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R-wing Lab MPs ‘told to take fake-positive line’ on Corbyn’s no-confidence plan. Swinson expected to follow suit

Labour insiders say plan agreed and communicated via WhatsApp group

Senior Labour Party sources say that the party’s right-wing MPs have been told to take an apparently positive line on Jeremy Corbyn’s invitation to MPs of all parties to support a no-confidence motion against Boris Johnson’s government – but with a disguised barb designed to undermine the Labour leader.

Sources told the SKWAWKBOX they believe that the plan was discussed and communicated in a WhatsApp group set up by so-called ‘centrist’ MPs and is intended to give an appearance of support for Corbyn’s strategy, while laying a trap to be sprung that will bypass the party’s democratically-elected leader if a no-confidence vote is successful.

One source told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s fake ‘support’, but they’ve agreed they’re going to push a line that Jeremy should be the ‘first’ to try to form a government if a no-confidence vote succeeds – but that others should have a go if he ‘fails’.

If the motion passes, they’ll immediately withdraw support to prevent Jeremy being able to support a government and swing in line behind one of their own candidates that they’ve already been pushing in the media. It’s a trap and not a very subtle one.

Certainly a number of right-wing Labour MPs have made tweets today that bear a striking similarity to the tactic outlined.

A similar line is propagating among Establishment commentators and the same Labour insiders expect LibDem leader Jo Swinson – who spent time with the Labour’s notional deputy leader Tom Watson earlier this week, to switch tack, from Tuesday’s embarrassing outright rejection of Corbyn’s plan to a similar line in the next day or two.


Jeremy Corbyn’s bold move in sending his letter to MPs of various parties on Wednesday night blindsided the centrists who have been cynically using the idea of an interim government to try to block his route to Number 10 – but Labour insiders believe the new plan is a desperate but equally cynical attempt to retrieve the situation under camouflage of ‘fake support’.

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  1. Something like this was to be expected but I can’t see it working given that Jeremy is the Leader of the Opposition and only he can call a VONC and form any subsequent government.
    In any case Labour MPs openly working to install anybody else in No10 would cause outrage in CLPs up and down the country resulting in deselection of those who participated. They know this as well as we do.
    However it would be a mistake to underestimate the stupidity and malice of some members of the PLP -evidence the 2016 coup. They are bad enough for anything so we need to keep on top of the situation at all times.
    In relation to Jo Swinson she seems to have got above herself as my old Gran used to say. Her arrogance is there for all to see and I truly believe that she will learn a hard lesson come the next election

    1. “Labour MPs openly working to install anybody else in No10 would cause outrage in CLPs up and down the country resulting in deselection of those who participated.”

      Exactly. They would have blown their ‘reasonable’ cover entirely and exposed themselves for what they are.

      My guess – even though I don’t underestimate the stupidity of some such MPs – is that the story is a muttering from the wilder fringes of the disloyal, amplified by the self-importance of some in the fervid Westminster atmosphere.

      I have been watching the way in which some of the more canny anti-Corbyn MPs have been keeping their heads down. Like Swinson, the others will look entirely stupid if they pretend to moderation and rationality (their cover) whilst effectively siding with the barmy brigade of Tories.

      Remember the look on Kinnock Jnr.’s face when he learned of Corbyn’s success in the leadership election? Some have no grasp of which way is up.

  2. The problem I see here is that if they do that, while of course that will put them top of the list for deselection, there is unlikely to be time to deselect them before the General Election, so we will be stuck with them into another Parliament.

    There is a case that any MP who cannot support their own leader as PM should be immediately expelled from the party, but would that work?

  3. It’s another PLP attempt to override the Labour Party’s choice of Leader and negate the whole idea of Labour as a proper political party replacing it with governance by an amorphous establishment elite.

    But that is a good reason why the Labour Party should not be touching all this coaltionism with a bargepole!

    1. When you wish upon a star …

      Coalition is central to rational politics. The question is who you coalesce with. Simple-minded ideological purity died a long time ago – it’s DNA kept on producing non-surviving freaks.

