Vid: (T)ouch(é) – May’s, Johnson’s #PMQS faces after Corbyn’s Trump question are a must-see

eyes have it.png
‘The eyes have it’ – May’s stony gaze at today’s PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn touched a deep, deep nerve today in Theresa May when he humorously exposed the Prime Minister’s lack of competence – and apparently confidence – in the Brexit negotiations by asking her whether she had asked Donald Trump to take over Britain’s part in the negotiations.

As Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had suggested.

May’s face – and Johnson’s – painted an unmistakable picture of the tensions between the two and of how deeply Corbyn’s dig struck:

Johnson’s naughty-schoolboy embarrassment couldn’t hide the worry in his eyes as he sneaks a glance at his angry headmistress – but May’s stony expression and prolonged silence should be compulsory viewing for the underminers and #FBPE-cultists who try to make political capital out of nonsensical claims that Labour is not opposing the Tories on Brexit.

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  1. Tbf I think her face reflected her feelings in response to Corbyns first comment in his question, which yet again referred to some Grenfell residents still being homeless.

  2. Loved it! JC was brilliant and scored a bulls-eye over May, exactly where it really mattered.

  3. Clearly they were both completely unprepared for that one – which is strange given that the task of predicting and preparing cutting answers for every possible Corbyn question will be given to their cleverest acolytes.

    Are some of them secretly on our side?

    1. Even overgrown schoolboys can be an asset to a political party if they bring a media following with them.
      Culture, Media and Sport might fit such a person very well.

      Blond buffoons who think with their mouths and give voice to every passing thought should be kept well away from anything important or anything requiring diplomacy though.

      However hard they try to bury the uncomfortable knowledge of their own inadequacy – deep down they know they just don’t measure up.
      The blustering and strutting is a dead giveaway.

      Am I talking about Johnson? Trump?

  4. Great stuff – but kuenssberg & co will no doubt spare tess’ & boris’ blushes on the 6pm news… Can’t have Corbyn even remotely appearing
    to have the upper hand, dontcha know?!

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