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Excl: ‘Victim’ Watson says met Beech at police request. Senior local councillor: he ‘bragged’ he’d bring down govt via Brittan 2 years earlier

Labour deputy leader boasted at 2012 birthday party that info on ‘parliamentary paedophile ring’ would bring down government
Tom Watson in 2012

Labour’s right-wing deputy leader Tom Watson has been the target of severe criticism from those accused of child abuse by Carl Beech and their relatives, after Beech was jailed for eighteen years on twelve counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

Daniel Janner QC, the son of one of those falsely accused, said that Watson was ‘primarily responsible’ for amplifying the false claim:

Tom Watson is primarily responsible for whipping up a moral panic…

He appointed himself Britain’s chief paedo-finder general and created a moral panic. His motive was personal political advancement riding on a bandwagon of public frenzy which he had whipped up. So he should hang his head in shame, and he should resign. For him to take the moral high ground in the Labour Party against anti-Semitism is completely hypocritical.

Daniel Janner’s sister, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, said:

We have a system where people are believed instantly before the evidence is examined instead of being listened to compassionately and the allegations properly investigated. People were able to accuse [my father] without a shred of evidence and were believed straight away.

Harvey Proctor, another of those wrongly accused, said that Watson ‘gave oxygen’ to Beech’s false claims, adding:

The Metropolitan Police were lapdogs to Mr Watson’s crude dog whistle. It’s time for the torchlight to take a closer look at Mr Watson.

Watson was forced to apologise publicly in 2015 for his comments calling former Tory front-bencher Leon Brittan “close to evil” for his part in the supposed abuse.

The right-wing press now have Watson in their cross-hairs, with the West Bromwich East MP attempting to divert attention from his part in the scandal by claiming that he knew little about the names of those accused at the time the investigation started:

I met the man I knew as “Nick” once, on July 8 2014, two years after I had raised my question in Parliament.

During that meeting Nick said very little and did not name any of his alleged abusers.

I reassured Nick that the police had made clear that all allegations of historic sex abuse would be taken seriously and treated sensitively. That is what the police had asked me to do, and it was the process I followed with all those who claimed to be survivors of historic child sex abuse.

Watson claimed that he met Beech only on behalf of the Met to “reassure him that they’d take him seriously.” A spokesperson for Watson said Watson spoke to a police officer who asked him to provide the assurances, but that Mr Watson could not remember who this was.

Watson has also claimed he is a ‘victim’s of Beech’s dishonesty.

The birthday party

However, Watson’s position has been challenged by a senior councillor in his local borough of Sandwell, who says that Watson not only knew names but even boasted in 2012 that Leon Brittan was part of the fictitious ‘ring’ – and that Watson was going to use his involvement in the investigation to bring down the government.

Jo Hadley is a Sandwell Labour councillor and cabinet member whose experience of Tom Watson goes back years. When the Beech case blew up in Watson’s face last week, she wrote a complaint to the Labour Party about his attempts to ‘play down’ his involvement:

Jo Hadleys complaint to Labour

Cllr Hadley told the SKWAWKBOX:

Tom absolutely loves the limelight and was absolutely delighted to be telling everyone how he was going to bring down the government by exposing this network. He’s said this week that he didn’t get any names from Beech in 2014, but he named Leon Brittan at my birthday party and said there were lots of others.

Now it’s backfired on him, he’s trying to worm out of it and minimise his part but he was talking about Leon Brittan in 2012 and bragging he had other names. That directly contradicts what he’s saying now.

Hadley provided the SKWAWKBOX with a copy of Watson’s signed birthday card he presented to her at the party, along with an official Labour Christmas card bearing his signature for comparison. Local officials have confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that the writing is Watson’s:

Tom Watson’s 50th birthday card to Jo Hadley, presented in 2012
A Chrismas card sent by Watson, confirming his signature

Tom Watson was contacted for comment. He did not respond.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said it had not identified any records at this time relating to a request by police for Watson to meet Beech, as claimed by Watson’s spokesperson.


Tom Watson attempted last week to minimise his part in the anguish inflicted on those falsely accused by Carl Beech and claimed that he only met Beech once, on which occasion Beech did not name any of those he claimed had abused him. Watson has also claimed he is a ‘victim’ of Beech.

