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Excl: Corbyn WAS visiting terminally-ill member when attacked for pulling out of meeting with ‘centrist’ MPs

‘Moderate’ MPs brief against Corbyn to media for missed meeting – but Labour leader was visiting terminally-ill Labour member

When Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn missed a meeting with Labour’s ‘parliamentary committee’ (LPC) – made up entirely of so-called ‘moderates’ from Labour’s back benches – earlier this week, members saw it as an opportunity to brief to the media that it demonstrated a lack of leadership.

Kevin Schofield of PoliticsHome duly quoted the predictable insult in a tweet:

The tweet earned Schofield a rebuke from a Labour member, who related Corbyn’s contact with her terminally-ill friend that day:

However, it was not clear whether that visit had been the reason for Corbyn missing the meeting with the petulant back-benchers. The SKWAWKBOX can now confirm that it was why he was absent.

The ill member in question was Jayne Rae, who featured on the BBC earlier this month and was the subject of a moving tribute by Labour’s general secretary Jennie Formby, who is also fighting cancer:

Kevin Schofield was contacted for comment.

Update: Schofield responded after publication, saying:

Jeremy never told the committee why he wasn’t at the meeting and no one from Labour has complained to me.

Here is his tweet again:


The lack of character among some of Labour’s laughably-termed ‘moderates’ is appalling – and has been exposed by their all-too-predictable rush to use Corbyn’s absence to attack their party leader, who still enjoys huge support from Labour’s members.

They have been shamed by their lack of interest in finding out why he was missing – and even more so if the anonymous MPs knew why he was not there, as seems extremely likely.

Kevin Schofield’s decision not to check the reason before inflicting their petulance on the public was a failure all too illustrative of the level of ‘mainstream media’ coverage of Labour and it’s leader.

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  1. And nothing said about Twatson’s ongoing stream of absences from important meetings….

    1. He can run but he can’t hide… not this time, surely?

      Is it time to file a missing Deputy Leader report?

  2. What exactly have the “(Im)moderates” got against cancer? Don’t they believe in it or something?

  3. How is Labour’s ‘parliamentary committee’ formed? How are members changed? Isn’t it time for a balance of factions to be installed? It really isn’t good enough that Corbyn has to be accountable to a load of extreme neoliberal centrists opposed to him and what he stands for when he represents the hopes of the majority of members and they …don’t.

  4. He could have told them why he wasn’t attending I suppose. Not that that excuses Kevin’s despicable insults

    1. Bay…..they are not worthy of a call to say he’s not attending,scum,what and howdid this lowlife even get to be mps of a Labour party they hate.Bay I woud not give them the courtesy of pi55ing on them if they were on fire…..I am very angry,and sickened by these degenerate morons…..apart from that they’re ok?

  5. Kevin Schofield was the joint author of this story from 2016:

    At the time, I was deeply sceptical about this as it did not say who conducted the research and on whose behalf. Its findings did not match published opinion polls nor by election results.

    I very much doubted whether it existed at all. That did not, of course, stop it from being referred to by anti-Corbyn MPs and the media.

  6. Typical of Jeremy Corbyn to be absent visiting a very sick member and typical that his absence should be condemned by people who wouldn’t have the decency to do likewise.
    Scoffield’s reference to Jeremy’s alleged cowardice shows the man is either completely divorced from reality or is so bigoted and biased against Jeremy that he cannot even bring himself to admit that Jeremy Corbyn is the toughest and least scared leader we have ever had.
    Jeremy has taken all the filth and lies flung at him by the PLP MSM and the Tories and hasn’t flinched. He is a brave and principled man and has demonstrated this time and time again.
    Kevin Scoffield has diminished himself by this latest nasty attack which says more about him than it does about Jeremy.

  7. I think patience is wearing very thin with these traitors by Labour Party members, the chicken coup, the antisemitic “crisis”, leaking stories to the Murdoch press. And it is always the usual rabble of Streeting, Hodge, Phillips and company, let’s get mandatory re-selection and get rid of them all!

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