SKWAWKBOX was accused of fake news for saying Berger was to join LibDems. Well, well…

Liverpool MP follows in former colleague Umunna’s footsteps

In June, the SKWAWKBOX reported exclusively that former Labour, former ‘TIG-CUK’ MP Luciana Berger was in talks to follow in Chuka Umunna’s footsteps and join the LibDems – and was immediately attacked as fake news by Ms Berger’s supporters for even daring to suggest such a thing.

This morning, Ms Berger has joined the LibDems. She has not yet confirmed whether she intends to change constituency at the next election.

In February, the SKWAWKBOX was similarly attacked for reporting exclusively that Umunna was about to quit the Labour Party for his new and very short-lived ‘TIG’ venture – and then four days later, he did.

Not that there’s a pattern or anything.

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    1. This might seem spiteful but all the traitors think that they are gorgeous, even that one who sleeps with her head in a vice. ☮️

  1. I actually pity the Lib Dems with what a bag of s*** this person is they’re getting,,,, suits them tho.

    1. Don’t pity them – They’ve welcomed berger AND umunna AND the other toerags with open arms. Such is their standards.

      Something like 50% of their MP’s weren’t even elected as lib dim (sic).

  2. She is related to Manny Shinwell who was Minister for War at one time.
    In that role, he was a strong supporter of British involvement in the Korean War. The massive armaments burden that he supported contributed to Labour’s defeat in 1951.

    Britain should not have got militarily involved in what was really a civil war. It would not have happened in the first place if it had not been for the abysmal diplomacy of the Truman administration.

    Shinwell was also a strong supporter of the Falklands War.

    Poor judgement seems to run in that family.

    1. Shinwell was also a leading promoter of Zionism at a time when the UK had primary responsibility for Palestine. It was rumoured that Cabinet deliberations were passed on to Haganah immediately.

    1. Steve H……I would love to be a fly on the wall for xmass dinner at old man Johnson’s Xmass dinner….Hope Bozzo gives his brother a good bullingdon thrashing and the police are called…..just think of all them broken plates….doubt the floozy will be with him,she will have bailed out when the removal van pulled up outside Drowning street…..Its certainly a movie for the futue…pinetree or Hollywood….maybe even Bollywood?

  3. She got an easy ride from Adrian Chiles this morning – no question of why, if she’s so principled, she’s not stood down for a bye-election.

    1. Jo Swinson didn’t do herself any favours on ‘Politics Live’. Her I can’t support Corbyn because he can’t command a majority because I won’t support Corbyn was ridiculed.

      1. Yes – you’ve got to laugh at Berger’s contention that this is the party to stop Brexit 🙂

        I could have a bit of respect for the old Liberal Party – but this LibDem repository for chancers and windbags is a total shit-heap.

    2. Chiles? Pfft! Like being ‘interrogated’ by Mr Barraclough from ‘Porridge’

      In fairness to chiles, hes no worse than the rest of them; they’re all worse than shite.

      But anywho, when was the last time berger got anywhere’s near a mild grilling, nevermind a full-tilt paxman interview? The manipulative twunt NEVER has had one.

      Not even for her candidacy – both past, and – it appears – future. Doubt anyone’s even so much as raised their voice by a semitone towards her.

    3. Shes a pathological liar that was proped up by lansman and LFI and will do nicely in the libs…..

  4. Wonder which west country marginal will suffer the misfortune to have berger contesting it?!

    ‘Cos she sure as hell ain’t gonna contest Wavertree, the careerist parasite.

  5. Oh, I see Skwawky had already plumped for Finchley…Not a West country lib dem stronghold, but she’ll ‘feel welcome’ there, I suppose.

    …And they’ll be only too welcome to her (IF they want her) in my opinion.

    Wikipedia page for Finchley & golders Green making murmurs, too. I’;m sure the candidate they selected originally will feel cheated if berger’s parachuted in there – Just as the people of Wavertree were back in 2010.

  6. For once there’s not a thing I can add, the majority of comments have been excellent.

  7. Wow, how unexpected. The Libs from the past, when they had a radical wing, must be thinking what on on earth is going on. Well I doubt that she will ever fill dear old Smith’s boots. They are a vile outfit by any standards. Have you seen their leader? What’s that all about. Thick as several planks. Regards

  8. I hope that when you wrote Smith you didn’t mean uncle Cyril? I’m joking. ☮️

    1. Is there a reason you’ve suddenly decided to post comments on articles that are more than a year old

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