Both parts of S’box Berger exclusive attacked as fake news now in ‘mainstream’ media

SKWAWKBOX’s June exclusive that Luciana Berger was in talks about joining LibDems and standing in London seat attacked as fake news – three months later, range of media discussing same

The SKWAWKBOX exclusively reported in June that former Labour, former CUK MP Luciana Berger was said to be in discussions with the LibDems about joining the party – and standing for them in the North London seat of Finchley.

Ms Berger’s office did not respond to enquiries, but a spokesperson subsequently told the Liverpool Echo that she had ‘no intention’ of joining the LibDems. Ms Berger’s supporters attacked the exclusive as fake news. The Jewish Chronicle’s Lee Harpin was angrily emphatic:

So the news this week that she joined the LibDems can be considered an inconvenience, to say the least.

However, the same Mr Harpin has now written in the same publication not only that Ms Berger has joined the LibDems – but also that Ms Berger may stand in a ‘North London’ seat.

Harpin has seen yesterday’s SKWAWKBOX article about its supposed ‘fake news’ coming true – he tweeted about it last night – but so far does not appear to have issued an apology or withdrawal regarding his ill-judged ‘dog ****’ comment. There won’t be any breath-holding here.

The Times, Independent and others are being even more specific:

Both of the predictions in the SKWAWKBOX exclusive have been borne out by events and are now being reported as news by the corporate media, after being derided as fake news.

Regular readers of this site might detect a pattern.

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  1. Well as me nana would say
    Good riddance to bad rubbish
    The next GE is going to have a lot of Portillo moments, as Cockwombles tumble into the dustbin of history
    Get the popcorn out

  2. Fake mp Berger joins fake political party the liberal democrats,known for pathological liar she’s fits like a glove and has finally found her true home…..Simply lodgical….can she take her accomplice in the liar game lansman with her?

  3. What about the victim of berger liar and manipulator….in law there would be a serios perversion of justice if a witness was shown to be a liar and manipulator for political purpose…..When will Chris Williamson be exonerated and an inquiry launched into right wing manipulation of the NEC?….

  4. Don’t you feel kind of sorry for those long committed members of the Lib Dems who have worked hard for the party over the years in the hope that they may at some stage be rewarded with the candidacy of a winnable seat only to find that they have been pushed aside in favour of some opportunistic loon who has spent years indeed almost right up to the day they joined bad mouthing the Libs and their cause?

    Well neither do I but it happens on a pretty regular basis with that lot. The silly beggars never seem to learn do they?

  5. That lee harpin seemed incredibly angry by a mere suggestion, didn’t he? I wonder if he’s a kopite, as he too seems outraged by everything and ashamed of nothing.

    On the subject of fake news, I see the beeb are up to their usual bollards again…

    £154.50 for the ‘privilege’ of some failed public schoolboy/girl to fill your head full of their shite?

    No thanks.

  6. Lib Dems to stand aside for Rory Stewart and other Tory rebels in general election
    “Rebel Tories expelled from the party are in talks with the Liberal Democrats about a non-aggression pact.”
    “Under the proposal, Stewart would stand as an independent MP at the next general election but agree to accept a soft Lib Dem whip in exchange for the party not fielding a candidate against him. It is understood that the Green Party would also stand aside in Stewart’s Penrith seat.”

    1. I expected better from the Greens, but nothing different from the mustard tories

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