Centrist ex-MP turned Torygraph columnist’s massive Freudian slip speaks volumes?

Telegraph columnist Tom Harris

Tom Harris is a former Labour MP who now writes for the Tory Daily Telegraph, having replaced hapless Tory Dan Hodges when Hodges moved to the Daily Mail – and an ardent opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Harris suffered a telling Freudian slip on Thursday when penning his latest polemic for the none-too-satirically dubbed Torygraph, about the supposed ‘tightening’ of Corbyn’s ‘grip’ on the Labour Party.

Harris constructed a paragraph about the supposed confidence – misplaced, even according to Harris – of the Labour right in their ability to cling to power and influence in the local party being bolstered by their success in getting ‘moderate Lucy Salek’ selected as their candidate for the recent Lewisham East by-election:

harris salek

The only small problem with this observation, as writer David Osland spotted, is that Lucy Salek was the LibDem candidate in the by-election, not the Labour one.

daby salek.png
Labour MP Janet Daby, left (of course) and LibDem candidate Lucy Salek

The article was subsequently corrected and now shows the name of Labour’s candidate – now MP – Janet Daby:

harris daby

But not before the cat was out of the bag.

Those who spotted the error were quick to draw conclusions:

osland harris.png

Certainly many might consider Mr Harris’ confusion that a LibDem was the Labour candidate an indicator of the fundamental truth that left-wingers think underlies centrism: that they are all the same.

Happily, as @MrSlowJam observes above, in spite of being supported by Labour’s right-wing factions in the hope of tweaking Jeremy Corbyn’s nose Ms Daby is a Corbyn supporter, having voted for the Labour leader in both leadership elections.

The SKWAWKBOX was unable to reach Mr Harris for comment.

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  1. I want a job at the torygraph.

    I want to be paid wads of moolah (Oh, sorry I meant ‘chickenfeed’) to write a load of complete bollocks (I usually do on here for free).

    How do I go about it?? Do I have to spit at young girls from my car ?

    The Telegraph… Small wonder their readership’s dwindling; hopefully to become extinct.

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