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Westminster sources: Swinson has held ‘series of calls’ with Boris Johnson

LibDem leader’s claim she will do ‘whatever it takes’ to prevent no-deal Brexit completely at odds with Johnson’s push toward cliff edge – but has not prevented prolonged discussions with Tory PM, say sources
Swinson: open arms for Johnson?

Westminster sources have reported that LibDem leader has held a series of phone calls this month with Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Ms Swinson has said that she will “do whatever it takes” to prevent a no-deal Brexit – but in the same speech declined to work with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to do just that.

However, in spite of Johnson’s avowed intent to leave the EU at the end of October with no deal if he can’t achieve a new deal with EU leaders before then – and the seemingly-deliberate shambles of his attempts to obtain a new deal – sources at the palace of Westminster say that she has had a number of chats with Johnson.

The details of the calls and their purpose are unclear, but with a general election expected this autumn a potential new parliamentary pact or coalition is a possible reason.

The LibDems have been asked to confirm the calls and the reason for them.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The LibDems lost 86% of their parliamentary seats in 2015 as the public judged them for their collaboration in Tory austerity.

The LibDems once backed cuts to support for vulnerable people in return for a 5p tax on plastic bags. Are they so desperate to keep Corbyn out of Downing Street that Swinson would even consider propping up no-deal Brexiteer Boris Johnson and prolonging the avoidable, UN-condemned suffering of millions under Tory government?

And could her party survive if she did?

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  1. We continually get a government and a prime minister which we haven’t voted for. And the MSM have the absolute fking audacity to criticise the system in Venuzuela? Words fail me..

  2. Yes its time too inform the public via letter columns of local and national media..regarding Swansongs collaberation with Fracking and aceppting bribes from company’s too push the dirty Frackers agenda.The libdems lies need nailing from some of our more subtle posters .Ive tried…but was banned by the Bolton news after jumping in with hobnailed boots against the recently unelected Tory council regime……voted in by fascist independent councillors and the helpers of the torys the Lib dems…go..on lets nail miss posh frocks Swansong and the libers

  3. The thing that the LDs, the former Change MPs, the RW PLP and Remain Tories all have in common with Boris Johnson, is that they want to avoid an election at all costs… they would likely lose their seats.

    Boris Johnson could avoid a GE if the HoC passes May’s Withdrawal deal and/or the LDs went into coalition with the Tories again.

    The justification for the LDs going back into coalition? A national emergency requiring them to stop a dangerous ‘marxist’ Corbyn-led govt.. That would truly show them to be the ‘extremists of the centre’.

    1. “A national emergency requiring them to stop a dangerous ‘marxist’ Corbyn-led govt..”
      That’s been the story the MSM’s been pushing for the last couple of years – we won’t know for sure which of their lies had most traction until we look at their records during the investigation we’ll have into which of them goes to jail and for how long.
      Can’t allow them to steal democracy any longer – we have to stop them before the 1% owns and controls everything.

  4. The Labour party is not in government and does not have the parliamentary numbers to stop a no deal Brexit which nearly all academic and business sources say will be a disaster for the country.
    Labour is trying to get other opposition parties to pull together to prevent a no deal brexit. The Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, the Greens ,some Independents and others who genuinely don’t want to see us going over the edge of a cliff are willing to come together with us to block a no deal Brexit.
    The Lib Dems are unwilling to join a united opposition in this matter and their 14 votes are vital. If they chose to talk with Boris Johnson but not Jeremy Corbyn and if after discussions with him they abstain/ oppose the the VONC and other subsequent votes then they will once again be propping up the Tories and in this instance facilitating a hard no deal Brexit . They will be just as culpable as the Tories for the ensuing chaos and like the Tories will pay the price at the next election.

  5. It’s a key time for the LibDems – if Swindleson takes them down the road to a second coalition with the (even more) extreme right, their cover will be totally blown.

    Anyone voting for this party of arsehole burrowers will have turned the ‘radical’ pretense into a bad joke. Time for Labour to decisively ditch the ‘Leave’ nonsense and wipe them out.

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