Senior Sandwell council figure’s ‘aggressive outburst’ brings funeral-goer to tears


The West Midlands borough of Sandwell has been the scene of some high drama in the local Labour party recently, with its Local Campaign Forum (LCF) suspended by the national party amid allegations of anti-democratic manoeuvres and key figures suspended or accused of various misdeeds and local, right-wing MPs and their allies under close scrutiny.

It seems some are feeling the pressure.

A senior member of the council was yesterday responsible for an astonishing ‘aggressive outburst’ – at a funeral. The outburst so shocked its target, a former council employee, that the unfortunate recipient of the aggression left the scene in tears.

The council figure was not done, however, and pursued the unfortunate ex-employee for some distance.

The former staff member said s/he was so shocked as to be almost unable to process what was going on – and said that the chasing councillor’s intentions in the pursuit were unclear.

The outburst took place in front of a number of surprised witnesses and more information will no doubt emerge in due course.

With senior party investigators including lawyers allocated to Sandwell and about to start work, the roof is threatening to fall in on the long-impregnable right-wing bastion – and with its core suddenly looking exposed and vulnerable, the panic may well spread across the whole West Midlands right-wing stronghold.

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  1. Talk about ‘rotten boroughs’…. the known situation in Sandwell is already beyond belief but still the revelations keep on coming.

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