      1. RH… group of councillors in Surrey was in Coalition with the lib dems even down to cheese and wine partys together!.The Labour group leader ran the borough’ like a minor fiefdom and nobody noticed the difference between tory run and middle class Champaign socialist Labour!.I undermined the partnership at every opportunity and l am proud of that!.asset stripping even under Labour did not sit well with my consciences and coalition is the road to ruin in local politics and a minefield in government!

      2. Joseph – Every political Party is a coalition.

        Every time two people get together to pursue a political objective – it’s a coalition.

        The issue isn’t the fact of coalition, it’s the substance of it. The LibDems didn’t make a mistake because they went into coalition – they made a mistake because they betrayed some basic principles that they boasted.

  4. Those labour MPs not supporting a labour government must be deselected after all if you can be slung out of the party for voting liberal why should you think you can stay? Second if they voted against a corbyn led government where is the support coming from for some other ? It wont be loyal labour.They could let in a no deal anyway!

  5. They should back JCs No Confidence vote and JC for PM and follow Labour Leaders guidance, if not should be booted out!

  6. Once they topple both the government and the leader of the opposition, and bring in a non-elected government, there will be no GE. It’s called a coup.
    They will simply say that it’s not the right time for an election, and it never will be.

    1. Catherine terrie… …You have hit the nail on the head…..A country with no constitution and head of state monarchy,would always be open to a coup…..Thailand without the heat……What a shambles..21st century and a 1600s. Establishiment

    2. This is my fear about parliament voting on and installing a coalition Gov! We already have a poor quality parliament with majority of craven MPs who are de facto bureaucrats for Capital, finance and vested interests.

      I am not in favour of Parliament voting in a coalition Gov even if Corbyn led it. UK is not about to be attacked or involved in a major war, the only war in/on UK is one against democracy and the public with MPs leading the charge.

      1. Meant to add that Parliament installing a coalition Gov would set a very dangerous president. If a Corbyn led LP won a GE the current or similar parliament may scream he is a ‘danger to national security’ and vote in another coalition Gov! The public are slowly but surely being further disenfranchised.

      2. Of course I meant precedent not president in my 7.16pm comment… Freud must have got in my head and now I am talking to myself.

  7. Interesting comment from an article on evolve politics (CBA verifying it, mind, but no reason at all to doubt it):

    ”Corbyn was elected as leader of the Labour Party, and hence the leader of the “official” opposition, by a greater number of Labour members than the combined total votes received by every current LibDem MP (including Chuka Umuna) at the 2017GE !”

  8. Any political organisation should have automatic expulsion for supporting another party… That including our broad church …..approach to enforcement of rules! The NEC have a lot to answer for!

  9. They would expose themselves to the mother of all shitstorms, from within and without,
    The only chance in the time we have left is JC plan, if they bring it down, who is going to vote for a 2nd referendum or revoke,
    There is no majority for No Brexit
    At end of the day the numbers only add up one way, remainiacs would do better to concentrate on GE and referendum that will follow

    1. You have put your finger on it.3+ years of this is ample testimony to what a stupid idea it was in the first place.

      Corbyn’s plan is – at very least – a chance to reboot and ask the question of the populace ” Are you really that gullible, now that you know a bit about the issue?”

      1. RH……And you think that it’s best to insult the electorate before asking the Question?

      2. No insult – just a statement of fact. You only have to listen to the average vox pop to know that a hell of a lot of Leave voters hadn’t a clue whether it was shit, shave or breakfast time.

        Why should I pussy-foot around people mouthing Johnsonian falsehoods, on Europe any more than I would if they were rabitting about ‘benefit scroungers’ etc. etc. – straight out of the Daily Bile? Both are Tory propaganda lines.

      3. Any man who responds to being called a fucking anti semite and a racist with ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ is a better man than me and will make a great PM
        JC is different and it stands out in a sea of dross, his latest offer is once again in the national interest and the only chance there is to stop a No Deal in the time we have left
        The day of judgment would be centrists failing to support JC and No Deal go through,
        The sky would be black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost
        The numbers will be the same in parliament and a GE would be inevitable, right in the middle of a meltdown in the country and in the markets
        Been 40 years coming, as Timfrom says ‘get the popcorn out’

  10. Twice in the last 24 hours a senior Lib Dem (Swinson was one) has said there are 8 Labour MPs who will not support Mr Corbyn in this. They have both specifically said 8 MPs. It must be known who they are and I cannot think of any reason why,if it is true(and I realise we shouldn’t necessarily believe anything the Lib Dems say) those MPs should not be summarily expelled from the Labour Party.

