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Labour has NOT abandoned triggers – but members need to get a move on

Rumours Labour had binned reselection process are incorrect – but any general election announcement will end it, so haste is needed

Rumours have circulated since yesterday on social media that Labour had abandoned the ‘trigger’ process that constituency parties (CLPs) with an incumbent Labour MP need to complete in order to initiate a selection contest that might replace the sitting member.

Those rumours are incorrect. The trigger process is ongoing – but the window will close if a general election is announced.

Boris Johnson’s defeat on Wednesday evening in his attempt to call a general election to end MPs’ attempts to hold him to account has created breathing space for Labour members to act – but they need to act promptly and pursue their branch and CLP execs and their regional offices to get the wheels in motion without delay.

And of course, they need to organise to win those votes and contests.

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  1. Deselection of half or more of our PLP…….not possible now,but give it a try….Dont worry if they are media star’s….people will vote for the brand Labour party and Jeremy Corbyns common sense policies!

  2. The THREAT of something can often be more effective (and less costly) than using the thing in itself. This is particularly true in a democratic public body like the Labour party and with an issue like the democratic re-selection of standing MPs which should prize shared-values and loyalty above nearly everything else..

    Arguably it is the threat of re-selection that has already caused some uncomfortable Labour MPs to form (say) an Independence Group. Let’s not even start on the arrogant MPs refusal to provide a confirmatory by-elections.

    Obviously I’d much rather achieve my objective(s) with as little effort and time as possible. Working clever beats working hard every time.

    The threat of NEC Triggers is a wonderfully efficient mechanism. Only when they do not work should effort, time or force be used – subject, of course, to due process. (I’m looking at you Tom Watson)

    Moreover, it should be easier and quicker for a CLP to call a “censure” vote at any time. Clever is as clever does.

  3. “should prize shared-values and loyalty”

    Sounds good. But entirely debatable.

    Think Blair years. I remember my MP (around 2000) being chair of a Select Committee and standing up toy the government on some crucial issues. Loyal to historic shared values – Definitely. Unquestioningly to leader – No.

  4. “Rumours Labour had binned reselection process are incorrect”

    Now, I wonder where those rumours originated.

  5. I am not a paid up member of the labour party, but have an MP ,that needs to go,this means I have cannot possibly vote in any upcoming election, my MP has lied about JC quite a few times, Louise Ellman does not represent all or any of her constituents.

    1. My sentiments exactly @Dave.

      Here, we’ve had 27 years of angela (ill)eagle…Who – if standing next time around – will NOT be getting my vote.

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