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Excl videos: Pidcock on triggers, being a front-bencher, Corbyn – and deputy leadership

Labour front-bencher Laura Pidcock talks about her vision as MP and as Shadow Minister for Labour, about reselection ‘triggers’, Corbyn’s leadership – and the deputy leader position many see her filling
Laura Pidcock

In the final videos from Laura Pidcock’s excellent interview, the North-West Durham MP lays out her priorities as MP for her constituents and her vision for Labour’s planned Ministry of Labour.

She also touches on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party, the thorny subject, for some MPs, of trigger ballots and selection contests – and about the deputy leadership position that many Labour members would like to see her fill.

What do you want to achieve as an MP and front-bencher?


Deputy leadership


Laura Pidcock’s – and Labour’s – bold vision for genuine change holds a vital message for this country’s ‘many’.

Her ability to communicate in a natural way and her loyalty to the millions suffering under Tory cuts and cruelty and who desperately need Labour government are exemplary.

The Labour Party needs more like her.

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  1. I think Laura is a really great ambassador for Labour and it’s extremely clear that her passion is for those of us with hard life/ work struggles/injustices and the environment we live in. I agree with everything she said apart from 3 things;
    1, there is a vacancy for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. This role has not been fulfilled as it should be for over 3 years now. Laura is the wind that Labours wings are missing.
    2, Laura said the Deputy Leadership role wouldn’t be for her. I don’t think Laura sees what potential she has. We all see it. We all need that kind of potential to come to fruition to make the changes that she talked passionately about.
    3, she said she still wants to be a mum. I’d hazard a guess that Laura is a brilliant mum but what a mum she would be if she could find the courage to take the steps to be Labours Deputy Leader and have more leverage to make those changes she spoke passionately about for her little baby to grow up in.

    Please, give it deep thought & reconsider Laura

    A desperate austerity affected Labour member x

  2. I think she’s great too but I wouldn’t want to put pressure on a mother to put any political party, even Labour, above her child.
    For all I know the arrangements for care of children in Parliament may be exemplary – but I somehow doubt it.
    No idea either what arrangements would work but if we genuinely believe in equality and representation maybe we could aim to make all workplaces fit for mothers, fathers and families, not just men and women.
    Bosses have families too don’t they?

  3. These video are excellent, Skwawk. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. I would love to see your blog (it is so much more than that now) extend into a more audio-visual dimension. There is something about eye contact, the use of multiple senses simultaneously, the lack of dependency on a person’s level of literacy, that makes online video the medium of communication par excellence.

    I am great admirer of the NewYork-based democracynow.org, the daily, hour long video news bulletin subtitled ‘The War and Peace Report’. It is seen by hundreds of millions every day via alternative networks, satellite channels and the web. It costs a lot and is dependent on Foundation money but it doesn’t seem to stop them reporting from a radical angle. That would be something to think of as a template. But more modestly, how about introducing online interviews with interesting people? We now have a multiplicity of FaceTime-like two way video apps whose video can be recorded and archived, that would be ideal for such videos.

  4. As I have stated in previous posts, I am impressed by Laura Pidcock and would see her selection as Deputy Leader (after the removal of Twatson) as a considerable asset to the Labour Party. She has a no-nonsense approach to Tories – they and their brutal social and economic order must go – and soon.

    However, she (and others who identify as ‘left’ and.or ‘socialist’) should end their silence on the disgusting treatment meted out to Chris Williamson, whom they should surely view as the staunchest of political friends and comrades in the fight for a just society.

    I would like to see Williamson take his rightful place, alongside Pidcock and others as a minister in the new Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn which is hopefully just over the horizon.

  5. I think it would be a waste of a great MP for Pidcock to be deputy when so much more could be achieved in a role such as the one she has in any Corbyn led Gov.
    The deputy role, whatever it is supposed to be, might be better filled by someone such as Thornberry. Sadly LP still has little choice due to dearth of Socialist MPs.

  6. VERY impressed by Laura, a treat to listen to . However , apart from supporting her confidence , I would agree with David that she does not need any more pressures in her life at present . Nurture and encourage her , but let her develop in her own time .
    Well done Skwawkbox .

  7. Dan, I didn’t mean pressure of work or responsibility, which she seems more than capable of handling.
    I was thinking more of the pressure of our hopes that she’d save us from TwatRatson – like we sort-of did with Chris Williamson.
    It just seems unfair to raise a clamour of support for someone to ‘do more for the cause’ – possibly doubling their workload – without checking with them first.

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