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Newsguard corrects SKWAWKBOX reliability rating to perfect score

News reliability rating service Newsguard has awarded SKWAWKBOX a perfect score after correcting an earlier error in its assessment.

In May, the SKWAWKBOX reported that Newsguard had awarded an overall pass, with the green ‘tick’ mark applied on all but one of the rating criteria. However, that score has now been uprated to a pass in all eight applicable areas. As the SKWAWKBOX does not carry advertising, that section is not applicable.

Newsguard advised that an incorrect criterion had been applied during its initial assessment.

SKWAWKBOX is regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only Leveson-compliant press regulator.

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  1. I give Skwarkbox top score for:

    * PERFECT RELIABILITY in sucking up to the profoundly non-socialist and rather run-of-the-mill Jeremy Corbyn, siding with him at every capitulation in the most obsequious fashion
    * PERFECT RELIABILITY in accepting all the rotten tenets of left-liberalism, above all the wholehearted acceptance of the capitalist system;
    * PERFECT RELIABILITY in following to the letter the leadership’s top priority – which is to not change anything very much.

    1. We’ve heard who you don’t like ad nauseam – how about pulling your head out of your fundament and telling us who you DO like.
      Not holding my breath so take your time.

      1. He and jp are boring the tits off me with their negative creep schtick. No constructive suggestions, just spirit-undermining Nah Nah You’re Shit.

        Classic hallmarks. Beware.

  2. Nice one, Skwawky.

    Of course, those regulated by ispo (Nowt ‘independent’ about it) will say the appraisal’s worthless. I was very disappointed to see ‘eye’ describe the site as a ‘conspiracist’ one a few months back, but then again it was probably the godawful nick cohen wrote it. I only found out he was the columnist known as ‘ratbiter’ through this site.

    On a side note, what’s this ‘nutrition label’ business? Does this mean Skwawkbox is made from 100% natural, organic, sustainable, dolphin friendly sources, with no artificial conservatives?

  3. Oh yeah – You might’ve got a perfect score off newsguard; but have you had a 10 from Len (McCluskey)??

    *Taxi’s on it’s way…. 🙄

  4. first port of call each morning to get the truth and set the bench mark before entering the cess pit of dross that is our MSM

  5. No worries I’ve already ordered it for him and paid for it , not Uber mind you 😉

  6. A breath of fresh air…. in a sea of putrid rotten journalism.Well done Squawk box for telling it like it is and risking the wrath of the establishment!

  7. 200 yrs after the peterloo massacre,and the press that attacked the establishment for the brutality against the democracy movement on that awful day,would be more likely to take the establishment line of attacking the protesters.We have more unelected parliamentarian members than 200 years ago.We still have a all powerful monarchy that retain all the power of ultimate Law under the Royal perogative,and the act of procreation decides our head of state providing they are protestant…..The only truth to be found is in the left wing press who preach nothing radical or extreme and yet risks being shut down everyday by right wing extremists in all the partys…..The Labour party have been infiltrated by a foreign government agency and many of our mps are not socialist……frightened?….you should be!

  8. Anyone know how many fawkes scored?

    No need to read their ‘nutrition label’. Probably reads like a cheap sausage, but with far less brain matter…

    1. Interesting to see Ian Cobain’s name on it. Does that mean he’s jumped ship from the Guardian as well?

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