Jo Hadley has gone on the record to say that Watson boasted in 2012 that he was all over the abuse network claims and that there was “no way he was going to let it go” – and he named Leon Brittan, saying he was aware of many others.

The Labour Party must fully investigate Tom Watson’s part in the Beech affair – and Daniel Janner is right that Watson should resign in shame.

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    1. Well it’s all going to come out because we’ve got that investigation going on still, haven’t we? We will never get the truth from that so perhaps Panorama can clear everything up for us. The whole truth and nothing but. Bottoms up!

  1. Surely this is bringing the Party into disrepute , how much more evidence does it take ?
    If I was Daniel Janner QC I’d sue the ass of Twatson for his libellous actions

      1. Harvey Proctor is still alive and has lodged a £million law suit against the police. I have no love for Proctor whose right wing opinions I detest but the man was innocent and his life was destroyed so I hope he gets substantial damages for what he was put through.
        I am certain he will have taken legal advice about whether or not he can sue Tom Watson personally and if he can Tom can expect to be facing a libel barrister in the Old Bailey before very long.

      2. I’d give odds that if he’s sued he tries to bludgeon the Party into paying for his defence on the grounds he “believed he was acting in the Party’s best interest” – as always.
        What do you think, boys and girls?
        Shall we be generous?

      3. Reply to David McNiven
        Do you know I was just thinking that myself- he’ll probably be looking for our financial support if he’s sued.
        I would hope by that time he will be out of the party on his ear. If he’s not ,well he set himself up as witch finder general so he can pay for the witch hunts himself.

      4. Rob mentioned Janner. Daniel would not be able to bring a libel suit on behalf of his father’s reputation I believe.

    1. 18 years in the gulag. Good job he wasn’t caught shop lifting. It’s only just begun.

  2. Is there any connection between Watson’s witch hunting and the donations that ‘his office’ received from Max Mosley?

  3. #FatBergSlim seems to have very little good judgement, first he appoints himself Paedo Finder General, and now Anti-semite Finder General. Does he do anything except smear people?

    1. We have someone on these comment threads who’s appointed himself Shillfinder General who likes to smear people.

      Can you guess who it is, boys and girls? 😀

    1. The police also have a role to play because there is evidence Watson wasted police time.Whether or not he attempted to pervert the course of justice has not been established so the police need to investigate that as well.

  4. In Oct 2015 the Daily Mirror carried a story in which the detective who investigated Leon Brittan in the first instance and found no evidence against him said he felt betrayed when Tom Watson went over his head and had the investigation reopened. He referred to a witch hunt.
    In addition to the quotes in the Skwawkbox article Harvey Proctor whose life was ruined by the false allegations talked about Tom’s grandstanding then and currently in his “so called anti semetism” campaign.
    Tom Watson has helped do so much damage to so many people.Most recently he tried to destroy the reputation and career of our Gen Sec while she was undergoing chemo for breast cancer.
    We should instigate disciplinary proceedings against him for bringing the party into disrepute and he should be suspended and the whip should be withdrawn during this process .

    1. I imagine the exact circumstances of how he “had the investigation reopened” would determine whether he could be charged with misconduct in a public office or anything else.
      I suppose the most likely scenario is he just convinced a senior officer to have the evidence reviewed and neither will admit that any inappropriate influence was exerted.

    2. ….Harvey procter….ruined his own life by going bust in many failed business ventures.He concentrated on racism,Catholic bigotory,and chasing rent boys……Watson can be nailed by bringing the whole party and himself into disrepute.No need to side with right wing scum and rewright their history …a deal with the devil?

  5. “Watson has also claimed he is a ‘victim’s of Beech’s dishonesty.” = ‘gullible’..

    Errr … is he also a ‘victim’ of the BoD’s dishonesty, then?

    Do tell us ’tis necessarliy so, Tom. Let’s make a clean breast of the lot, and sweep the entire false pile of shite out the door.

    1. RH When mr Watson deputy leader of the Labour party,(full titles)none realised that he was talking about the Labour Government.Now thats a reasonably accurate statment to get poor misunderstood Tom off the hook?I would suggest he uses that takes is money from his paymasters and goes before he is pushed.We then need to disinfect his supporters and get ready to fight Boris……and then I woke up!…and the parasites still infect the party.Ps… the right wing NCC, …use a ducking stool or perhaps they will need medication to do the dirty deed on Chris Williamson……does anyone know the names and addresses of the panel ?