  11. It is heartening to hear both Swinson and Ha’Penny lambasting Corbyn’s move. Real confirmation that he’s upsetting the right people.

    Meanwhile, the Groan is also struggling with Corbyn not being unreasonable whilst Swinson’s fake gold lacquer wears thin.

    What’s not to like when the bus has been stuck in traffic for so long?

    As to ‘8’ Labour MP’s … time to pin them with a 3-line whip on a totally uncontroversial move from a real Labour point of view.

  12. With enforcement of rules only seemingly being on AS and justice being thin on the ground,The NEC have allowed a free for all for right wing destructive ideology to run away with The party rules.and interpretation on the hoof!

  13. I can’t understand how Watson is still in position. I have not come across one member who respects him, never mind like him. Why hasn’t he been challenged? Why hasn’t his CLP put in a no confidence motion against him? When is he going to be kicked out of the party for undermining the leader and all he stands for? He is a Judas wanting his 30 pieces. He needs kicking out and fast.

  14. If, as they don’t seem to realise, one of the centrist (right wing) machinations should come to fruition and JC was ousted, The Labour Party would cease to exist. The grass roots members would resign faster than they signed up. The centrists would never be forgiven, and a new party of the left would arise. The centrists, with no one to work for their re election, would last as long as the next GE. Their seeming lack of awareness of the state of feelings within the party makes them their own worst enemies, and very poor politicians, blinded by their arrogance. If we, the members, are to be denied the fruits of our new found democratic rights in whom we choose as our leaders, then we the members will vote with our feet, and the Blairite rump will suffer the consequences.

    1. I don’t disagree with you about the fatal effect on the Labour Party. But it won’t be only the ‘Blairite rump’ that will suffer the consequences of what will be a Tory wet dream.

    2. That scenario of mass resignations is exactly what the Blairites want tho , they want the huge support terminated , gone , shutof , and they will be very very content with a small pliable ( rich ) membership base that will allow them to remain as opposition MPs fo rthe rest of their lives . I say opposition MPS as that is the most easiest and lucrative position for them to be in . Pick up the wage and all the perks , do sweet FA of any real use and have next to no responsibility … what’s not to like ?
      SO we stay we fight and we make their lives a living hell at every turn , at Branch , CLP and National level at Party COnf , in fact we drive them out , make no mistake this is our Socialist Party that represents us not some careerist elitist turd , the shining example of such being Chukka Uppah and his coterie

    3. They’d take that as a result, I think. That’s how desperate some are to prevent a Corbyn government.

  15. Mary…..I am convinced that the Labour party are in the grip of right wing infiltrators,and much of our structure and enforcement..The governance of Labour is in direct confrontation with the massive membership and are bending the rules for the right wing infiltrators .A cleanout will take far to long before the general election and we have left it to long to change now.Last chance for a democratic socialist Labour government?

  16. How many Lib Dems must be saying to themselves of Swinson “damn, we’ve done it again, elected a baby Tory as Leader, when are we going to learn?”. The answer is NEVER.

    When you are a Party with no principles whatsoever and your only policy and reason for existing is ‘we’re not those or those’ the Lib Dems will forever be just a Party of spoilers and opportunists who hang around on the periphery of politics living off scraps.

    1. I reckon Labour strategy should be to highllight the distinction between the current LibDem bastard Party and the genuine ‘liberal’ traditions that it ate up whole when it mistook pompous Labour malcontents for allies. The ‘nicey nicey’ image of the current LibDems doesn’t stand up well to proper examination.

      1. As an addendum – the Groan still has some good stuff amongst the dross. This is an extract from a letter which is a pretty succinct summary :

        “Jo Swinson – Voting Record CV

        • Warned against rises in Minimum Wage
        • Defended Tory Tribunal Fees
        • Scrapped Education Maintenance Allowance
        • Cut Disability Payments
        • Backed Bedroom Tax
        • Tripled Tuition Fees
        • Voted to bomb several Muslim Countries
        • Backed Austerity

        What exactly do the Lib Dems stand for? They have two right feet it appears.

