Breaking: ‘Abbott abuser’ expelled from Labour for supporting Tories


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‘Labour’ right-winger Andy Bigham became notorious after a repeated, ‘abusive’ post about Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

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In breaking news, Bigham has now been expelled from the party after the SKWAWKBOX revealed his expressions of support for the Tory party – and his activities as moderator of a closed Tory group – also on Facebook. Supporting another party is an ‘auto-exclusion’ offence under Labour Party rules:

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News is starting to percolate out on Facebook, no doubt to considerable merriment from the many Labour supporters he has upset or insulted on various political groups.

Mr Bigham has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Bigham…A political ‘bighamist’

    …Oh suit yer soddin’ selves, then 😛

  2. The “broad church” is too broad it seems, for a party who’s membership card claims to be a “democratic Socialist party”. Fifth columnists welcome appears to be the order of the day along with ‘liberal values’ and illiberal political correctness. Around 50 labour MPs belong in the orange book wing of the liberal/whig party. If the local machinery can’t/won’t deselect them it’s time to vote Tory.

  3. This is particularly amusing to those of us who encountered this piece of work in FB groups including Labour ones, and who when we confronted him about his anti Labour comments including vicious abuse of Corbyn, were told that he would report us to Compliance. I once got him to hastily backpedal when he made a particularly inadvisable comment by telling him I had taken a screenshot and was reporting him to the Labour party. I was in fact bluffing, but his sweaty desperation and blustering when the tables were turned, was a sight to behold. It seems someone finally reported him it for real and karma intervened.

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