News.
    I wondered at the time how easy it might be for a single Trump-supporting satellite technician to disrupt coverage of the demonstration.
    Satellite communications are amazing – but the sound on BBC outside broadcasts and incoming Skype-type calls to newsrooms has never been worse.

  2. Lovely speech, and you brothers and sisters through your wealth create the wealth and make societies work!
    The rich and powerful just legally nick your surplus labour!
    We need power around the World for working people through their left wing democratic socialist representatives in a grassroots, bottom up, participatory approach WITH.
    Whilst all the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Capitalist Barbarians offer is CONNING PEOPLE WHILST STUFFING THE MOUTHS OF THE RICH WITH GOLD!
    Yours in international solidarity!

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