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It’s been an intense couple of months or so since the SKWAWKBOX’s last update, with media attacks on Labour escalating even further to cover for the chaos and incompetence of the Tories – while the SKWAWKBOX scored a perfect rating on the Newsguard news-reliability index.

Below are XX occasions just since the last update in which the SKWAWKBOX has brought exclusive information to expose Establishment dishonesty or to make sure its readers are the best-informed Labour supporters.

1. The ‘where was Corbyn?’ attack

When Jeremy Corbyn pulled out of a meeting with right-wing Labour MPs once again lining up to moan at him, they were quick to complain to the hostile media, accusing Corbyn of weakness. But Corbyn missed the meeting to meet terminally-ill Labour activist Jayne Rae, who was visiting Parliament that day. While MPs whined and the media attacked, her friend described Corbyn’s kindness and patience.

2. The Swinson/Johnson axis

The SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed that LibDem leader Jo Swinson had been holding a series of calls with Boris Johnson. The LibDems would not disclose the subject of the calls – but Swinson’s behaviour and continued attacks on Corbyn suggest possible reasons – and 95% of SKWAWKBOX readers believe the LibDems would again prop up a Tory government.

3 Swinson AWOL – on holiday

As MPs and the public marched against Boris Johnson’s abuse of democracy and his no-deal Brexit plan, Swinson was absent – and the SKWAWKBOX confirmed exclusively that she was on holiday, in spite of having falsely accused Jeremy Corbyn of taking a holiday during the EU referendum campaign. In fact, she had been close to the march start-point earlier in the day – then ignored it to go to her French holiday home.

4. Johnson’s screwed-up speech

When Boris Johnson announced a big speech outside Number 10 this week, his aides trailed to the media that he would be threatening a general election if he didn’t get his way. But Johnson fluffed his lines and completely forgot to make the threat. While the media pretended it hadn’t happened, the SKWAWKBOX brought its readers the video proof.

5. The Berger confirmation

In June, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that quitter MP Luciana Berger was in talks to join the LibDems – and to stand in the north London seat of Finchley and Golders Green.

Her supporters screamed ‘fake news’. But this week the corporate media reported that she has joined the LibDems – and is looking to stand in a north London seat, probably Finchley and Golders Green.

6. False positive

As right-wing MPs suddenly switched to talking positively about Corbyn’s interim-PM plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit and trigger a general election, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that a message had gone out to Corbyn’s opponents to put out fake-positive comments as part of a plan to bypass the Labour leader.

7. Swinson/Harman

LibDem Swinson claimed she had talked to Harriet Harman, who had agreed to serve as interim PM – but the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Harman told members of her CLP she had had no such discussion. They cannot both be telling the truth.

8. The Pidcock tapes

On the second anniversary of the SKWAWKBOX interview with Laura Pidcock that fuelled ‘mainstream’ news for weeks in 2017, the SKWAWKBOX published a series of exclusive video interviews with the NW Durham MP in which she talked about Tories, Parliament, the deputy leadership and more.

9. The fleeing deputy

In a contrasting example of actual weakness, Labour’s woeful deputy leader Tom Watson fled a meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) during the lunch-break, after other NEC members took him to task for his continued attempts to interfere in Labour’s disciplinary process. Watson also missed a meeting of MPs at which general secretary Jennie Formby, who is fighting cancer, received a standing ovation – and ducked a Shadow Cabinet meeting, all in the space of less than 24 hours.

10. Watson’s Beech scandal excuses debunked

Watson hit the rocks for his part in Carl Beech’s accusations, after the fraudster was convicted on multiple charges of perverting the course of justice. Watson tried to distance himself from Beech – but local Labour councillors recalled otherwise.

11. ‘The biter bit’

Barking MP Margaret Hodge has been at the forefront of attacks on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, infamously screaming in his face that he was ‘a f***ing racist and antisemite’. But as the SKWAWKBOX revealed, Hodge has been on the receiving end of a antisemitism complaint by an Orthodox Jewish member of the party.

12. The other biter bit

Tom Watson was also the subject of an antisemitism complaint by a professor of Jewish history, for his allusions to Jews as killers of Christ. The corporate media was silent on the topic – as it has been since – but the SKWAWKBOX broke the news.

13. Yet another bitten biter

Wes Streeting is another vocal critic to be criticised for antisemitism, when another Labour member complained of ‘original antisemitism’ in Streeting’s attacks on an Orthodox Jewish Labour member.

14. The uncancelled triggers

As rumours circulated that Labour’s NEC had cancelled the party’s trigger processes for selecting or deselecting MPs, the SKWAWKBOX was able to confirm that this was not true – but members need to move quickly.

15. Tories planning for early GE they denied was coming

Back in the days when the Tories were still pretending they didn’t want an early general election, the SKWAWKBOX exposed secret meetings senior Tories were holding around the country to plan for one.

16. The NEC’s endorsement withdrawal plan

With the risk that a general election might curtail Labour’s trigger process to remove damaging MPs, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the party’s NEC is meeting to discuss withdrawing endorsement from some of the ‘worst offenders’ to prevent them standing again as Labour candidates.

17. The ‘missing’ Coyle trigger

Bermondsey and Old Southwark Labour is holding trigger meetings from this weekend to potentially deselect its woeful MP Neil Coyle – but Coyle’s allies were not sending notifications to inform members that the meetings were taking place – while Coyle was marshalling his supporters. The SKWAWKBOX exposed the situation – and suddenly members were told.

18. The EHRC submission

When professor of Jewish history Geoffrey Alderman’s submission to the EHRC for its investigation into the Labour Party criticised the investigation’s rationale and methodology, SKWAWKBOX brought its readers the details.

19. No Holiday Inn police report after threats re Williamson

MP Chris Williamson’s booking was cancelled by the Brighton Holiday Inn because of threatening messages, calls – and a sinister visit – but the hotel did not report the incident to police, even though staff were so badly shaken that one could not face coming into work.

20. Hair-‘triggers’

When Labour’s NEC lowered the bar on the ‘trigger’ reselection process to make it easier for members to have a democratic say in who represents them, the news appeared first here.

As well as these exclusives, the SKWAWKBOX brought to the attention of its readers a range of information either largely or completely ignored by the corporate media – and perspectives to help Labour supporters understand wider events frequently misrepresented by the media.

In all these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX continues to help create a more honest political landscape and narrative – and to change outcomes for the better.

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