      2. RH……from my experience of a council coalition of Lib Labs the nicey nicey image of the parasite libs is a myth.They are rank amateurs but are wiley operator’s of lies and deception.The thought of teaming up with libs makes me shudder!.Coalition can only.mean an orchestrated abdication of socialist principles.We clearly have not learned the lessons of the Blair years……I did very soon after getting him elected, in fact the day after…..we rowed back on dismantling the Trust NHS internal privatization plan and kept everything in position including management and addopting PFI financial slavery!

      3. I think Jo Swinson’s stance on this issue is a disgrace. However I note her voting record that you have provided RH and consequently her current grandstanding does not surprise me.
        She is the leader of a party which has 13(?) MPs but intends to dictate who should lead Labour. What arrogance.
        Jeremy Corbyn is our leader, elected by more people than the total membership of her party, the Tory party and the Greens combined.
        If Jo decides not to work with Jeremy and allows Boris Johnson his no deal Brexit she will have to answer to the people for her decision at the next election.
        I also think that Harriet Harmon who she has suggested for the temp PM post should clearly state her position in this matter. If she is willing to usurp Jeremy Corbyn we need to know so that we can take appropriate action.
        Finally Jo Swinson’s behaviour should tbe a warning to us all – when you are in a position where every votes count small parties or groups can exert disproportionate influence on outcomes. Therefore we need to make sure that deselections of unreliable or otherwise unsatisfactory Labour MPs take place without delay otherwise they could do a Swinson on us after the next election.

      4. smartboy – I think that you are absolutely right that any Labour MP explicity backed by Swinson as an alternative to Corbyn should loudly and publicly give her the finger.

        Otherwise, they will have sealed their own fate as imposters in the Party.

  17. I am sick to death of all the intrigue by RW Labour, it’s never ending. I was a life long Liberal until 2010, vowed never to vote for them again. Voted Labour 2015 because I would never vote Tory & they were the less odious choice. Then JC became leader & I found he resonated with my hopes & inspirations, he was a breath of fresh air politics needed, I became a LP Member & Supporter, I am very vocal on twitter fighting for a Labour Government, I support all the Left Wing outlets, skwalkbox, morning star,canary,byline times, vox political etc
    I can honestly say that if JC is ousted by the RW I will never vote Labour again & I keep my promises as the Liberals found out. I’m 68 & to be truthful politics never really interested me until that is Jeremy Corbyn came on the scene, he is worth fighting for.
    I have a feeling that if JC is ousted then the LP will be finished as droves will leave the Party, Surely the RW MP’s must know this? if they do I cannot understand why they are continuing with their attacks on the leadership.

    1. If Corbyn is ousted as leader I intend to surround Southside to let the Quislings know WHY I’m leaving and taking my contributions with me.
      I know I won’t be alone 🙂
      Given that I have to travel down from the North West I probably won’t be able to get closer than 100 yards.

      1. With more of the present transport policy, you’ll be luck to get within 100 miles. :-). But wait until HS2 – and (given possession of a fortune), you’ll be able to miss all the plebby bits between where you are and the marble halls of Westminster/Whitehall – just like an MP and his/her northern constituency colony.

      2. Im. With you on that.David…..but their maybe some interesting argument regarding who owns the Labour party Label as the membership are clearly socialist as lthe membership card says.We must retain the Labour party lable at all costs and start the lashback at the conference .We have strengh in our membership and history on our side!We have immense power and its time to flex our muscle!

    2. That’s precisely what they want- to get rid of grass roots supporters of what the LP was set up to be, and return Parliament to an entirely self and elite-supporting body. To safeguard the Establishment, in other words. They are scum.

  18. It’s sad to say there some 100 Labour MPs that are of the right in the Labour Party, I would have hoped that any CLP worth its salt would be promoting the deselection of any MP that leans in that direction. The party machine is also riddled with Blairites who are actively working against the party, in my view the NEC could save a vast amount of wasted money by closing down the regional offices and using it to provide hard hitting leaflets stating that to save the NHS we have got to re-nationalise it etc.

