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Coyle CLP tells members of trigger meetings after SKWAWKBOX exposé – if member, make sure to attend

One branch has trigger meeting tomorrow morning. If you’re eligible to vote, make sure to attend
Facing triggers: Neil Coyle

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX exposed the lack of information members of Bermondsey and Old Southwark (BOS) constituency Labour party (CLP) say they’ve received about ‘trigger’ meetings arranged under Labour’s rules to decide whether Neil Coyle – who has faced censure by local members in the past – will face a selection contest to represent Labour in the seat.

Coyle’s team, meanwhile, was busy sending emails to members he thought might support him, asking them to attend.

Within hours of the exposé, a message from the constituency chair was finally sent out to members notifying them of the meetings, although it did not include details of the meetings, saying they were sent separately.

The header of the email belatedly notifying members

Tomorrow, Newington branch has its trigger meeting at 11am at Penrose TRA Hall, Penrose Grove, Walworth SE17 3EZ. Any members entitled to vote must arrive before the meeting starts – membership and identity checks will start from 10.30am and members should take membership cards and a photo ID.

If you are a member of a different BOS branch, please check with your branch secretary and organise with your colleagues to attend. If one in three branches votes for a full selection contest, one will take place – as long as no general election is called in the meantime.

Members of other CLPs should check with their branch or CLP secretary urgently, as the trigger window will close if a general election is called.

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  1. I am wishing very hard!
    good luck to all of you who have organised trigger votes to remove the self-centrists.

  2. They the membership are the Labour party…not coyle and traitors like him in the PLP……but the mechanism to get rid of people like him is not fit for purpose and will be disaster for a Labour government!…..We all know where the blame is……NEC….gutless and pliable for right wing use only?

    1. The NEC Left no longer behaves like it did throughout the last century. Instead of endlessly putting forward left proposals and putting them to the (recorded) vote, the NEC Left has cultivated a mood of relative chumminess with the NEC Right and few matters culminate in a vote. This collective stance has contributed to, and reflected the erosion of, difference between Left and Right. Hence the non-materialisation of the Party’s promised “democratic revolution”.

      1. So Danny they’re little more than collaborators……and my memory tells me what we used to do to them…?

      2. Your quite understandable socialist wishful thinking has clouded your memory on this one, Joseph OKEEFE ! In the UK Labour Party unfortunately they have always been given a lifetime cushy number in the House of Lords, plus well-remunerated additional private sector directorships and quango sinecure jobs ! As with our unlamented last Party General Secretary.

      3. Penny I wasn’t refering to the Labour party…..They never had the guts to do what needed to be done…….if you play by the establishment rules.?……The British establishment always hit back with lethal force! !

  3. Apologies for once again intruding off-topic, but there is yet another really good piece on the JVL website (pace Penny) about the profound danger of the cynical ‘antisemitism’ scam. It’s by David Graeber, a Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, who comments that the whole scam is :

    “: “so cynical and irresponsible that I genuinely believe it to be a form of antisemitism in itself. And it is a clear and present danger to Jewish people.”

    It strips away any false concern from the faces of those engaged in the big lie.

    1. No apology necessary as far as I am concerned.
      Good article.

      The anti-Semitism argument seems only to have come to the fore once the electability argument was no longer serviceable.

    2. I’m a paid up supporter of Jewish Voice for Labour RH, and I agree entirely with your analogy.

    3. Brilliant piece by David and moved me to tears.
      The use of anti-semitism for political ends has a long history for example when the peasants in Russia began threatening to rise up in 1900 the elite lead by Tsar Alexander the 2nd made it state policy to set peasants against Jewish citizens to blame them for all Russia’s ills and divide and rule, now sadly it’s seems to be Muslims.
      But David slowly and slowly socialist diverse solidarity is growing, my trade union affiliated to JVL which led to member to get his CLP to affiliate and comrades we need more and more of this.
      Be strong brothers and sisters, do not be afraid, WE WILL CRUSH THE RIGHT WING BARBARIANS WITHIN LABOUR AND WITHOUT!
      X and Solidarity!

  4. I hope many can get to that vital meeting, and I hope they can get the desired outcome. We need left wing candidates, not right wing.

  5. If we get JC in they will sell the socialist dream out because they are social democrat careerists who offer crumbs when we want to transform, so vote for Left Wing Democratic Socialists.
    In my area they are suddenly wanting to have branch meetings as campaign meetings, when triggers have been agreed.
    It is only a recommendation from an EC but this is not Stalinist North Korea or China, the Right act like Johnson and seem to want to prorogue branches?
    But ECs can only recommend, the power is with members!.
    Choose pro JC left wing democratic socialists and a JC Govt could be more exciting than 1945!

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