Javid folds like a deck of cards with mealy-mouthed ‘denial’ retraction

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been widely lambasted on social media for a ludicrously libellous tweet implying that Jeremy Corbyn encourages Holocaust denial.

Within an hour of news filtering out that Corbyn had pushed back, Javid had folded like a collapsing deck of cards, issuing this tweet:

javid retract.png

Javid’s tweet does not state exactly what he means by “Corbyn’s position on antisemitism” that the odious original poster is supposed to have ‘bought into’ – but as Corbyn’s position on antisemitism is that it is abhorrent and intolerable, Javid’s retraction looks mealy-mouthed at best, still leaving a smear hanging in the air like a bad smell for which Mr Javid bears sole, cynical responsibility.

The SKWAWKBOX has asked Mr Javid to clarify exactly what he means and will publish any response received.

In the meantime, the SKWAWKBOX has created an artist’s impression of what Javid’s proper apology for his outrageous defamation might look like:

javid artimp1

Fixed it.

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  1. We probably all knew people like Javid when we were at school. Someone who sucks up to the teacher and cowers in a corner when confronted over their snide behaviour.

  2. Javid is not the only one who needs to apologise for their behaviour.

    Check out the photograph of the banner on show here

    from yesterday’s Westminster march. Whoever is responsible needs to be prosecuted for hate speech – after all, the principle being argued is that it’s the victims of hate speech who get to define it – and if they and anyone else associated with them are LP members they should be investigated for bringing the Party into disrepute and if found to have done so, expelled.

  3. ‘Javid is not the only one who needs to apologise for their behaviour.’

    Yer not kiddin’ …Apologies won’t be good enough in almost all cases.

  4. I no longer know which is worse… this vile, snivelling Tory regime propped up by the imperialist Capitalist establishment structures and a big bung or the debased, some foul mouthed, neoliberal warmongers in PLP and other parties who are working as part of that establishment no doubt for their own self serving agenda.

  5. Parts of the media and politicians such as Sajid Javid are actually causing Jewish people harm in the way they are acting. There is a huge danger that with this political game playing and attempts to re-define antisemitism as criticism of Netanyahu or even investment banks and bankers, the real issue of discrimination, violence and abuse of Jewish people, and vandalism / desecration of their property will simply be ignored. People are just going to increasingly turn off as they will simply see “antisemitism” increasingly as a political football or a boring argument over semantics, rather than a serious and worrying problem in society.

    1. This is exactly the danger of their politicisation of anti-Semitism but the really horrific thing is they are surely well aware of that but just don’t care. That gives a clue as to the character of those doing this.

      1. Crying wolf or even f…..ing wolf, if one is ennobled, always turns out badly. they are running out of friends and the ones that they do have they don’t trust. Have patience, there are some very astute tactitions waiting for the right moment.

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