    These MPs are not serving their constituents interests nor the Party, getting rid of them should be our priority, but it can’t be done yet, because they would break away and form a new opposition leaving Labour as a tiny minority just bigger than the SNP.

    But Labour Party members everywhere that get an opportunity to get rid of these careerists should take every opportunity that comes their way.

    1. I think the simplistic ‘left/right’ dimension isn’t the point – and it’s outdated. There’s plenty around who stick the label ‘Left’ on their back and work against the Party, and insult its members when it suits.

      As I’ve said before, I’ve known well Labour members and MPs who would be crudely termed ‘of the right’ – but they would *never* have behaved as the spoiled brats in the PLP do.

      1. RH. “There’s plenty around who stick the label ‘Left’ on their back and work against the Party”

        And if you pull that label off, underneath will be the word ZIONIST. These are the people in the Labour Party who are our greatest threat to having a Corbyn government and why there is such a panic to promote Harman or Cooper rather than Corbyn.

    2. RH, which of those “MPs who would be crudely termed ‘of the right’”
      have spoken out about the fake accusations of A/S or of any other evil – levelled at Corbyn?
      I can’t think of one.
      Proving once again that all it takes to corrupt democracy is for ‘honourable’ Members to stay silent and let the MSM lies go unchallenged.
      May they die screaming.

      1. What I’m highlighting, David, is that the sort of behaviour we’re seeing from the PLP fakes isn’t encapsulated by simplistic ‘left/right’ description. It’s too crude.

        It’s about authenticity, priorities, an principle. The individuals we are talking about aren’t shits because they hold views to the right of the Party. They are shits because they would sell their grans for a sinecure. Character rather than politics.

      2. The problem is David even amongst loyal mps they also have shown little support for the Labour leader,And I noticed in Brighton the other week Chris Williamson was left swinging in the wind by the Kempton mp Lloyd Russell moyle that I had previously campaigned for is election as the Labour mp for Brighton kemptown……I know he reads these columns.So go on Lloyd explain to us what’s happened to you?And what about a pitch against tom watson?….you came in with a bang …..and you may……..if you follow your PLP traitors?

  19. This Tweet sums up the situation succinctly

    [Swinson] ‘I won’t vote for him because they won’t vote for him because I won’t vote for him’ just isn’t a credible or honourable justification for not backing the only guaranteed way to stop no deal Brexit and convinces no one, least of all those who voted Lib dem as an anti Brexit party.

  20. Owen Jones violently assaulted in the street whilst celebrating his birthday with friends.
    Owen Jones
    What happened – to be clear – is they spotted me in the pub, waited for us to leave, and then launched their attack when we were away from the pub – it was planned, not a random attack.
    This is a bit dramatic, so firstly I’m fine, but last night – when I was celebrating my birthday – I was attacked, along with my friends, in a blatant premeditated assault.

    Owen Jones
    ‏3 hours ago
    Six of us left the pub at 3am and were saying our goodbyes 30 metres away, then a group of 3-4 men left the pub, made a beeline for me, kicked me in the back, threw me on the ground, slamming my head, and kicked me in the skull. My friends were punched trying to defend me.

    Owen Jones
    The group then scarpered: I don’t know if they said anything in the melee. I’m fine other than a big bump on my head and a cut back.

    Given the far right attacks I’ve had in the streets, and generally escalating far right threats I’ve had, I’m in no doubt as to what this is.

    Owen Jones
    Earlier this year a far right activist took pictures of me in a pub with these threatening messages, for example.

    The far right menace is growing, it’s real, it’s violent, and it’s targeting minorities and leftists. We can’t let them intimidate us, and we will defeat them.

    Owen Jones
    Oh and thanks to my friends, who were assaulted defending me and who I love very much

      1. However it is good to see that MSM haven’t ignored it and are now running with the story. It has featured quite heavily on BBC R4 & R5Live News this evening, including a very full interview with Owen on R5Live – ‘Stephen Nolan’
        Listen from 02:37:27 to 02:57:00

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