  6. I’m sorry to say (because I subscribe to, share and support your otherwise sterling work) that using this story to discredit Watson is a most unfortunate choice, and is, ironically, playing into the hands of those in power who for decades have more or less succeeded in keeping the Westminster paedophile ring an ‘open secret’, and off the front pages. It is the easiest thing in the world to discredit the testimony of a victim of abuse (I know whereof I speak), not least because many whose lives have been ruined, go on to develop social problems, eg drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activities etc. It is a well established fact that victims of abuse sometimes become perpetrators themselves, and it is rare to find a sexual predator who has not themselves previously experienced abuse. Watson may be an unsavoury right wing snake in the Labour Party grass, but using this issue to damage him is in my view deeply misguided. The truth about these widespread paedophile rings will eventually come out. Eg, It looks as though something is about to break in the US (Epstein) at long last. Thanks for listening.

    1. “…using this story to discredit Watson is a most unfortunate choice, and is, ironically, playing into the hands of those in power who for decades have more or less succeeded in keeping the Westminster paedophile ring an ‘open secret’, and off the front pages.”

      Actually we are all in agreement that allegations against such serious criminal offences should never be used to advance political agendas. To use these allegations as political weapons undermines the fight for justice for the actual victims of the crimes. Such allegations are best left to the police to investigate without undue pressure from politicians. TW has already discredited himself by failing to leave the investigations to the professionals. The same can be said about his crusade against anti-semitism.

    2. Well said. He is loathsome but that does not mean that these rings do not exist. I worked in homes for years but I packed the bottle to see things through. I am not accusing anyone but Watson might be best advocate for anyone. We shall persist and we don’t need bulls in a China shop. This affair stinks and it is far from over. This guy is going to the black gulag for 18 years. Last we shall bear or see of him. Probably a narcissist as well. Look I agree that bewitching a person’s name and ruining lives is abhorrent but there are hidden depths and some shallows too. We are fighting dark forces and their wealth, power and influence makes them untouchable. Gotta have been grooming gangs hasn’t it. Sometimes I wish that I could unlearn everything. Watson knows that he’s done. Now let’s see who he blames for this fiasco which has undone years of hard, patient and brave work being done quietly. The guilty have been given a free pass. I can assure you that the ones who will continue to pursue their vile habits have stopped mopping their brows. They will be caught but who will judge the judges?

      1. I meant, not a good advocate and bewitching and hear not bear. Age and arthritis are my constant battles. Oh yes, I am thick as well. Won a few bob at Peterborough. Next stop Brecon, that’s worth a few bob. Cheers.

  7. Is it displacement theory when you shift the blame for your actions onto others then repeatedly justify this to yourself. Pleased when I heard the Constituency Labour Party in my area passed a resolution on Watson to resign I think on Friday. With a stream building into a possible torrent perhaps Mr Watson’s days are numbered?

      1. God Smartboy, I hope that you’re right. Good health.

  8. Jo, Watson is the one who recklessly sought to use the situation to his advantage with no care for who was the victim of whom.
    While sympathising with your history we have to ensure justice is done as far as is possible and that means innocent until proven guilty.
    If an abuser can’t be proven guilty that’s terrible for the victim – but justice has to be blind.
    Sex crimes are notoriously difficult to prove, occurring as they generally do in the dark, in secret and to someone who can’t defend against the abuser, possibly won’t be believed and may not even report the crime.
    I don’t see any way to convict more abusers without spending vastly more money on investigation, which will achieve little, or sacrificing the rights of the accused – which carries its own dangers.
    I’m sure you’ll acknowledge that there have been false accusations as well as abusers escaping justice.

  9. As a follow-up to David’s comments, I think Watson would attract sympathy if he was an otherwise reputable character who had been gulled by a constituency complainant. Most who have been in the position of listening the constituents’ problems and judging what action to take will recognise the issue of authenticity in some cases.

    But Watson wasn’t that sort of victim : he jumped in with both feet on the basis of hearsay. But it goes further than that: he has undermined his claim to authenticity by adopting the ‘antisemitism’ cause as a means to furthering his own political agenda – again, heedless of the damage to individuals and to the Party.

