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Breaking: Rudd resigns from Cabinet and Tories with scathing attack on Johnson’s credibility

Amber Rudd on the night she scraped election in 2017

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned – from the Cabinet as DWP Secretary and from the Tory party, saying she will stand as an independent at the next election.

She quit saying that Boris Johnson is ‘not serious’ about achieving a Brexit deal.

Johnson’s own brother Jo also quit this week as a minister and from Parliament entirely.


Johnson’s government was a sham from its inception. It is falling apart around his ears.

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  1. The fact that he’s not serious was news to her FFS?
    News to the other deserters (still ‘just’ the 22 is it?) and news to his brother?
    He’s been proven hopelessly feckless and a habitual liar his whole career and he screwed up a dozen times as Foreign Secretary.
    What did they think – he just needed a bigger job to bring out the best in him?
    It baffles me that yer average prole can’t see he’s an empty shell of a man – Tories are supposed to be the elite and they can’t see through him either?

    1. …….DavidTorys…..worship posh public school boys… And just look were its got them.. Maybe now Rudds finished in Hastings and they can elect a good socialist mp.. Very good chance there for Labour

    1. Calamatous chaos from the tory rulers.

      BBC- “Corbyn is a chicken for not voting for a GE.”

      1. Aww, they’re just pissed off coz after four years of the masters of the universe throwing everything they’ve got at Corbyn he’s still standing and they’re tearing each other to pieces.
        The BBC collaborators who haven’t already bought a property somewhere there’s no extradition will be starting to panic though.
        Subversion of democracy is going to be a very serious offence πŸ™‚

      2. Subversion of democracy is going to be a very serious offence

        Let’s hope it’ll apply retrospectively! πŸ˜€

    2. dummkopf-schmitt’s been ‘away’ for a while; was perhaps johnson’s biggest cheerleader too, but doesn’t seem to have been ‘rewarded’ (Thank feck, and fingers crossed that I haven’t jinxed it)

      Oh, and johnson seems to have a flagrant disregard for the law at the minute, and we know what dummkopf-schmitt thinks of the law…Prick thinks he IS it.

      My money’d be on ‘hitler eyebrows’ making a (most unwelcome) return.

  2. Wow this is pretty big. I loathe Rudd of course but, a cabinet member resigning after, what, 5 weeks or something? This is real end of days stuff

    1. Bay whitaker……Boris met with the Queen yesterday… was supposed to be social to show off is latest girlfriend….they had to hide the china……but I think they are hiding a lot more.The Queens in a desperate position having used her Godly powers to back the Torys and her boy Johnson…..What are they plotting?….or are they going to announce a General election?

  3. We desperately need a ‘Geoffrey Howe’ moment, where an arch-loyalist deserts the Tories and gives the wake-up call which even arch-Brexiteers cannot ignore.

    1. Malcom james….good point,but the public are starting to get the measure of the Torys and he’s already cleared off the big beasts,so theres basically scraping the Barrell.For me all torys are loyalist…..could anyone with a sense of decency and morality be a Tory?

      1. Not enough who can act on their “moral and political” positions whilst facing losing their seats to a CLP chosen replacement. However, do not u underestimate the PLP chcken coupers to do something like walk across to the FibDems DURING an election campaign, or even after, while a govt is being formed

      2. Florence, any MP crossing the floor immediately after being elected on Labour’s or any other party’s ticket would rightly be condemned by all.
        It might be held to be so beyond the pale that parliament would change the law if necessary to enable a by-election to be held immediately – there may even be legal consequences for such appallingly dishonest acts.
        It’s one thing to lose confidence in one’s party due to disagreement with changing policies or personnel – but quite another to quit when the policies are those the MP campaigned on.
        If Johnson had lived up to his leadership campaign promises the Tory deserters would have had no moral grounds to quit.

        Euww, did I just use ‘Tory’ and ‘moral’ in the same sentence? I need a shower.

  4. In most circumstances the words β€œWe are going to help you” would be welcomed by the vulnerable. It’s only when they come from the mouth of a Tory DWP minister that they strike terror in the hearts of our society’s disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

  5. I have just read the resignation statment of Rudd,and believe that the only motivation was retaining her seat in Hastings under the independent banner….The town has suffered from Tory rule as much as any in the North….she knows full well the poverty she is responsible for in Hastings and has now tried a last ditch attempt to cling on in Hastings….it won’t work.Rats fleeing doesnt impress anyone.And just a thought from this lunacy of Johnson?How dangerous could it be with a head of state …unhinged Royal armed with the Royal prerogative and backed by the milatary and the Police……Democratic nightmare,never again I hope?..?

  6. Glad some comrades are having no truck with the MSM “Remainer Tories are the left wing of the party” guff. I struggle to discern a left wing.

    “Saint” Ken Clarke: Thatcherism’s Education and NHS guru; Rudd, Hammond, Gauke, and many others: architects of austerity. ALL Remainer Tories including expellees and defectors: extremely happy to vote through austerity year after year.

    The more compelling analysis is as follows. The majority Ruling Class position is that capitalism requires the constitutional protection of capitalism through supranational treaties (the Remainers); the minority position is that capitalism is strong enough to stand on its own two feet without such undemocratic protection (the Leavers). This difference among the ruling class has been apparent in different contexts for well over a century, perhaps far longer.

    1. Left wing Tories have been the right in the Labour party for many years now.

    2. Watching a Leaver trying to make the Brexit issue fit the Left-Right spectrum is like watching a possessed soul trying to pack a matchbox instead of a suitcase.

  7. Something to celebrate.

    But don’t get over-excited. If the Tory vote was dependent on a rational appreciation of this sort of thing, we wouldn’t be where we are. There are early signs that Mr Toad’s initial boost is beginning to wear off, but not enough to get excited about as yet.

    As a matter of confession – I listened to a bit of ‘Any Answers’ yesterday (still washing my ears). What is obvious is that the Tory vote isn’t much affected by this sort of thing – there are plenty of dick-brains around who think ‘Johnson’s the Man(n)’! despite all past and present evidence. They can’t string two coherent thoughts together, but they do remember all the ‘Leave’ nonsense from the Sun/Mail/Express/Torygraph propaganda nexus.

    Think of all those unsolicited scam ‘phone calls you get. You’d think no-one in their right mind would be fooled – until you compute that the perpetrators must be coining a lot more than the living wage.

    Still – something to celebrate. Another brick.

    Mr Toad’s initial boost is showing some healthy signs of decline. But it’s early days.

    1. Many, many people never watch the news on TV.
      Many of them read tabloids, but only the headlines and the soft clickbait kind of news content, and consider themselves well-informed.
      Many of those are computer beginners who, because they’re so out of touch, have no clue about the scams that are possible.
      They’re the type who, once convinced they’re Labour or Tory, are lifelong voters for ‘their’ party. They’re impossible to reason with – you see their gaze avert as soon as their preconceptions are challenged and know you’re wasting your time with them. They might go to the Con Club but they’re not activists. They’ll always vote with the majority view and parrot it if asked because being on the winning side reinforces their delusions of adequacy.
      It takes something with the traction of the ‘lights out’ headline to penetrate that kind of ignorance.

    2. The influence of the media is, of course crucial – and (surprise, surprise!) it isn’t batting for us.

      I’ve been listening to Radio 4 over the last hour on-and-off. The news has almost exclusively focused on Tories – not necessarily in agreement with Johnson, but even his opponents reinforce the Tory picture.

      That said – outside its lame News output, the BBC does do some reasonable stuff. The following program was a thoughtful demolition of the ‘social mobility’ nonsense. Worth a listen.

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