As Coyle marshalls supporters, CLP failing to tell members about trigger vote this weekend

Bermondsey and Old Southwark trigger ballot taking place – but many members not told
Neil Coyle

Neil Coyle has more reason than many MPs to fear deselection. In 2017, Coyle was the subject of a letter of complaint signed by a huge number of local and neighbouring members over his conduct in the wake of the general election result. The letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described Coyle as a ‘constant irritant’, criticised his comments in the right-wing Daily Mail and detailed a litany of other frustrations.

More recently, Coyle claimed Labour members ‘overwhelmingly’ want a further EU referendum – but a vote showed not even his own local members do.

Last year, after right-winger Ian McKenzie was suspended from the party for comments about the rape and murder of front-bencher Emily Thornberry and other complaints, Coyle was seen enjoying a cosy drink with the Labour First hatchet-man.

So he will be rightly concerned about trigger-ballot meetings arranged among local Labour branches, which – if he loses – will force him to fight a full selection contest against other prospective candidates. But it seems the executive of his CLP (constituency Labour party) is not giving members the required opportunity to have their say.

Local members report that many have received no notification of the trigger meeting of Newington branch. However, Coyle has been using calls, texts and a non-Labour email address to inform members he thinks support him about the meeting details:

The CLP is sending emails to members without problem about other events – such as a quiz taking place the night before the trigger meeting and only a minute’s walk or so from the venue:

Bermondsey and Old Southwark members – or at least some of them – appear to be suffering deprivation of their democratic rights. However, the CLP secretary failed to engage when asked to comment. The Newington branch secretary identified by members denied being the branch secretary and declined to make any comment on the record.

Meanwhile, Coyle’s team continues to hit members they think are supportive with calls, texts and emails.

If you are a Newington branch member, make every effort to attend Penrose TRA Hall, Penrose Grove, Walworth, London SE17 3EZ this Saturday 7th September at 11.00am – and make sure to bring ID and your membership card.

If you are a member of a different branch of the CLP, find out urgently when and where your trigger meeting is taking place and make sure you don’t miss it. Bermondsey and Old Southwark members – like Labour members around the country – deserve to have their democratic say about who represents them.

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    1. I think if it’d happened we’d have heard… some sick fuck’s idea of a joke I expect.

  1. These parasites like coyle use every trick in the book. Coyle class traitor would be a big scalp.. Branches and the general membership need to get switched on…… and now asking HQ if necessary regarding deliberate attempts to subvert democracy by the so called moderates!

  2. The blairites have been manipulating local branches for so long I’m surprised anyone thought it’d be as simple as just telling them to get organised for deselections – or that the blairites would just roll over and accept defeat.
    Email from Jennie Formby on selections of candidates Wednesday didn’t mention deselections at all for whatever reason.
    Applications by 5pm tomorrow, Friday for anyone interested it said.
    I know many here feel parachuting candidates in is undemocratic and tainted by the blair years – but we’d have this sorted by now if it was organised centrally – emails to members of dates of deselection meetings wouldn’t ‘go missing’ and candidates could have been introduced to the memberships weeks or months ago.
    Too late now.

    1. David….too true,your quote We would have had this sorted out by now if it was sorted out centrally”So true,and so important,I got the email yesterday and thought at least they try?…Ps David what are you up at 2am….are you trying to outdo me on posting….your Quality is better but I prefer bulk whilst Britain is sleeping and Ive had breakfast!

      1. Always been a night person Joe, worked shifts for years.
        I repair electronics (only for fun now) and there are fewer distractions at night.
        Used to be able to have twenty different jobs dismantled & waiting for spares, then pick up where I left off when parts arrived.
        Now if I don’t get a multi-level circuit repair finished in one sitting I have to spend time making notes & taking pics to remind me where I left off – so sometimes I’ll work 15-16 hours at a stretch. Finished one a few weeks ago in half-light & didn’t know if it was dawn or dusk.
        People here think I’m nuts ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yes Steve I do see the attraction – but all methods of selection have down sides.
    Central selection can put too much power in too few hands but OMOV can be open to the same thing on a local level – a charismatic clown totally unsuited to any kind of power like BloJob or a local celebrity can get elected for entirely the wrong reasons when OMOV rules.
    I feel professionalism in the selection of people to represent us is even more important to the nation than, say, selection of executive directors is to large companies.
    At Branch or CLP level professionalism in recruitment is quite hard to ensure but no more difficult for Southside than for any other large organisation.

    1. Yes.David….interesting I am working with NGO group to supply fresh water and a small amount of solar lighting to some of the rural communities here in Cambodia,.Thats why I appear to be posting in the middle of the night,Its rewarding to see we can make a difference,and in somways being poor here is not as depressing as the poverty in the UK surprisingly.. They are happy here ,they have the basics, a property they own and land to work and a strong family bond….. its not all horrer of pol pot and Khmer rouge.This country is rising from the horrors of an insane dictator with Chinese help. But what’s Britain going to do with our insane dictator and a all powerful Royal establishment? …Corbyn will sort them with luck!

  4. I have been reading about these moderate Torys,yes I know……a bit like awfully good?…..But these 22 torys need a home.Couldn’t Benn or Watson form a sizable group in parliament with our.. wait for it….our moderates.and these Tory moderates……..YES it could solve a lot of our baggage problems and rejuvenate the Labour party with socialist candidates……Sorry just dreaming in desperation of our parasites?

  5. “Neil Coyle has more reason than many MPs to fear deselection”

    Let us hope that everybody acts to ensure that his fears turn out to be well-founded.

  6. It is time all these disgusting Labour Right MPs were sent packing! Coyle is constantly abusing Corbyn. Why is it these MPs are given a ‘get out of gaol” free card when innocent members are expelled!!!

  7. If an email that is not officially @UKLabour then it could be a major data breach if addresses have been obtained from official source

    1. You must have heard by now, but the GDPR doesn’t apply to Southside. They can do pretty much as they like with members data, without any sanction.

      For members to take any individual action on breaches of GDPR is prohibitively expensive. The party know this and so do whatever they please and ignore the law. They know it’s highly unlikely that members will be able do anything to stop their abuse.

  8. To frame a meeting to discuss whether or not to reselect the sitting MP as a ‘Reselection Meeting’ is not clumsy but calculatedly contemptuous towards CLP democracy.

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