    There are mistakes; there is gullibility – and then, there is the exploitation of falsehood for personal reasons.

    I have just been re-reading the recommendations of the Chakrabarti report, and, in particular the very clear focus on proper process, proper confidentiality and proper and proportionate justice. Watson has been a leader in vitiating all those principles, and aiding and abetting the forces within the Party that have opposed the speedy implementation of these recommendations.

    Why? Because proper process etc. is the enemy of political manipulation such as we have seen in the debacle around the adoption of the IHRA definition and Watson and associates attempts to suborn process. False accusation is the enemy of justice, and no friend to real victims.

    He’s been caught with his pants on fire, and I, for one, won’t be rushing for the fire extinguisher.

  10. We have enough evidence to nail Watson on is behaviour recently inside and outside the Labour party…..We should be very careful of going after Watson on the paedophile scandal…..This nasty appalling sewer goes back 30 years and started inNWales….far too much history and details that have not surfaced…Labour,libs and torys in a sewer of historical involvement of party members..No we must nail Watson on his smears Data juggling and vicious attacks on the Labour party…..You have been warned

    1. Well done, Joseph. I can assure that it goes back for longer than 30 years. Regards. P.s Watson and his vanity, typical tapeworm, won’t lose a wink of sleep or shed a tear.Thanks

      1. Yes alexanderscottish ICorrected myself on another post…..time flys add another 20years to the cover up of child molesting ring of powerful people in positions of authority and including the law social workers and politicians of all partys,unfortunately the list is long,….but truth will come out.

  11. To add to Watson’s problems read George Galloway’s crowd funding appeal for his campaign to stand against Watson in West Bromich East has raised £12,860 out of £25k needed in 12 days that’s £1k per day. He is to apparently stand against arch Remainer Watson on a Pro-Brexit (the constituency voted 68% to Leave) and Pro Corbyn ticket so should be a fun campaign. I couldn’t possibly comment but others may.

    1. Both you Bazza and George G ( and Harvey Proctor who also says he will stand against him) are assuming Tom Watson will be re-selected as a Labour candidate at the next election.
      I wouldn’t bet on – in fact I’m quite sure he’ll be out on his ear before long then because
      1.he just went too far with his attack on Jennie -people were genuinely disgusted given all the circumstances and
      2. he did not have the decency to apologise for hounding innocent people for alleged sex crimes on the word of a liar and fantasist.

      1. I would like to see Galloway back,but probably too late now because he knows the party is still infested with the establishments right wing mps who dictate who comes and goes,via the NEC and now the NCC?….Chris next on the chopping block?

      2. As the greatest orator of his generation, George Galloway would be an undoubted asset as, say, deputy leader. Imagine him conducting PMQs, standing in for Corbyn.

        The Tory front bench would shit themselves. George would wipe the floor with them EVERY SINGLE TIME! (And give some handy tips to Jeremy in the process).

      3. ” the greatest orator of his generation, George Galloway would be an undoubted asset”

        Hardly – unless you’re a pussy. 🙂

        Problem with Galloway is that it’s no good being right on some issues if you critically lack judgment on others.

        Unreliable as an asset.

      4. RH, nobody’s perfect – otherwise dictatorship would be the optimal form of government.
        It’s not like all our MP’s are paragons – Galloway WOULD be an asset, and a greater one than most.

  12. How long before we see a version of this story in the Daily Mail – without attribution and headlined as an exclusive?

  13. “The Labour Party must fully investigate Tom Watson’s part in the Beech affair – and Daniel Janner is right that Watson should resign in shame.”

    Absolutely, although that assumes that he has a sense of shame.
    Perhaps he should be suspended like those accused of anti-Semitism.

  14. George Galloway was always an asset for the Labour party and we despertly need him ken Livingstone and Derick Hatton.They are the type of politicians that we need.Ken took Thatcher on,and so did Derrick. George Galloway showed how to take appart a Senate witchunt and made us proud to be socialist and British!.I doubt we can convince any of them to come home to Labour after the shoddy way loyalty was reciprocated……And now another man Chris Williamson will be sacrificed by a right wing kangaroo court of the NCC unless we flood HQ with the threats of one out all out…..there RH a little bit of 60S nostalgia for you….No more witchhunts of the AS scam!..good 👍 night comrades!

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