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The three weeks or so since the last round-up have been as busy as ever – and have included some of the SKWAWKBOX’s most explosive revelations. Below are just a few of the stories that this blog has either broken exclusively or highlighted when the mainstream was ignoring it – many of which have had direct effects on the political landscape.

  • revealing the scandal of the wholesale deselection of all Enfield Labour’s black councillors – and the ensuing protest letters from an array of community organisations
  • also in Enfield, revealing the outrage caused by the ‘irregularly’-elected council leader’s decision to block a motion to protect threatened staff – and the response of the deputy leader in asking the whole Labour council group to call for an investigation into the leader’s behaviour
  • then, as events triggered in Enfield by the SKWAWKBOX’s revelations spiralled, the unprecedented letter sent by half of the council Cabinet and others to the party demanding a full investigation into anti-democratic selections overseen by the now-leader of the council
  • highlighting the significance of a London fire officer’s testimony to the Grenfell inquiry – that Boris Johnson’s cuts to fire services and facilities had played a key role in the terrible loss of life – and the convicted ‘cyber-stalker’ targeting the officer
  • exposing anti-democratic practices in the Sandwell heartland of the Labour hard right
  • revealing Tory front-bencher Boris Johnson’s ‘desperate’ demands for a move to a safe seat because of his fear of the next ‘Corbyn surge’
  • showing the massive contrast between the approaches to the refugee crisis of Jeremy Corbyn and ‘great centrist hope’ David Miliband
  • highlighting the colossal ‘fail‘ of a Tory councillor who attempted to mock a Jeremy Corbyn tweet about England’s World Cup team
  • revealing the unhealthy closeness of Tories and centrists at the ‘People’s vote’ march
  • resisting attempts by a council’s lawyer to block this blog’s publication of evidence of a potential housing-law breach by a key West Midlands right-winger
  • in the same borough, breaking the news that, when the council leader claimed the authority does not use confidentiality agreements, his own family member had been paid for signing one – news that the same council lawyer tried to force the SKWAWKBOX to suppress
  • still in the same Sandwell borough, exposing the boorish behaviour of a senior council figure who reduced a female former employee to tears – at a funeral
  • exposing Labour First MP John Spellar’s undeclared ownership of a share of the club to which taxpayers pay thousands of pounds a year for his office rental
  • revealing Theresa May’s inadvertent admission that she plans to deepen the NHS funding crisis
  • highlighting in advance the government’s cowardice and the inevitable, centrist-humiliating failure of Tory ‘rebels’ to actually rebel in a key Brexit vote
  • exposing the gaping holes in centrist ‘stop Brexit’ protesters’ claims to have been ‘ejected’ from Labour’s ‘Labour Live’ event, with video evidence and eyewitness testimony – and the vile behaviour of some protesters toward festival-goers
  • revealing the problems with the claims to pro-Corbyn status of a spokeswoman of a ‘stop Brexit’ group on national TV
  • revealing the Tory support of a supposed Labour ‘centrist’ – who was subsequently expelled from the party
  • breaking news of right-wing Unite challenger’s latest humiliation as an appeals judge called his case ‘confusing, inconsistent and weak’
  • revealing Jeremy Corbyn’s unexpected talent for impressions
  • revealing the ‘death stare‘ Theresa May fired at Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson after Corbyn used Johnson’s words against her during Prime Minister’s questions (PMQs)
  • exposing the call by Enfield North CLP – the seat of arch-rightwinger Joan Ryan – for an investigation into alleged selection-rigging by her allies

and much more.

Through these and other exposés, information revealed – often exclusively – by the SKWAWKBOX regularly has a huge impact on the political narrative in the party and the country.

If you can afford to do so without hardship and would like to support its work, please click here to set up a one-off or modest monthly donation. Your support and solidarity mean a lot.


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