THREE Enfield ethnic groups’ protest letters over ‘dubious’ deselection of ALL black councillors



The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the serious issues and conflicts of interest in the London borough of Enfield, in which unqualified candidates were selected through a process found to have been unequal and deeply defective – and those candidates then helped oust the sitting council leader, replacing him with the same campaign secretary who had overseen their selection.

That process also involved the scandal of the deselection of all the borough’s black councillors – who wrote to the party protesting the ‘racism and discrimination’.

The councillors were not the only ones to communicate their disgust and disappointment, as the outrage at the ‘coup’ rippled across Enfield’s ethnic communities. Three separate community groups wrote to the same senior personnel at Labour’s right-dominated regional office to point out the damage that the discriminatory move was doing to Labour’s reputation and electability in their communities.

Enfield Caribbean Association

enf carib 1enf carib 2

Enfield Somalis

enf som 1

Enfield had only one Somali councillor – and the whole city of London had only seven, as one of them wrote to point out in an appeal for Labour to take action:

enf som 2

Nigerian Community in Enfield

enf nigeria 1

The mass deselections and the defective selection of new candidates to replace them has been described as a ‘coup by one ethnic group over others’ by a senior figure in the local party.

But the council leader – who benefited directly from the process she oversaw – is still in place, although under pressure. And Labour’s regional office – which many left-wing Labour members consider unfit – appears to have ignored the appeals of the communities entirely.

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  1. There are so many rogue right wing labour candidates intent on making sure the Party loses the next election there can be only one reaction; deselect wherever possible and if it comes to it how could you vote for traitors of this sort?

  2. And Blaitites have the bare-faced cheek to accuse Momentum of entryism!!!

  3. It’s enough to make genuine socialists weep.
    We need justice for diverse members in Enfield!

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