Sandwell right to ‘enemy’ CLP: “this is your Fabians delegate”. Fabians: “no she isn’t”

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The anti-democratic manoeuvres of the right to keep control of Labour structures in the borough of Sandwell – in the West Midlands heartland of right-wing Labour – continue to unravel as they are exposed.

The SKWAWKBOX has revealed a series of tricks played by the Labour right to control councils, selections and CLPs (constituency Labour parties) – and the spotlight this week has been on the issue of delegates to CLPs by other organisations.

Now yet another attempt by the right-wing Labour Establishment to gain voting influence over an MP at odds with it has come to light – but in this case, the issue with the delegation is that the affiliated organisation supposedly approving the delegate knew nothing about it.

Adrian Bailey is the member of Parliament for West Bromwich West (WBW), one of three constituencies in the borough. Compared to most West Midlands MPs, he has fought to defend his members against unwarranted suspensions and has been a thorn in the side of some of his more extreme colleagues.

The Fabian Society is one of Labour’s officially-affiliated ‘socialist societies’ and as such would be entitled to send a delegate to any Labour CLP, as long as the delegate lives within the constituency.

The Secretary of WBW received a request from a local councillor to become the Fabians’ delegate to the CLP – and the Secretary contacted the local branch of the society to check that she was a member and the delegation was valid:

sandfab 1.png

Birmingham Fabians did not confirm. Instead, they responded that they knew nothing of any delegation and suggested trying the national office:

sand fab 2

Surely the national office would confirm? On the contrary, the Fabians’ national office pointed back to the regional office, adding that no individual has the authority to try to delegate her- or himself – and no delegate had attempted to gain approval:

sand fab 3.png

An attempt to take a delegate’s place in an ‘enemy’ CLP – a delegate’s place with full voting rights – entirely illegitimately was prevented only because of the diligence of the CLP secretary.

Speaking of a different organised attempt to stack delegates into WBW, a local official told the SKWAWKBOX on Saturday:

This was clearly designed to try and maximise the forces against the MP Adrian Bailey, and the CLP officers, who had led the way against the suspensions of members in Sandwell.

That attempt appears ready to encompass every available avenue, no matter how tenuous or unfounded.

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  1. Spellar and company are as disgustingly corrupt as we might expect.T
    he pedigree of these people goes back to the Union leader Frank Chapple,the original far right fixer,and MI5 operative.

  2. Got to stop the process being hijacked by crooks who manipulate it to favour the few.

    Parliament’s sovereignty over everything including the judiciary implies that democracy is of greater importance even than law.

    Perverting the course of justice is considered serious enough to carry a maximum life sentence while perverting the course of democracy rarely earns more than a mild reprimand and a spell on the back benches.

    Not saying we should bang up every mug, pug, thug, nitwit, halfwit, dimwit, mugger and buggerer on the right for life but if some of the rats saw the inside of a prison we’d hear more truth spoken.

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